120/20 Study Technique- Is it helpful for long hour’s study?

120/20 study technique

Study techniques are helpful to study effectively and boost productivity.

You might have heard and follow many study techniques like; Pomodoro Technique, Feynman Technique, SQ3R Study Technique, Leitner System, and many more.

All techniques really work great. Isn’t it?

Just like the above techniques, in the article, I have brought an amazing study technique for you i.e. 120/20 Study Technique.

All we know, Pomodoro Technique is invented by a well-known person Francesco Cirillo but this 120/20 Study Technique is not invented by any scientist or any well-known person. This Technique I used to follow in my study and now in my work.

Hope it doesn’t matter to you, who invent this Study Technique.

So let’s dig dive into this study technique…

What is the 120/20 Study Technique?

120/20 study technique- study for long hours

This study technique is quite relevant to the Pomodoro technique. As the Pomodoro is a Time Management technique similarly this one is also a time management technique that helps you to study effectively for long hours.

This study technique is specially invented to break all the Pomodoro cons. Pomodoro does not work for all and for them 120/20 would be the best.

This study technique breaks down your study into intervals, traditionally 120 minutes in length, separated by 20 minutes breaks.

After researching deep and taking suggestions with many students, I found working for 120 minutes continuously and then take a 20 minutes break, works great.

Steps to follow before using 120/20 Study Technique:

Before studying according to this technique here are some crucial steps that you need to follow to take most of it…

Find a dedicated place for your study that will help you to concentrate better while studying in this noisy world. Also, place a study table and chair there. Instead of studying in bed or couch, use a study table and chair that will keep you away from back or neck pain, also you won’t feel sleepy while studying.

When you study then not only people around you can distract you, some entertaining objects can also grab your attention. So, remove all the things that attract you and grabs your attention while studying. Even if your phone is not a part of your study, keep your phone away from your study area.

As I said already this technique helps you to study for long hours and that’s why before using this technique you should make a to-do list or worklist about your studies. In the To-do list, mention all the subjects or topics that you’re going to study by following this technique. Make sure don’t stick with one subject in all the intervals otherwise, that subject can make you bore.

Just like in the Pomodoro technique you set a timer for 25 minutes to take a break similarly in this technique you have to set a timer for 2 hrs to take a break and refresh your mind for the next interval.

How 120/20 Study Technique is helpful for students?

You study for long hours which means you want to be more productive and therefore you have to study a lot.

But studying for long hours and staying focused is not an easy game, you can’t sit and study for 8-10 hrs continuously. You need to also take care of your health (physical & mental) and take regular breaks.

In 20 minutes break, you may do anything in this list:

  • Take a small nap
  • Spare your time with family or friends
  • Browse your phone
  • A small workout or a brisk walk around your home
  • Take a light and healthy meal
  • Or, what you want to do

How 120/20 Study Technique could be better than Pomodoro Technique:

120/20 Study Technique and Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro is a great technique and it works really well but many students still face problems with this technique. And for those students who are not comfortable with Pomodoro, the 120/20 Study Technique can work great for them.

Here I’m listing the cons of the Pomodoro Technique where 120/20 Technique works great

  • Pomodoro Technique is not perfect for all students. For students who like longer study sessions and don’t want to take a break soon, the Pomodoro technique is not applying for them. But 120/20 study technique is an optimal period that allow students to study longer for 120 minutes and then take a 20 minutes break.
  • Many students start Pomodora and concentrate well for 25 minutes but some students take time to concentrate and somehow once their concentration maintains then their Pomodoro timer goes off for a break. Even sometimes you may also find it almost impossible to study for 25 minutes without being interrupted. But in 120/20 study techniques they can maintain their concentration and be more productive.
  • Many students also found that sometimes Pomodoro interrupts their flow and train of thought more easily with the breaks where the natural tendency is to continue. But with the 120/20 technique, you don’t need to take care of breaks because you study for 120 minutes continuously, and after this interval, your body also wants to take a break naturally.
  • Pomodoro Techniques allow you to take a break for only 5 minutes then continue your work but don’t you think 5 minutes break is not enough. Well, I’m not saying personally, many students agree to this. In 5 minutes break, you can’t do anything in the above list. But in 120/20 Study Technique you have 20 minutes to enjoy in which you can take a small nap also.

All in all, Pomodoro is a great technique but remember it doesn’t work for everyone. And If you’re not comfortable with Pomodoro then use the 120/20 Study Technique, it’s definitely worth a try that crosses all the Pomodoro cons.

Are there any cons of the 120/20 Study Technique?

Every technique or idea has pros and cons, nothing can be perfect.

Many students will find this technique useful, but there must also be someone or many who may not be comfortable with this technique.

As the 120/20 Study technique beats all the Pomodoro cons, Pomodoro can also beat its cons. Let’s find out the cons of the 120/20 Technique

  • This technique does not work for short duration works
  • If someone doen’t find their work or study much interesting, working for 120 minutes countinuously can be tough for them
  • If someone like to study or work in small chunks, this technique is not applicable for them

(If you find some more cons then let me know in the comment, I must add to this list)

Now It’s Your Turn:

I hope you have understood the 120/20 Study Technique very well and enjoyed this article.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Do you like this study technique and are you going to try this study technique?

Let me know in the comment. And if you have any suggestions with this technique then also add them in your comment.

Your honest feedback can appreciate me!

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