6 Best Tips & Guides to Study Effectively for long hours

how to study effectively for long hours

As our Exam gets closer we want to increase our study hours and for this, we decide to study for long hours. Isn’t it?

Have you really exam in near days or months?

To be clear, Studying for long means you want to studies more and be more productive. It doesn’t mean you just sit with a book and study 8 hrs continuously. Your long hour’s studies should be effective and beneficial for your Exam.

Therefore, In this article along with my guides, I am going to share with you 6 steps through which you can study effectively for long hours without getting bored, sleepy, and even tired.

And through these tips, you will also get to know why can’t you or someone study while maintaining concentration for long hours. 

But before we dive into tips, let’s look at the important query that often comes your mind.

Q. Is it Good to Study for long hours?

If you’re thinking, Is it good to study for long hours then first I want to tell my honest opinion on this…

It’s good to study for long hours but with one condition, you have to take breaks on every two hours of studies (not to study continuously for 8-10 hrs) and should maintain your energy according to long hour’s studies. What you eat really matters if you want to get better focus and energy while studying.

So now you’re able to decide what you should do. Hence, follow below 6 steps and my guides to make your long hour’s studies more effective and without losing concentration.

1: Use a Study Table and Chair

If you want to sit properly and study for long hours then first you have to find a place or study room where no one can disturb you and you can study whenever you want. And with it, you need to also arrange a Study Table and Chair for your studies.

study for long hours

Using a Study Table and Chair not only helps you to sit and study properly. It also helps you to maintain better Concentration for long hours without getting tired and without feeling sleepy. 

And in case of studying in bed can put your body in comfort and you may feel sleepy and want to relax in the middle of your studies. So, I never recommend you to study in bed.

Well, these things you have to only arrange when you like to study alone at your home but what If you want to study with others just like in your class?

In this case, Either you should join a library or else try to arrange a Group Study with your friends. And I must say, Group study can be very beneficial for long hours’ study but you have to be active in Group studies.

Let’s move to our second step…

2: Make a worklist

After finding a perfect place for your study now it’s time to make a plan for your long hour’s study.   Because without planning you won’t be able to study for long hours. But the question is what should be the plan?  

Well, for this query here is the deal…  

You have to Make a worklist and write in that all subjects or topics that you’re going to study today and also mention the time that you’ll give to a particular topic. This list will surely help you to be more productive.  

One more thing that will make your study interesting is after studying any topic made a cross (✖️) on the list which will motivate you to continue your study and move to the next topic or subject.

How to study for long hours

This is my key point of study for long hours without getting tired and sleepy. Even this thing doesn’t make me bored and I enjoy my study.  

So, I will also recommend you to try it once, you must find it interesting.

3: Be Ready and Convince yourself

Now think you long hour’s studies like a 9-5 Job and be ready for study. I don’t know you will study at this time or not but you get my point.

So, before starting your study according to the worklist first Convince yourself that you can complete this list and be more productive. And for this, you should visualize the benefits of long hours’ study and think about why I want to study for long hours.  

Until you’ll have a specific reason or purpose then it can be difficult for you to maintain consistency in your studies. And once you will visualize your purpose or benefits then you must get motivated to study and once you get motivated to study then you must be able to study for long hours.

So before start studying, first visualize the benefits of your studies and then convince yourself.  

4: Stay away from distracting objects

After convincing yourself now you can study but the chances are many things around you can distract you and can grab your attention while studying. Isn’t it?

Let me explain to you by a real example:

One of my roommates always used to keep the mirror and comb on his study table and whenever he used to study, many times he looked himself on the mirror and decorate his hair during studies. And because of this, he had been distracting and couldn’t be able to concentrate on his studies for long hours.

Similarly in your case, It could be your phone (must avoid), Social media, or something else like that which always distracts you whenever you want to make focus on your studies.

So, Avoid such things for at least 2 hours of continuously studying. In any case, if you study with your phone then you should only use the required application and should block other apps.

5: Take breaks in every two hours of study

Studying for long hours doesn’t mean you should study continuously for 8-10 hours and if you study like this then stop studying this way and take small breaks or nap in every 2 hrs of studies.

Because as I said earlier, Continuously studies can’t be productive as much as you think and on another side, you may feel tired and also it can also affect your health.

study tips

Even, If you ask Google, According to health how many hours should a person study continuously then the result would be 2 hours. 

And you need to study effectively and productively. So, if you have a desire to study for long hours then take breaks on every 2 hours of studies, this is the healthiest way to study for long hours.   

And in the breaks, you can use your phone or else take a small nap or do something whatever you like. Trust me after a break, you will feel energetic and want to study more and again.  

6: Study your favorite topics when you feel bored or tired

So which subject you most like to study?

Let me know in the comment section.

Sometimes we can’t stay focus on our studies for long hours because we start studying with our best subjects, in which we’re experts.

But it’s the wrong way to study for long hours. After studying easy subjects first, you can feel bored or tired when you come to the difficult or hard subject next.

So, start your study with a difficult subject first, which you don’t find interesting and when you feel bored then just move to your best subject.

In my case, when I used to be bored while studying then I studied only Mathematics while playing music.

Now its time for your queries:

Q. Why can’t I study for long hours?

⇒ You might have gotten your answer while reading this article. Isn’t it?

So, In short, or as a summary, I would say, If you are not able to study for long hours then first you should motivate yourself towards study and should break all the reasons that you found in above tips.

But, If you can study effectively for 2 hours a day but not able to study for 10 hours then, in this case, you must follow all the above tips. So, try and apply all points that I have mentioned above.

Q. Why do I keep failing even I study for long hours?

⇒ Many students have this problem, they really study for long hours (8-10 hours) even continuously but they keep failing. Well, this happens because they don’t stay focused for long hours.

They just maintain themself for 8 hours of studying but couldn’t concentrate even for 4 hours continuously and properly. And this happens when you won’t find your study interesting or else you are distracting just like my roommate, that I have discussed in my 4th tip.  

( Note: These tips and suggestion will only work when you are good at studies or you are at least an average student. But, If you’re poor at studies then don’t just study only understand it and enjoy your studies.)

Remember one thing always, Studying for 2 hours effectively and continuously can be more productive than 6-8 hours of studies if you can’t stay focused. 

Q. Is it good to study all Night?

⇒ Well, I can’t say it’s not good. If you can’t wake up in the early morning and can’t concentrate on your study in the daytime then you can study at the night for long hours, but make sure don’t forget to take breaks.

But, If you think, you can be a morning riser or study effectively in the morning or daytime then nothing could better than it.

My last words:

Once again I’ll repeat, study for long hours means you should be more productive not just sit for 8- 10 hours. And for this, I have given you 6 tips and a guide to study effectively for long hours without getting bored, sleepy, and even tired.

Now it’s your turn to tell me in the comment which tips you found most interesting and if you have any queries left then let me know in the comment.

Are you going to try these tips from now on?

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