5 Practical Steps to Stay Focused in Online Classes?

How to stay focused in online classes

As this Covid-19 is running, for a moment we thought our school and colleges will get closed and we will take a long gap from our studies but the online classes has made a way to continue our studies and don’t let forget what you studied the whole session.

Thank God for this!

But, I am sure while studying in your online classes you must have been distracted and unable to make focus. Isn’t it?

So, If you are worried and thinking about how to stay focused in online classes then you are in right place.

Because in this article, I have 5 practical steps and some cool tips through which you can easily stay focused while studying in your online classes.

But wait!

Do you really think, Studying Online worth it?

In my personnel opinion, Online studying can be very effective and worth it but when you have proper resources (phone, laptop, fast network connection, and others) for your online classes and you are able to maintain focus in classes.

Even the research has shown that, Online learning is certainly the more effective option for students, but it's also better for the environment. The Open University in Britain have found that online courses equate to an average of 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than traditional in person courses.

Yes, I agree it could be still difficult to stay focused and be more productive there but it’s achievable. And that’s why I am here to make your online studies successful.

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How to Stay Focused in Online Classes?

how to stay focused in online classes

1: Find a Proper Study Place

This is the first and very important thing to do- Find a proper place or a study room for your online classes.

And that place should be distraction-free where no one can disturb you and you too won’t be annoyed by your surroundings. And one more thing, your study area should provide you the best network connection and you won’t get distracted by a poor internet connection.

So, find such a corner or any room which will be suitable for your online classes. And, If you don’t have then Join a library where you can focus in online classes without any disturbance.

A proper and dedicated place for study really matters for your attention and concentration on your studies and in your online classes.

Apart from these, If you attend your online classes at home then I must say, use a Study Table and Chair for your online class and show some discipline. Never study on the bed, because studying in bed can make you feel sleepy.

In another case, If you use a study table and chair then it can create an environment just like your classroom and you will feel your online class as a virtual class.

2: Keep all necessary Notes and resources near you

I have seen many students who don’t keep well notes and others study resources and when they need any notes and others in online classes then they get distracted and waste their classes in finding the notes.

So, don’t be like them and be serious about your online classes.

Whatever the study materials notes and any other things that are important for your online classes or anything which have provided by your institute, keep all near you on your study table.

And once you will have the all necessary thing during online classes then you don’t need to break your classes in the middle and you will stay focused.

3: Eliminate Distractions

As I said in the first step, your study area should be distraction-free and I hope you have noticed that, and will make it too.

But, I’m sure after eliminating all distractions you will still get distracted because of your phone.

Am I right, what you think?

If you take online classes with your phone then it could be difficult to avoid (social media) notifications during classes. Using a laptop for classes is comparatively easy to avoid distractions.

But, If you use a phone then the chances are If any notification shows you during classes then you will surely get curious to check it out once. And from there, you get distracted.

So, must block or uninstall unnecessary applications.

4: Be Ready before 1 hour of Class

Now it’s a very important thing to do and most of the students don’t do this and don’t get ready before the half to one hour of class.

And somewhere due to this when their classes go on then they just keep in hurry and can’t able to make and maintain their focus.

What about you?

There are many benefits when you get ready before class

  • You can revise what you learned in the last class
  • You can arrange your study area with necessary notes and others like a water bottle
  • You can ready your phone or laptop and your network connection before the class

So, Get ready before at least one hour of class.

5: Be Active in Online Classes

Now you have prepared for your online classes but If you don’t take much interest and don’t be active in class then you can’t be able to stay focused in your online classes and from there you want to leave your class ASAP.

So, be active in your classes and understand all theories clearly and if you have any doubts and query then don’t hesitate or afraid to ask your teachers. Even, for a moment if you think I am distracting then say sorry and ask your teacher again.

And when you will be active in learning then not only you will stay focused even your teachers will also get motivated to teaching you.

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So we have looked at important steps let’s get some cool tips that will make your online classes better and successful.

Tips for Success and Survive in Online Classes:

Tips for success in online classes

#1. Complete Your Sleep at Night

If you have your online classes in the daytime and your classes go long just like your offline classes then chances are you may feel sleepy during the classes. And this could happen because of your comfort zone at home.

So, when you have to spend your whole day at home then I must recommend, you should complete your sleep at night.

But, It doesn’t mean you should wake up late. If your class in the morning then sleep early and take enough sleep. Once you complete your sleep at night then you will never feel sleepy during your online classes.

#2. Make a Routine and Time Management

If you want to spend your all day actively at home and giving your best to your studies then there is no doubt you should Make a Routine for it.

A routine will not only help you to maintain your schedule, but it will be also helpful for your time management. And we all know how time management is important for our student’s life.

But, It’s difficult to follow routine?

And if you can’t follow then either you should learn how to stick with the routine or else go with an alternative that I prefer most.

What is my Alternative for Routine: Instead of making routine and follow routime same as all day, plan your single day or day by day. Just before sleep or after waking up, write a plan about how you will spend your whole day ( Time Management) today and what are the tasks you have to take and complete today.

#3. Eat to maintain Energy before your Online Classes

Your food really matter to improve concentration and stay focused while studying.

So, what you eat before going to study?

If you take a strong meal or eat heavy food before your study then you will surely feel tired and sleepy while studying.

So, before your classes eat some snacks and food like nuts, juice, and others to maintain your energy and will give a better concentration while studying.

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#4. Use Noise Cancelling Headphone for Online Classes

As I said in one of my steps, your environment and study area should be noising free and you should not get disturbed by your surroundings.

Now, If you have such a place then it’s good but if you don’t have or still feel distracted then use Noise Cancelling headphones for your online classes which will surely help you, not to distract and keep focusing on your classes.

#5. Write down all Important headings and key points of theories

It’s a very important tip to be successful in online classes and trust me if you do as I am saying, it will be very effective for your online learning.

You might have understood what I want to say but still let me clear you…

While studying in online classes keep a notebook and pen near you and when you learn some important theory or whatever you learn- write all the important headings and key points on the notebook.

This note will not only help you to summarize easily what you have learned in class even it will also help you to visualize what your teachers taught.

And we all know, visualization is one of the best practice to learn something.

Now It’s Your Turn:

So, I hope you have understood all steps and tips and clearly and found this article useful.

Now I want to hear from you:

Are my steps and tips effective for your online learning? And are you going to try and follow those steps and tips from today?

And if you have any queries also then let me know in the comment…

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