23 Dorm Kitchen Essentials You Must Have: A Complete List

Dorm Kitchen Essentials or Kitchen Supplies for College Students

Looking for dorm kitchen essentials or college kitchen essentials, make sure you read this article till the end. As the title says, in this article, I’m going to list all the kitchen supplies that you really need for your dorm kitchen.

I know finding all kitchen essentials can be challenging, especially when you’re staying in a dorm for the first time.

When I headed to college 3 years back, I had no idea what all are useful for the dorm kitchen. But lucky you, with our list, you’ll have the proper guidance on what kitchen supplies are useful for your dorm and what you need to purchase.

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So here we go…

1. Kitchen Dinnerware Set

plates and bowls: Kitchen supplies for college students
Source: Amazon
(Showing prices may not be accurate for all products. Products prices can be increases or decreases on Amazon. Remember, the prices of these items are in United States' currency and Indian curreny, however, you may purchase from any country.)

If you're a college student, you may sign up for Amazon Prime Student and grab the best deal on these products.

Plates, Dishes, and Bowls are the primary things to have for your dorm. So, here I have listed the best set of all these things at an affordable price. When you cook a meal by yourself or you order from somewhere these things are always required. You may also share this with your dormmates.

All products in this dinnerware set are easy to clean, lightweight, highly versatile, and durable. You may check out more features on Amazon. You may also choose this set in different colors.

2. Spoons, Forks, and Knives Set

Spoon set: Dorm Kitchen Essentials You must have
Source: Amazon

Along with plates, you may also require a couple of spoons, forks, and knives to set up your dorm kitchen. In my opinion, if you can’t bring this set, you may purchase it.

This 40-pcs stainless steel silverware set comes with 8 Dinner Forks, 8 Dinner Spoons, 8 Dinner Knives, 8 Teaspoons, 8 Salad Forks, and Dishwasher for safe eating utensils.

However, one thing Chop-stick is missing in this set that you may purchase separately if you find any need for it. All in all, I like its stainless steel material quality.

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3. Coffee/Tea maker

Coffee maker is one of the Dorm kitchen essentials
Source: Amazon

Whether you’re not in the mood to study or feeling low active, grabbing a coffee can make your day. If you’re fond of Tea or Coffee, you may find a coffee maker highly useful for your dorm kitchen. This mini coffee maker helps you to make your coffee ready easily.

It has 3 cup sizes that can brew an 8, 10, or 12 oz. cups at the push of a button. For your college dorm, it will come in handy to enjoy your coffee in minutes. You may read its features by hitting the price button.

4. Cutting Board with Trays, Lids, and Graters

A cutting board is a useful thing for your dorm kitchen
Source: Amazon

A cutting board can be really useful for chopping vegetables. Here I’ve featured a cutting board with containers made from untreated bamboo that is free from chemicals, water-resistant, and easy to clean up.

And, the best part is this carving board comes with 4 organizer trays (plus lids), and 4 kinds of graters so you don’t need to purchase them separately. This board also features integrated juice grooves to catch excess juices and dripping from spilling onto your counter or table.

You may also use this cutting board with trays to cut cheese, and meat, chop veggies, or prep dishes.

5. Dish Drying Rack

Dish drying rack a kitchen tool for your college dorm kitchen
Source: Amazon

Now you have the dishes, bowls, spoons, glass, and cutting board but where would you dry and keep them in your small dorm kitchen? Well, here I have brought you a disk rack made of stainless steel.

This dish drying rack has 4 compartment cutlery holders that allow massive kitchen utensil storage. It is designed as a draining tray with 2 selectable direction spouts to collect water from the rack and put it in the sink easily.

Moreover, this dish rack doesn’t consume much space in your dorm kitchen. Isn’t it useful for your kitchen?

6. Mini Fridge

Mini fridge also include in your kitchen dorm essential list
Source: Amazon

Like other dorm kitchen essentials, you must include a mini fridge in your list. A fridge is needed in every kitchen to keep fruits, veggies, foods, and drinks fresh and in better condition.

Now you don’t need to carry or purchase a big refrigerator that you have in your home kitchen. You better choose this mini fridge that I’ve featured here. It is stylish, lightweight, compact, and fully portable that can easily shift in your kitchen dorm.

Its large capacity has plenty of space to pack enough favorite foods, veggies, cold drinks, and more. In case, you’ve prepared more than enough food you may have it the next day.

7. Electric Kettle and Thermos

electric kettle and thermos both are required for your dorm kitchen that you must have
Source: Amazon

There are plenty of benefits of boiled water. Drinking warm water burns out our body fat and enhances blood circulation. Besides, for different reasons, we need to boil water frequently.

Here I featured a Kettle for you to boil water easily and a Thermus (Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated) to keep water warm. I have these two kitchen dorm essentials I bought early during my college days and I’m recommending them to you as well.

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8. Microwave Oven

Microwave oven: College Dorm Kitchen Essentials
Source: Amazon

To be honest, I didn’t a microwave oven during my college days. But, after researching deeply I found it’s one of the cooking essential kitchen supplies that you must have.  

With this microwave, you can cook and enjoy optimum heating of 12 popular foods such as pizza, potatoes, vegetables, popcorn, pumpkin soup, steak, and so on. Just touch the number pad to choose the desired time and cooking will start at a power level of 100% instantly.

If you’re interested in purchasing it for your dorm, you may check out all its features on Amazon although I’ve featured one of the best Microwave ovens here.

9. Cookware Set, Pots, Pans, and Utensils

Your dorm kitchen utensils
Source: Amazon

Without a cooking ware set, how will you cook and prepare your meal?

This set contains 15 pieces of nonstick cookware including two different sizes of fry pans, a saucepan, a 5-quart casserole pan, and a 5-piece utensil set with the pasta server, soup ladle, slotted turner, serving spoon, and slotted serving spoon.

So with this set, you’ll have all cooking essential utensils for making your food.

10. Colander

colander: a must have dorm kitchen useful tool
Source: Amazon

Like other utensils, a colander is also going to be a useful tool for your kitchen. Whether you have to drain your 2-minute noodles or just wash your vegetables you must find this Colander useful.

This Colander has extra close, small holes on every surface allowing for super fast drainage so you don’t have to tilt the bowl to get all of the water out.

11. Spice Jars 

kitchen supplies for keeping your spices organized
Source: Amazon

To keep all your cooking spices organized you must bring these spices jars to your dorm kitchen. This set contains 24 premium 4 oz glass jars with lids and over 200 waterproof labels so you can easily name the spices.

If you have to prepare your daily meal, then these spice jars can be super useful for your dorm kitchen.

12. College Cookbook

college cookbook is required to cook better
Source: Amazon

This was my all-time favorite kitchen essential as a college student. This is nothing but a cooking recipe book that is made especially for college students.

This college cookbook makes it easy for students to prepare fresh, tasty, healthy meals for themselves on a budget, with more than 100 recipes that only take 30 minutes to throw together, and only require 5 main ingredients.

Moreover, with this book, you can brush up on fundamental cooking skills with tips and tricks on everything from using knives to storing veggies. Isn’t it useful for the dorm kitchen?

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13. Water Filter

Drink and use clean water in your kitchen dorm with this water filter
Source: Amazon

We often say, to drink plenty of water or stay hydrated for better health and memory. But, we often overlook the quality of water which is more important for your health concern.

If you have to use and drink tap water in your college and dorm, this water filter you must carry this with you. This everyday water pitcher is made without BPA, easy to fill, fits in most fridges, and can hold 10 cups of water, enough to fill 3 24-ounce reusable water bottles;

14. Measuring Cup and Spoons Set

measuring mug and spoons for your dorm kitchen supplies
Source: Amazon

If you’re not experienced in cooking, it can be tough for you to measure the water you need for cooking something. Right? You may also have to struggle with the right amount of spices to sprinkle in veggies.

So in your dorm kitchen essentials list, you must include this measuring cup and spoons set to not spoil your food and have a great taste.

15. Organic Trash Basket

Organic Trash Can to make your dorm kitchen clean
Source: Amazon

In the kitchen, you gather organic waste like peels of vegetables and fruits. This organic waste is eco-friendly and many domestic animals cows and buffalo love to eat it.

This trash can doesn’t occupy lots of space in your dorm kitchen. With this kitchen essential, not only you can make your kitchen clean but also provide help in nature. Remember, don’t mix plastics and non-organic waste in this container.

16. Fruit Blender

Here is another dorm kitchen essential for your better health: Fruit Blender
Source: Amazon

Yeah! It’s certainly true, that college students never take care of their health. With study, you should never compromise your health. Therefore, I’m recommending a fruit blender to add to your kitchen essentials list.

The one I’ve featured here ‘NutriBullet’ works amazingly. Just load it up with your favorite whole foods like nuts, berries, and spinach, then push, twist, and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle.

17. A Funny Chef Apron

Apron for college student who do kitchen in dorm
Source: Amazon

If you don’t want to color your dress with spices and flour then Apron is the first essential for you before entering your dorm kitchen. Right?

And here, I’ve got a fantastic funny chef apron for you that can also carry lots of kitchen tools like spoons, tongs, spatulas, ladles, and more. You may also put your phone in its pocket.

18. Heat-Resistant Oven Mitts

Oven mitts as a college dorm kitchen essentials
Source: Amazon

If you don’t want to make your hands dirty and burnt, this kitchen essential is a must-use. These oven mitts (I called them ‘Kitchen gloves’) are often used to protect your hands from being burned when moving hot food to and from the oven.

19. Food Storage Containers

Dorm Kitchen essentials list
Source: Amazon

You can’t purchase food and finish it the same day, you may have to store the food for the next few days. These crystal-clear containers are clear like glass so you can always see what’s inside, but are light and easy to carry.

These food containers are great for storing your food. You may also store rice, flour, pulsed, chopped veggies that you’re going to cook for lunch, and more.

20. Stacking Baskets for Fruits/Vegetables

Dorm Kitchen supplies for college students
Source: Amazon

Like a food storage box, here is another essential that will help you to safely store and organize fruits and vegetables in your dorm kitchen. Now you’re not bound to purchase this basket. You may look for others also by hitting the price button.

21. Table Placemats

Table Placemats: College Dorm Kitchen Essentials
Source: Amazon

If you don’t want to make your dorm kitchen dirty, try this table placemat while eating. Don’t worry, it’s easy to clean, does not fade, freely bends, and does not deform.

It’s convenient for storage and saves space. These heat-resistant placemats protect your dining table from being scalded and scratched and keep your furniture as new.

22. Dishwasher

Dishwasher for your college dorm kitchen
Source: Amazon

If you want to save your time and utilize it for your studies, you can also purchase a dishwasher. You see I’ve experienced the dorm kitchen life and I know it can be overwhelming to cook, wash your dishes, and also do your homework.

You can manage the cooking but washing dishes can be frustrating sometimes. Hence, it’s a good idea to have a dishwasher. It can save you plenty of time and energy to better focus on your studies.

23. Sponges

Sponges: Dorm Kitchen Essential List for college students
Source: Amazon

The dishwasher is great but I know it’s not easy to afford. Even I didn’t have enough money to afford it during my college days. Alternatively, you may also consider these sponges to wash your dishes. It’s safe on non-stick cookware, countertops, showers, tubs, and more.


So here I have given you a complete list of College kitchen essentials. And I’m pretty sure you have selected most products from here.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which essentials do you have already and which you’re going to purchase? If you think I’ve missed something that I should have included in the list, let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: In this article, I have put some Amazon affiliate links that means if you purchase any product through our links we will get a small commission at no extra cost to you, this is how we produce free content for you without advertisements.

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