11 Useful things that college students should use

things that college students should use

Are you studying in a college or about to move to college?

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But make sure, I’m not going to tell about basic stuff like bed sheets, pillow and all (checklist).

Hence here I’m listing 15 things or items that must be useful for your college life and your studies. So make sure you read this article till the end so that you won’t miss any important items.

Disclaimer: In this article, I have put some Amazon affiliate ink that means if you purchase any product through our links we will get a small commission at no extra cost to you, this is how we produce free content for you without advertisements. So after purchasing any products through our link, buy me a coffee.

Items or things that college students can use:

1: Study Table

A study table is a first and very helpful thing that college students should use. Studying on a study table sharpens your mind and keeps you away from back pain or neck pain that you often feel while studying in bed.

So, Instead of studying in bed or couch in a college dorm use a study table and chair. If you have then it’s good but if you don’t have one then I must suggest you buy one.

things that college students should use

Here is the best study table that I recommend to everyone. Small Study Writing Desk with Wooden Storage Shelf that will cost you $49.99 (affiliate link).

2: Led desk lamp & Led neck reading light

You might have already one study lamp that you use at night study but here I have a multi-purpose led desk lamp that must be useful for every college student.

After watching the below image I don’t think I need to tell about its feature. But to be honest, I had never used this lamp but I wish If I had. Isn’t it an amazing thing that you should get for college? The price of this study lamp is $49.99.

things that college students should buy

Similarly, I have one more study product neck reading light that you can use when you are reading some information. It’s not multi-purpose but very comfortable to use in reading, knitting, camping, repairing. This led neck light will cost you around $19.99.

3: Sunrise Alarm Clock

An alarm is one of the essential things that college students should use who can’t wake up. And for them, this sunrises alarm would be best that wake you up naturally.

This alarm has 7 color features, natural sounds, FM-Radio, and special feature is the sunrise simulation and sunset simulation. So If you want to wake up early and study then I must recommend you to buy one. The price of this item is around $42.98.

But if you don’t need this then I have an alternative for you i.e. Alarmy. It’s not a study product but a very useful mobile application that most students use for waking up early.

4: Earplugs and Noise-canceling headphones

In college distraction and noise are very common and due to this most students can’t focus on their studies. So you should not forget to take these essential things in college. Even research has shown that most students use these two things and they have a better concentration.

An ear-plug will not only helpful while studying even it can be also useful in your meditation. Here is the best earplug that I use and you can buy it for $2.98.

things that you should get for your college

And if you’re also looking for noise-canceling headphones then you can get one for $79.99 (cheap & beast headphones). But if you have these two items then nothing would be good than it.

5: Flashcards and sticky notes set

Flashcards are one of the best study products and one of the best ways to studying that works on the Leitner study technique. And flashcards are the things that college students should use to become more creative and having fun while studying.

Even by learning with flashcards, you can remember some information for a long time. The best flashcards that I found on Amazon at $5.41.

Similarly, you can also use sticky notes to write and stick something important. This will cost you around $8.99. These two things are essential for college students. So if don’t have one then must buy one, it will be really helpful for your college studies.

6: 5 Subject Spiral Notebook

If you don’t want to make your college bag too much heavy with different notebooks then this 5 subject spiral notebook must be useful for you. As the name sounds this special notebook has 5 sections that you can for 5 different subjects.

As you may know in college you have to carry many things in your bag. So instead of carrying each subject notebook, you can take it. The price of this notebook would be around $16.95.

7: Laptop bag

A laptop bag is one of the essential things that college students should use especially for carrying a laptop. If you have already then don’t forget to take it with you. But If you don’t have and want to buy one for college then I must recommend you to buy this laptop bag that I use.

This bag is water-resistant, can also use for traveling. Along with this, this bag has a lot of space and pockets and also has a USB charging port. For more features, you can check out here. The price of this laptop bag would be around $25.99.

8: Study desk and Reading pillow

If you like to study in bed or sometimes you want to relax your body while studying in bed then these two things you must bring for college.

If you’d have read my blog on how should you study in bed then you must know how a study desk and reading pillow are helpful while studying in bed. These two things keep you away from back and neck pain while studying in bed.

Here is the best deal:

But if you don’t like to study in bed then I don’t think you need a study desk and about reading pillow it’s up to you.

9: Wood Phone Docking Station

College students often forget where they keep small things like a watch, keys, wallet, charger, and others but with the help of this tool, you can organize your small items easily.

This item you must get for college if you forget easily where you keep those small things. This eco-friendly tool also provides a charging station & organizer. The price of this tool would be $49.80.

10: Mini Coffee maker

You stay in college which means you might have your own commune. And if you’re fond of coffee then this item you should not forget to take college. And if you looking for a coffee maker for your college then I found a mini coffee maker that you should buy for college.

This mini-coffee maker will cost you $59. And if you looking for cheap and best then here is one more that I also recommend most at $19.99.

11: Kettle

A kettle is again an essential thing that you should get for your college. Many times you may need to boil water or maybe drink boil water. So if you have a kettle then don’t forget to bring it to your college. And if you don’t have then here is one of the best kettles that I use for myself.

The price of this kettle is 34.49$. To check out its features you can click here.


So here I have given you 11 useful things that college students should use or buy. And I’m pretty sure you have selected most products from here.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which products do you found most useful and which products do you have already and will buy?

Let me know in the comment, I’m curious.

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