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Thanks for taking interest in us. As you’re already a member of Studelp, so you have full rights to know who we are and all about Studelp.

Studelp, the name is a combination of two words ‘Student’ and ‘Help’. Studelp is a platform made for students to get success in their studies and in life. At studelp, we share with you Study Tips & Techniques, Exams Tips & Guides, Courses & Career guides, College life, and Reviews of learning platforms which is related to students.

You find varieties of content here but all content must be related to students’ life that helps you to grow personally and professionally.

Saurabh barnwal
Saurabh Barnwal

The Man Behind the Studelp

Hey! I am Saurabh Barnwal, founder of Studelp.com. I have been a student of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering by profession and dropped out of my college final year to follow my passion for blogging. In 2020, when we had a lockdown, I explored myself and got to know all about blogging. To gain tech skills like Web development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and more for blogging I have done plenty of courses from e-learning platforms.

Being an introverted guy by nature, I always used to write my thoughts, knowledge, and experiences in a diary, but now I write all those things in my blog so that anyone around the world can grab them and find them helpful, which gives me more satisfaction than AME.

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What makes us different?

I am not claiming we are the best educational blog but our contents are one the best that changes many students’ life and makes us stand alone. In this blog, I gather information based on my experience and research.

I share with you only that information in which I have sufficient knowledge and don’t share anything without testing. If I find something useful that many students can take benefit from it then I share that piece of information.

Our primary goal is student satisfaction that’s why our reviews are honest and we don’t put too many ads.

You can also reach out to us easily through our contact us page.

How do we monetize our blog?

We don’t want to hide anything from you. We monetize our blog and make money through affiliate marketing. We share helpful and useful things with you and if you made a purchase through our link we get a small commission from the vendor. You don’t need to worry at all, this way you won’t be charged any extra penny while purchasing, even through our links sometimes you can get a huge discount.

This is how we produce free content for you while paying for many things like domain, hosting, themes, and all. If you like our content and find them helpful then buy me a coffee by purchasing a product through our links.

I welcome you into my little world to grab the best of my experience and findings.