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Hi there!

I am Saurabh barnwal, from India, A full-time blogger who passionate about writing and sharing knowledge with the world.

If I talk about my education and life, I had been a student of Aircraft maintenance engineering, which was my profession, but not my passion. When I finished my 12th then I guessed that I am interested in Aircraft and their maintenance fields. So I found Aircraft maintenance engineering would be best for me. 

But somewhere I knew I am not made for it or this is not a dream career. As I have been always an introverted guy who used to write thoughts on dairies so when I heard about Blogging then I found this is the career or passion I am looking for.

And now I have converted my passion into a profession and doing what I love to do.

About this platform:

‘Studelp’, the name is a combination of two words ‘Student’ and ‘Help’. So this is a platform dedicated for students where I share a lot of Life Skills, Study tips, Exam Tips, and Course and Career options. Apart from solving your problems, this platform will also show you the right direction.

About our contents

Whatever the content and guides we publish here based on my own experience, knowledge, and research. And I’ll share with you only that information in which I have sufficient knowledge. I hope my all articles will helpful for you.  

I welcome you in my little world to grab the best of my experience and findings.

Accept me as your new friend from now on and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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