How to concentrate on study after a long gap?

Have you taken a long gap from your study and want to study again?

That’s good!

I know it’s difficult to start studying again but achievable.

That’s why I am here to help you and give your concentration back just like before. So if you’re wondering how to start study after a long gap then hold your seat and be with me till the end.

Because here I have 6 tips and guides that must be useful for you to study after a long time.

But before we get going can you tell me in the comment why did you take a long break from your study?

Is it because you got depressed after getting bad grades and now you’re motivated to continue your study? Let me in the comment, I’d appreciate your reason.

So without further ado let’s dive into the tips that will help you to continue your study after a long gap.

How to focus on study after a long gap:

1: Make a list

After taking a long gap from the study, still you would have something and forget something.

So, make a list of what you still keep remember and what you have forgotten. Until you have a clarification about what you still know confidently, it can be difficult for you to maintain focus.

The list not only would be interesting to make, but it will also make your mood to your study after a long gap and help you to brush up the things easily.

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2: Routine

We all know how routine is helpful to stay consistent at our work or studies. And after a long gap and getting back again for studies, your consistency can break easily. Neither you can make focus nor you can give enough time to your studies.

So make a routine to stay consistent.

But I know it’s difficult for you to make a routine and stick with it. So I have an alternative for you that you can follow.

Here is the deal:

Alternative for Routine: Instead of making routine and follow routime same as all day, plan your single day or day by day. Just before sleep or after waking up, write a plan about how you will spend your whole day and what are the tasks you have to take and complete today.

I strongly believe if you start your study after a long gap then this alternative must be helpful to you. So before bed or after waking up choose your time for studies and other works.

3: Study for short durations

Now after making a routine and decided to study for 4 hours at a time will not gonna work. So instead of studying like this, you should study for a short duration and then take breaks.

Remember: Study for a short period of time (1 hour) but stay focused can be much better than study for long hours without having any focus.

But for a short duration of the study, you have to avoid your all distraction like phone and others and stay focused only on your study.

One more thing, instead of studying in bed or couch use a study table and chair that will not make you feel sleepy while studying even for a short duration.

For making your short duration of studies successful I have a study technique for you i.e. Feynman Technique which says, Learn a concept quickly by explaining it in easy and simple terms. The concept behind this technique is to learn faster and deep understanding.

Isn’t it a smart way to studying?

So when you study after a long gap first study for short duration like 1 hour and as you’ll feel I am concentrating well for a short duration then you can increase your study time and get more serious for your study.

4: Make your study interesting

There is no doubt once you will find your study interesting then you won’t want to procrastinate your study and you’ll have a better concentration even if you study after a long gap.

Now the question is how to make study interesting?

well, to make your study interesting you can try these three ways…

#1. Study with music:

Study with music not only make your study fun even gives you a better concentration.

Yes, It’s a scientifically proven fact studying while playing music improves your concentration but the condition is that music (not song) should be different from your genre and have a repetitive pulse.

#2. Make Flashcards:

Making or studying with flashcards is one of the best ways to studying. Using flashcards helps you to learn information, and also helps you to identify any weak spots you may have with the subject.

So, make flashcards learn better, and enjoy your study.

#3. Change your environment:

A place where you study really matters. I know some of you might find it hard to believe but sometimes because of a good place you find your study interesting and enjoy your study. And that brings our next tip to concentrate on study after a long gap.

5: Change your study enviroment

As I said, a good study place can make your study enjoyable but I want to add something.

Apart from the above, a study place like a coffee shop, park or library that suits you not only can make your mood for study even it can give you a better concentration.

So I must suggest you, Instead of studying only in your room, go somewhere else with snacks and find the best place for your study.

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6: Motivate yourself

Motivation is very important when you want to study after a long gap. Because of only motivation, you can follow your routine.

But, how this motivation will come from?

Well, you can watch many motivational videos or movies and can read many books but I don’t think these will work for a longer time.

So, Instead of these kinds of motivation, you need self-motivation for your study that can motivate you forever. And this self-motivation will come when you’ll think about your goal, dream and why you want to study again?

So when you won’t feel like to study then just think for 5 minutes about what I have said above?

If you’re serious about your dream and really want to concentrate on study then you’ll surely get motivated.


So here I have explained best of my tips to concentrate on your study after a long gap. And I hope you enjoyed my article.

Now I want to hear from:

How you found this article and are you gonna try all tips from now on?

Tell me in the comment, I am curious.

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