7 Effective Tips which will make Your Mood to Study Now

Are you not in a mood to study? But still, have to study for your test or for any other reasons?

how to study when you are not in the mood

Well in any case, If you’re looking for, how to study when you are not in the mood then you are at the right place. Because here, I am going to tell you 7 tips which will surely make your mood to studying well while enjoying.

First, I appreciate you because it happens to most of the students but 90 % don’t study at that time but you are trying.

Before walking on the tips first you need to understand why are you not in the mood to study? Remember, Until you find the right answer you can’t be able to study. And for this, I guess these 6 reasons could be responsible for it. 

  • You have taken a long gap to study
  • You don’t have sufficient knowledge of subjects
  • You don’t have a good way to study
  • You don’t want to study at that time
  • You have to study a boring topic or subject
  • You’re getting disturbed by your surroundings
I hope you must be agreed with my guess. But, If any reason could not be matched in your case then try to find first and then apply my tips which will surely break your reason and the above reasons:

So, let’s dive into tips:

#1. Write a worklist for your study: 

This is my key point and a very interesting thing, which can push your mind to study. Now what exactly you have to do? 

how to study when mood doesn't want

Well, if you don’t want to look at the books now then take a pen and a blank paper and write all the topics and subjects which you have to study now.

You must be enjoying it while making this list. After making it, think your list like a goal or target which you have to complete now, and start studying. I am sure, this will motivate you to study now. 

One more thing, when you complete any topic from the list then, make a cross(❌) on the list. Because making a cross on the list will show you, you’re completing the list and your target.


#2. Make your room studying likable:

Can I ask you, where you study and as I said, Is your surrounding supports you to study?

If you don’t have a proper place to study then you must not want to study. It has proven that a dedicated place for study can sharpen the mind and improves concentration while studying.

study tips

If you study at home instead of studying on the bed or couch, use a study table and chair. Using a study table and chair will not let you feel sleepy and bored although it can make your mood to study.

But make sure, you should place your study table and chair in such a place where no one can disturb you and you can away from any kind of distractions. And if your phone is not a part of your studies then must Avoid it.

But if you already study according to this point then look at the upcoming tips.

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#3. Think about your dreams and the benefits of studying:

This is quite stressful but a very helpful point for you. And I think you might have understood what I want to say.

If you’re studying today it means you want to complete your dreams and want to get a bright future while making money. And as you know this all thing you can get when you’ll study effectively.

So, what are waiting for? You have enough time to study but have you forget your dreams or don’t you familiar with the benefits of studying? 

Wait…! I’m not demotivating you but I want from you that whenever your mind says Don’t study now, I can study later then just think about your dream and the benefits of the study. You’ll be surely motivated to study.

This thing, I often used to do at the exam times, whenever I felt that I don’t want to study now then I just used to think about my life goal and dream. And it pushed me to study.

So try this, If you are serious about your goals and dreams then think about it for 5 minutes, it’ll push you too to study. But don’t think too much and take any kind of stress.

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#4. Change your way of studying: 

If your mood still doesn’t change then you should change your studying way. You know what I mean. Let’s understand it, how can you do this?

study tips

Well, At this time maybe you might have to read a book but you can learn that topic on your phone too while reading articles on Google or watching it on Youtube.

Isn’t it a good way to learn and understand a topic? 

In my opinion, it’s an awesome way to study and understand any topic when you don’t want to read a book. But make sure you should not get distracted by notifications or any other videos or something while studying. 

Now you must be thinking, this idea can only work when you have to revision or understand a topic but what about when you have to complete your homework or others. Well, in this case, read the next points.


#5. Don’t study a boring or hard topic at that time: 

This is a very obvious point, as I said in my reasons list. (Check it now in the above bullet points)

Every student has any hard and uninteresting subject that they don’t want to study but when it comes to studying that then their mood gets off. 

So if you really have to study such a topic or any subject then change your subject and study an easy and interesting subject at that time, which you can enjoy while studying. And once you’d have been studying that for half-hour then move to a boring subject.

But in any case, if you really want to study that subject now then you should first learn how to study a boring subject and make it interesting.


#6. Study while listening to music:

Study while listening to music- Isn’t it a better combination for study? 

study when you don't want

I don’t know about you but I often used to study mathematics while playing music. And it gave me two benefits- First, It makes my mood to study and second, Give me a better concentration. 

Concentration on studies while listening to music?

Well if you didn’t aware of it, let me tell you It’s a scientifically proven fact that listening to music helps you to make a better concentration on your studies.

But it could be only helpful when you choose music (Not songs) different from your favorite genre and that music should be a repetitive pulse.

So, I must say, You should go somewhere in fresh and natural air and study there while listening to music. You’ll really enjoy your study.


#7. Try to study in small chunks: 

Do you ever hear about the Promodora Technique?
I think you’d have. But if you don’t have let me introduce you to it which you should follow.
The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. According to it, Student should study in small chunks of 25-30 minutes and take a 5-minute rest.
Now the question is how it can be helpful in your case?
Well, the trick is you have to assume, you’ll study now for only 25 minutes because 25 minutes is a very small duration and you can make your mood for a small time. And once you find your study interesting then again study for 25 minutes after taking a small break. 
While studying in this way, Make sure you study without any distractions and understand a topic sincerely and use your phone on breaks only.


So, here I have shared all the important tips that I have been followed when my mood was not ready for study. So try any tip that you like most and seems effective in your case.

So, here is a quick look at all tips:-

  1. Write a worklist for study: 
  2. Make your room studying likable:
  3. Think about your dreams and the benefits of studying:
  4. Change your way of studying: 
  5. Don’t study a boring or hard topic at that time: 
  6. Study while listening to music:
  7. Try to study in small chunks: 
I hope you found this article useful. If you have any query then please let me know in the comment, I will be happy to help you.

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