How to Make A Weak Subject Strong- 7 Simple Tips

how to make a weak subject strong

Like every student, do you also have any or many weak subjects and you want to bunk that subject’s class?

If Yes and if you think about how to make a weak subject strong, then you are in the right place.

Because in this article, I am going to tell you 7 simple tips and guides through which you can make your weak subject strong, improve your confidence and study with fun.

Note: Whatever the tips that I am going to discuss here can be applied in any subject or in any topic that you find weak.

So, let’s dive into tips…

7 Simple tips to make a weak subject strong:

1: Accept it and Find the Why?

If you are poor in any subject and somewhere you think I am not good enough in this subject like others, accept it without hesitation and without feeling bad.

Everyone has a weak and strong subject. No one can be good in all subjects.

I know you have already accepted it, that’s why you are here.

But only your acceptance could be not enough for it. You should also find the why, why you are weak in that subject, why you can’t solve questions in that subject?

So do you ever think,

Why I am weak in any subject?

I’d say if you’re weak at any subject or that subject has become weak because of these 5 reasons…

1. You don’t have the basic fundamentals of that subject
2. Your teacher didn’t teach you well as you like
3. You never focused on that subject
4. You don’t have a good and legit way to study that subject
5. You have taken a long gap with your weak subject

So, any reasons relate to you? (Tell me in the comment)

If No, then try to find it first. Until you get the right reason, it can be difficult for you to improve your weak subject.

Now, let’s move to the next tips that you really need…

2: Improve your confidence

For making any weak subject strong, first, you should be confident and believe in yourself.

If you don’t have these two things then after applying all tips still you won’t be able to improve your weak subject.

So, don’t get demotivated that I am very weak in this subject or I can’t make it strong like others.

Believe in yourself and say to yourself, If everyone is good in that subject then I can too. I will give my best and for this, I just need to stay consistent and focused.

So follow the below tips that you really need…

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3: Strong your basics

There is no brainier and no secret. If your basic fundamentals would be not good in any subject, then you will be definitely weak in that subject.

I agree in some concepts or theories you can be good, but when any question will relate to basics, you will leave the question for sure.

So, first strong your basics. Even for improving basics, if you have to study your back class notes then don’t take your steps back to study that.

While improving basics, make sure you’re learning with deep understanding and grabbing some knowledge. And If you find any doubt, then also find the answer for it, don’t let it just go.

4: Learn with Friends or Teachers:

You can be weak in any subject but your all friend couldn’t be. Maybe some of your friends or classmates love to study that subject and always get good grades in that subject.

If you really have any friends, then he or she can become a good tutor for you for that particular subject.

You can also take help from your best teachers but I believe a friend who is best in that subject can teach you better than your teacher. Because he will teach in your language and you can learn easily this way.

What’s your opinion?

So, don’t hesitate to ask, learn from your friend, and know their secrets and way of learning and understanding that subject.

5: Give more time to your weak subject

Now learning from your friend can be effective but you should also give more time to your weak subject.

Apart from focusing on your classes, also study hard and give more time to that subject at your home or in a library. Even spend your weekends on your weak subject.

Giving more time doesn’t mean sticking with that subject for long hours. This way you can feel bored.

So, try different study techniques like Pomodoro and others. And change your way of studying in that subject, that brings our next tip.

6: Change your way of studying

Studying only textbooks or notes in your weak subject can make you bored and you won’t want to study more.

So, change your way of studying.

But what you need to change?

Well, by means of changing, you should learn and study that subject with other mediums like learning from videos (on YouTube), Reading articles on Google, and watching and reading Infographics.

For self-study, try to make Flashcards and Color Code Notes.

These are free and the best resources to learn and understand easily while having fun. I don’t know about you but most of the time I used to learn with these mediums.

So, I must recommend you try these mediums.

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7: Try SQ3R Study Technique:

Do you ever hear about the SQ3R Study Technique?

If No! then let me tell you first what it says and after how it can be helpful for you.

SQ3R Study Technique is 5 steps reading comprehension technique.

How to make weak a subject strong
  • Survey: Instead of just start reading, first focus on Title of the chapter, Headings and Subheadings, Images ( like charts, maps, diagrams, and others), bold and highlighted sentences.
  • Question: After completing the survey, now ask and think yourself what is this chapter all about and what will I learn after reading this chapter, and how it can be helpful in daily life? What do I know already about this chapter?
  • Read: Read one section at a time with your questions in mind and look for the answers that you have made.
  • Recite: Now, after reading a section, recall and summarize (in your mind or write on a paper) what you have read and what you have learned.
  • Review: After reading all sections or reading a chapter, now review the chapter to understand it deeply. Quiz yourself on the questions you created and re-read any portions you need to.

So, do you find this study technique useful?

Now you have to do and follow the same thing with your weak subjects and chapters. It can be really an effective way for you to improve your weak subject.

Now It’s Your Turn:

So I hope you have understood all tips clearly and now you are able to make your weak subject strong?

Now I want to hear from you:

Do you find all tips useful? And are you going to follow those tips from now on?

And If you have any queries left, then also include them in the comment.

How I made my weak subject strong?

My story, If you have time and interested then you can read:

So when I was in 10th standard, I never focused on trigonometry even my way of approaching that subject was completely wrong and that’s why I couldn’t able to solve questions.

I was good at all mathematical chapters but for trigonometry, I used to escape from it.

Somehow I passed my 10th, but I got surprised when I found, In the 11th & 12th, I have to deal again with trigonometry even at a more advanced level.

So I had two options: either change my stream from Mathematics to others or else deal with it. And I decided, I will make my weak subject strong and will improve my trigonometry.

So first I made my basics strong and for this, in 11th I still used to solve 10th Trigonometry’s questions, used to study and learn with many videos and example’s questions and solutions.

And just in 3 months, I made my trigonometry strong.

So, whatever the Subjects you have, follow my tips you’ll be surely able to improve your grip on your weak subject, just like me.

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  1. Literally made my day, I was feeling very low at this point because, I am in 12th and I still find physics very weak from my side .As physics is boring for me but now just when I read your article I think that though that subjects was weak for me but I will assure myself that I will work upon it and make my weak Subject strong.and all the credit goes to you for such a great work you had done to motivate every shining pearl .Thanks

  2. After reading your article, I feel confident. As you said in your story. I also think that should I give up or not? But now I confident decided, I will be soon convert my weak subject into strong. I have fear of accountancy.


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