30+ Best Dorm Room Essentials for Guys: Don’t Miss This List!

30+ dorm room essentials for guys | what to bring to college as a guy or college boy: This list includes all the items

Looking for Dorm Room Essentials for Guys? If Yes, trust me, you’ll love this guide today.

A few years back, I had the same question about what to bring to college as a guy. I was also gathering things that a guy would need in the college dorm. It took me a couple of weeks to find and purchase the essentials but I still missed lots of stuff.

So, In this comprehensive guide I have listed all the dorm essential items that a guy would need in college and you may want buy from Amazon right away. (I’ll add the link for each item along with the price.)

But remember I’m not going to tell you any basic items such as toothbrushes, bedsheets, and others. I think, these things you can easily figure out once you create a college packing checklist. (You may also download my pdf on college dorm packing list.)

Now without further ado, let’s dive straight into…all the essentials items that being a guy you need for dorm room and you should not miss any of them.

Dorm Room Essentials for Guys This Year:

1. Study Table and Dorm Chair

(Note: The prices of these items can fluctuate on Amazon. Additionally, we have listed the prices in US currency, but you can purchase from any country. If you’re in the US, you can also sign up for Amazon Prime Student to receive additional discounts on these items.)

A study table and a chair are essential for every college student’s dorm room. Using a study table and chair while studying promotes proper body posture and enhances concentration on your studies.

Here, I have featured the best study table and chair with high ratings and positive reviews. The study table boasts excellent material quality and comes equipped with a storage bag, and headphone hook. You can also use the table to keep your study materials and books within easy reach.

Next, the featured dorm chair helps maintain an upright posture, reducing back stress and pain commonly experienced when studying on a bed or couch. Alternatively, you can check out our post on the best dorm room chairs for effective studying and enhanced comfort.

2. Lap Desk

dorm room essentials for guys: The Ultimate list
Source: Amazon

In your dorm room, where your bed is, you probably want the option to study on your bed, perhaps even while lying down, right?

If that’s the case, you can make your study sessions more comfortable and focused by using a lap desk and a reading pillow.

Believe it or not, my primary and most frequently used study table was a lap desk. Here, I’ve featured a lap desk that includes a small drawer for keeping your notes and a separate space for your coffee mug.

In addition to the lap desk, I’ve also highlighted one of the best-rated reading pillows that has excellent reviews on Amazon.

3. Wall Clock and Alarm

Source: Amazon
$16.99 $15.99

A wall clock and an alarm clock are both crucial dorm room essentials for guys. When you have a wall clock in your dorm, it helps you stay punctual and keep track of the time.

Having an alarm clock ensures that you wake up at your desired time. Whether you need to get up early to study or make it to class on time, these items will always come in handy and a college student often forget to pack them.

4. Book Shelf

Source: Amazon

I remember my dorm room wasn’t very spacious, but I still decided to buy a bookshelf to keep my books organized. No matter how small your dorm room might be, I strongly recommend having a bookshelf.

In this selection, I’m presenting two different types of bookshelves. You don’t need to purchase both of them.

Both bookshelves are made from high-quality materials and are spacious enough to hold all of your books for the all semesters. You can choose the one that appeals to you the most and make your purchase accordingly.

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5. Laptop Bag and Duffel Bag

Dorm room essentials for guys: Backpack and duffel bag
Source: Amazon

A laptop bag and a duffel bag are both essential items for a college boy living in a dorm. The laptop bag serves as a convenient way to carry your laptop to class or on a short trip with friends. The bag I’ve highlighted above offers ample space and numerous pockets, making it ideal for your needs. Additionally, it includes a USB charging port, which can be incredibly useful.

On the right-hand side, I’ve showcased a duffel bag that comes in handy when you need to return home or shift your belongings within the dorm room. This lightweight bag features high-quality zippers, pullers, and wheels, making it easy to transport.

You can explore the features of both bags on Amazon by clicking the price buttons above.

6. Study Lamp and Flashlight

Source: Amazon

In addition to a study table and lap desk, a lamp is another essential item for your dorm room to facilitate effective studying. Whether you’re a night owl or have to do your homework fast in low-light conditions, having a study lamp is always convenient for college students.

This particular study lamp offers three different brightness levels and three color modes, giving you a total of nine brightness settings to choose from. It also serves a dual purpose as a pen stand and phone holder, making it a versatile addition to your workspace. The lamp’s quality and material are worth acknowledging for their durability and performance.

In addition to the study lamp, consider purchasing a flashlight. While our phones have built-in flashlights, having a separate flashlight can be incredibly handy for various situations where you might not want to drain your phone’s battery.

7. Hanging Closet Organizers

Dorm essentials for  guys: What to bring to college as a guy? Hanging Closet Organizers
Source: Amazon

To maintain a tidy and organized appearance in your dorm room, it’s essential to consider using a closet organizer for your clothing and shoes.

College guys often bring a significant amount of clothing, footwear, and various other items to their dorms. Based on my personal experience living in a dorm during my college years, I can attest to how crucial a self-hanging closet organizer can be in preventing the room from becoming cluttered.

Therefore, I strongly recommend including one in your college essentials list. Here, I’ve showcased two excellent closet organizers designed specifically for guys living in dorm rooms. Both options are highly efficient and don’t take up much space. One is tailored to keep your clothing well-organized, while the other is perfect for neatly storing your shoes.

8. Phone Docking Station

Source: Amazon

So, for clothes and shoes now you have an organizer but what about your small stuff such as wallet, watches, sunglasses, and others.

Well, for those things, you may consider buying a phone docking station, the one I have featured above. If you often forget these essentials stuff, your room keys, having this organizer can be beneficial for you.

It can help you to organize your gloves, sunglasses, keys, watches, ear pods, and Identity cards as well. As a guy, you must have this phone docking station for your dorm room.

You may check its quality on Amazon, but I featured it after researching and reading positive reviews.

9. Bedside Shelf for Dorm Bed

bedside shelf for dorm room: Dorm room essentials for guys
Source: Amazon

A bedside shelf can also be considered an essential addition to your dorm room. Whether you enjoy reading a book or using your phone before going to bed, you’ll always find a bedside shelf useful.

In this selection, I’ve included two different bedside shelves. Both options have different mounting mechanisms but are equally easy to install, regardless of your choice. The one on the left can be easily attached to your bed, while the one on the right is designed for wall mounting. If your bed is positioned against the wall, the second option may be more suitable.

After researching and reading reviews, I’ve found that both shelves boast excellent quality and strong adhesion, effectively serving their intended purposes. To explore the material quality and other details, you can click on the price button provided for each option on Amazon.

10. Exercise Kit

Source: Amazon

Maintaining a muscular, fit, and healthy appearance is often a priority for guys, especially when they can’t access a gym. In such cases, having an exercise kit in your dorm can be a valuable essential.

Here, I’ve presented two different exercise kits to cater to various fitness needs. On the left, you’ll find a kit that includes an Ab Roller Wheel, Ab Exercise Wheels Kit with Resistance Bands, a Knee Mat, a Jump Rope, and Push-Up Bars. This kit offers a comprehensive solution for performing a full-body workout.

However, if your goal is to specifically target your biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders to improve your physique and overall health, you may want to consider the kit on the right. It features a Dumbbell Set with a Barbell, which can be highly effective for achieving these fitness goals.

11. Perfumes and Sunglasses

Source: Amazon

To enhance your personality and appearance, including perfume and sunglasses in your dorm essentials is a great idea. Your personality plays a significant role in building confidence when interacting with others, so these items can contribute positively to your overall image.

For perfume, I’ve featured “Dreamer” by Versace for Men, which is renowned for its amazing scent and is considered one of the best colognes available at an affordable price.

In addition to perfume, consider investing in a pair of sunglasses. I’ve selected one of the best options based on positive reviews. However, if you have specific preferences for sunglasses, you can explore different styles on various websites.

The main point is to consider these items as valuable additions to your college guy essentials, as they can greatly enhance your personal style and confidence.

12. Household Hand Kit

Source: Amazon

Whether you’re studying engineering or pursuing a medical degree, it’s essential to keep a household kit or an electric equipment box in your dorm room. Developing basic repair skills is a valuable and practical skill to acquire.

Consider scenarios like changing a fan switch in your dorm room or replacing a vehicle’s wheel. These are relatively minor tasks that don’t always necessitate calling a mechanic.

Therefore, having an electric equipment kit readily available in your dorm is a smart move. The featured kit here contains all the essential tools you’ll need to tackle small repair jobs effectively. It’s a practical addition to your dorm essentials that can save you time and money in the long run.

13. First Aid Kit

Source: Amazon

As you’re staying in the dorm room, you need to take care of yourself. Your parents are not going to help you here, whether you feel a bit under the weather, have a headache, or have any small health issues. It is always advisable to bring a first aid kit with you.

Here is a kit that includes adhesive fabric and plastic bandages, antibiotic ointments, BZK antiseptic towelettes, burn cream packets, aspirin, ibuprofen, gauze roll, wound closures, a cold pack, and other multi-use items for any potential emergency.

Isn’t it a dorm essential item for guys?

14. Earbuds and Noise-Cancelling Headphones

dorm room essentials for guys: Noise cancelling headphones and eards
Source: Amazon

I always recommend students to use noise-canceling headphones. Using such headphones will not only help you to block out unwanted noise but also aids in improving your concentration while studying.

You might find it hard to believe, but it’s been proven that listening to music while studying can enhance your concentration and make your study sessions more enjoyable. If you have a fondness for music, these headphones may become an essential item for your dorm that you shouldn’t forget to bring.

Here, I’ve featured both headphones and earbuds, so you can choose whichever appeals to you. Both options are noise-canceling and have received high ratings on Amazon. If you’re tech-savvy, you may want to conduct your own research to find the best fit for your preferences.

However, based on their higher ratings and excellent reviews, I’ve featured what I consider the best option here.

15. Traditional Shaving Kit

Source: Amazon

One essential item for guys in dorms that you shouldn’t overlook is a traditional shaving kit. It’s perfect whether you prefer to groom your beard independently or if you’d rather skip the weekly trips to the barbershop.

I’ve included both options here—whether you’re into using a trimmer like myself or prefer the classic razor. Choose the one that suits you best.

16. Mirror and Mesh Shower Caddy

Source: Amazon

A mirror and a mesh shower candy are also super necessary to carry with or you may consider them as your dorm bathroom essentials.

These items come in handy for various daily routines, whether you’re preparing for classes or a special date night.

On the right side, the mesh shower caddy is a versatile organizer that can accommodate all your grooming and personal care essentials. You can use it to carry items such as combs, bottles, tubes, brushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body spray, hair serum, a personal shaver, and much more.

In addition to the shower caddy, make sure not to forget to bring a mirror.

17. Bath and Hand Towels:

dorm room essentials for guys: Bath towels and hand towels

I’ve mentioned earlier that I won’t include any basic items, but this set is different. It includes towels of various sizes, each designed for different purposes.

If you’re thinking of getting a bath towel for your dorm room, I highly recommend considering this set because it also comes with a hand towel and washcloths.

As a guy who has lived in a dorm before, I can attest to how valuable these items can be.

18. Kettle & Thermos

Source: Amazon

Staying hydrated is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. However, access to safe, treated water is not always guaranteed. In such situations, boiling water serves as one of the most effective purification methods. If you find yourself in a dorm room or any other environment, I strongly recommend making a habit of drinking boiled water.

To ensure you have access to this essential resource, it’s advisable to carry a kettle and a thermos with you. If you don’t already have these items, you might want to consider purchasing them from a reliable source like Amazon. After conducting thorough research and reading positive reviews, I’ve highlighted the best product above.

19. Mini-fridge

dorm room essentials for guys: a mini fridge

If you find yourself preparing your meals independently, owning a mini fridge can be a crucial addition to your setup. This mini fridge boasts a compact 10-liter capacity, but don’t let its size fool you – it can prove incredibly handy for any guy residing in a dorm room.

Whether you need to store your meals or chill beverages, this mini fridge is up to the task. What’s even better is that it’s both cost-effective and easy to transport.

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20. Food storage container

Source: Amazon

When staying in a dorm, it’s essential to have a way to store snacks and food items such as nuts, strawberries, dates, and more. You can either bring these items from home or purchase them from the grocery store, but having suitable containers for storage is crucial.

To help with this, I’ve included an 18-piece set of glass food storage containers in your dorm essentials. This set comprises 9 glass containers and 9 matching locking lids, offering a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs.

Unlike plastic containers, these glass ones are of superior quality and provide a more durable and eco-friendly option for food storage. You’ll undoubtedly find these containers to be a valuable addition to your dorm life.

21. Coffee Maker

Source: Amazon

If you’re a coffee or tea enthusiast, having a coffee machine in your dorm can be essential. If you already own a coffee machine, don’t forget to bring it along. However, if you find yourself in need of one, you might want to consider the options mentioned above.

Both coffee machines perform admirably and boast good quality. One is more budget-friendly, while the other is from the reputable brand Keurig, making it a bit more expensive. You can assess their reviews by clicking on the price button above and choose the one that suits your preferences best.

22. Air Freshener

Source: Amazon

While not necessarily an essential item for your dorm room, having a pleasant fragrance can provide you with the motivation to study and help maintain a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

I personally used a lavender air freshener that had an absolutely delightful scent, the same one I’ve showcased here. You can explore various air fresheners, but I’m confident that you’ll find the lavender fragrance particularly appealing.

23. Doormat

Source: Amazon

Many guys often forget to bring a doormat, which is actually an essential item for your dorm room. If you want to keep your dorm clean and avoid it getting dirty, having a doormat can be incredibly useful. Furthermore, it’s designed to resist stains, withstand various weather conditions, and maintain its color without fading. Plus, it’s easy to clean.

In addition to the doormat, you might want to consider getting a dorm room rug for the floor. Not only will it provide you with a comfortable spot to sit and study, but it can also enhance the overall decor of your dorm room. After reading reviews, I discovered that the rug is incredibly soft.

24. Room Slippers and Casual Shoes:

dorm room essentials for guys: room slipper and casual shoes

I know these things are not easy to forget when packing for your dorm, but I made this mistake. I had my shoes, but I forgot to pack a pair of slippers.

I don’t need to emphasize how essential slippers are. Whether you’re moving around your dorm or just running to nearby grocery stores, slippers always come in handy. In addition to slippers, you might also want to consider bringing a pair of casual shoes for hanging out with friends or for weekend outings.

25. Trash Can:

dorm room essentials for guys: Trash Can

Once again, it’s one of those items that many people tend to forget to purchase or carry. If you’ve already bought it, that’s great. If not, you might want to consider this trash can. Not only is it affordable, but it also boasts excellent ratings and reviews on Amazon.

The best part is that it comes equipped with a steel foot pedal, allowing for hands-free lid opening that operates quietly.

26. Steam Iron:

dorm room essentials for guys: steam iron

When creating a checklist of dorm room essentials for guys, make sure not to overlook including a steam iron on your list.

If you want to avoid going to the laundry every day to have your clothes pressed and looking neat, you might consider having a steam iron. Even today, I prefer to press my clothes myself.

Here, I’ve featured one of the best steam irons available for purchase on Amazon. If you’d like to explore more options, you can click the ‘price’ button to find the best one.

27. Extension Cord:

I have seen many dorm room that does not have many switches and plug-in connection. In such cases, an extension cord always be beneficial for you.

Whether you have to charge your phone, use steam iron, or even a electric kettle, you may also find one needy. If you don’t don’t have an extension cord, you may consider buying this one.

It has widely outlets, 4 USB ports, 3 side multi plug outlet extender, and 5ft long which I think it’s sufficient for your dorm room need.

28. Vacuum Cleaner and Toilet Plunger

If you’re a college student living in a dorm, you’ll need to clean your dorm room from time to time. To maintain a clean and tidy living space, consider having these two essential items that can make dorm cleaning a breeze.

First, we recommend a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is easy to carry. This versatile vacuum is suitable for cleaning hard floors and removing surface dirt from carpets and area rugs.

On the right-hand side, you’ll find a toilet plunger, which can also come in handy. It includes an efficient toilet brush, a powerful plunger, and a convenient two-compartment holder.

The best part is that both of these items are compact and won’t take up much space. You can easily store them anywhere in your dorm room.

30. Umbrella:

When collecting dorm room essentials for guys, an umbrella stands out as a practical and often overlooked item.

Whether it’s a sudden downpour on your way to class or unexpected rain during a weekend outing, an umbrella provides protection from the elements.

It’s a versatile tool that keeps you dry, comfortable, and prepared for any weather conditions, making it a must-have accessory for the modern dorm-dwelling student.

31. Speaker:

Unless you’re an introvert, college guys often enjoy some fun time with music and speakers in their dorm rooms. Carrying a portable speaker is a great way to have fun while taking a break from academic pressure and stress.

Whether you’re hosting a small birthday party with friends or simply want to uplift your mood with music, a portable speaker can be quite beneficial.

The Bluetooth speaker I’m featuring here comes with additional features such as noise-cancelling speakerphone, voice assistant support, and JBL Connect+. It has received excellent ratings and positive user reviews.

32. Motivational Wall Art

Dorm room essentials for guys: Inspirational Wall Art

Again, I believe it’s dorm room essential item for guys. These visually inspiring pieces not only add a touch of personal style to your living space but also serve as daily reminders of your goals and aspirations.

Whether it’s quotes that boost your motivation, stunning artwork that sparks creativity, or a combination of both, motivational wall art can transform a bland dorm room into a vibrant and inspiring environment.

You might consider it as dorm room decoration but It’s more than just decor; it’s a source of inspiration that can help you stay focused, positive, and driven throughout your college journey.

Now It’s Your Turn:

So, In this article, I’ve featured 30+ dorm essentials for guys that you should not miss carrying with you. I hope you enjoyed it and found this article useful.

Now, I’d like to hear from you:

Which items from this list are you planning to purchase for your dorm room as a guy?

If you think I have missed any item or you’d like to add something to this list, just let me know in the comment.

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