How should you study in bed- 4 Tips that can work

how to study in bed effectively

Are you getting bored or feeling sleepy or tired while studying in bed?

If yes and still want to study in bed without facing these problems then make sure you read this article till the end.

Because in this article, I have 4 simple tips and some guides that will make your study easy in bed and you’ll have a better focus while studying in bed.

Is it good to study in bed?

If you think, Is it good to study in bed? Or, Is it healthy to study in bed? then let me first answers your questions.

Well, many blogs or people will recommend you to don’t study in bed and use a study table and chair instead. Somewhere they are right also.

Because some research has found that studying in bed can be unhealthy. Working or doing homework in bed will reduce one’s focus because most people tend to associate their beds with comfort and sleep.

You must have also realized that studying in bed can make you feel sleepy and lazy and you may want to leave your study.

However, Atul Malhotra, a physician and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, has proved with a focus on sleep medicine, notes: “Lying down or sitting upright doesn’t impact your brain function—your posture doesn’t matter.”
Even the researchers at the University of California, Davis, found no difference in grade-point average between those who worked at their desks and those who studied in bed.

Well whatever it is you, now you better know what you should do.

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So regardless of the reasons why you want to study in bed, let’s dive into the tips and guides that will surely help you to study in bed in the right way.

The first two tips will be helpful to make a good position and body posture, and it will also give you a healthy way to study in bed. And the last two tips can make your study effectively without getting bored and feeling sleepy in bed.

1: Don’t study while lying

Your position and body posture really matters when you study in bed. And, I will never recommend you to study while lying in bed because when you study like this you must feel sleepy or tired.

So instead of studying like this, use a study desk for your bed or a book stand that will give you a perfect body posture. And if you can afford more then also use a reading pillow that will keep you away from back or neck pain.

Here are the best things that I’m talking about:

  • Study Table for study in bed
study desk
Source: Amazon
  • A Bookstand for reading in bed
book stand
Source: Amazon

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  • A reading pillow for a better position in the bed
reading pillow
Source: Amazon

These all things are necessary to sit and study comfortably in bed or we can say to turn your bed into a perfect study place.

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2: Light for Study

As your position matters while studying in bed similarly light also matters for study. Good light for study not only can reduce your eye strain even it can improve your mood to study.

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Brief guide: If you study in the daytime then daylight is best for your study. And when you study at night or in a dark room then general lighting (ambient lighting) can provide smooth and radiant illumination to your study area. This type of lighting enhances your sense of well-being, which can increase your productivity and reduce your stress.

Never study in dim light; It can affect your eyes and make you feel sleepy while studying.

You can also use a desk lamp, table lamp, or floor lamp for a better study in bed but make sure, to place the desk lamp on the opposite side of your dominant hand so the light sweeps across the study area without creating shadows.

3: Make your study Interesting

So till now, we have talked about the position of studying in bed but the chances are you still could get bored. So let's guide you about how you can make your study effective in bed.

Have you ever tried to make your study interesting?

When you make your study interesting then not only you can retain your focus while studying even you won’t get bored too while studying in bed.

But, how can you make your study interesting while studying in bed?

Well, here I have two tips that you can try while studying:

1: Study with music

Studying with music in bed not only can make your study fun but even give you better concentration.

It’s a scientifically proven fact studying while playing music improves your concentration but the condition is that music (not song) should be different from your genre and have a repetitive pulse.

So while studying in bed, try to listen to music and keep some snacks close to you.

2: Study with flashcards or color-coded notes

To make your study interesting (not bored) in bed, make flashcards or color-coded notes. These two are the best ways to study and learn something quickly and not forget it easily. And when you’ll make flashcards by yourself it will also improve your creativity.

So must try these study techniques when you study in bed.

4: Take breaks

Studying continuously in bed or sitting with one subject is not too good and you can’t stay focused. And that’s why you want to procrastinate your study.

So never study continuously for long hours in bed. And mix up your studies with different subjects.

Try to study in bed for short durations and every half-one hour, take breaks for 10-15 minutes. And don’t use your phone while studying (use in breaks). After a break takes other subjects to enjoy your study.

It’s very important to take breaks with one subject while studying in bed to refresh your mind.

My views and points:

Studying in bed is a challenging thing but possible with proper guidance. And if you have a study desk, bookstand, and a reading pillow then you must be able to study in bed.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and guides on how to study in bed.

Now I want to hear from you:

How did you find this article and are you gonna try all tips from now on?

Tell me in the comment, I am curious.

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