How to Study for your Exam Effectively- 9 Best Tips that Works

Are you dreaming to get well marks in your exam?

Exam preparation tips: Study effectively for the exam 

But don’t know the right and effective way to study for your exam?

If your answers are Yes! then you are in the right place.

And I am here to give you 9 exam preparation tips on How to study for the exam effectively. And I must say, If you sincerely follow all the tips and guide then you must be able to achieve a top rank in your class.

These tips are divided into two parts- In the first part, you will learn how you can study effectively and the second part will tell you how you should study for the exam. So still with me till the end.

(Until you will not aware of the study effectively tips, it could be difficult to prepare well for your exam.)

For studying effectively:-

Here I break down 5 tips that you should follow while studying: 

#1. Find a proper space for study:

This is the first and mandatory thing that you should do. Most of the students ignore it but you shouldn’t.
Well, A proper place for study can sharpen the mind and improves concentration while studying. And it’s proven, So you should find such a place (study room) where you can study whenever you want and no one can disturb you and also you cannot distract by your surroundings (Like Television & others).
One more thing, Use a study table & chair for your study. If you already do then it’s great but if you don’t then use it from now. Because studying on a bed, couch or whatever you used, can make you feel sleepy and bored but a study table won’t. 
So, find a proper space at your home and place a study table and chair there. If you don’t have then you can join a library too.

#2. Set a daily goal for your study:

For managing your time, most people will suggest you- Make a routine. Isn’t it? 
But you too know how it’s difficult to follow it for a longer time? 
how to study for the exam
I agree routines are very helpful for study but we have another alternative which you can follow easily and you might have understood what I want to say. 
So, when you wake up in the morning or just before you sleep, write a goal about your studies, what you have to study today and how much time you have today for your study? And follow this and complete your goal. Make every day a goal and then complete it. 
Isn’t it looks easy to follow?
If you want to be more serious then you can plan your whole day by making daily goals. But make sure, write only that which you can follow.

#3. Don’t go with your phone in the study room: 

Now you have found a proper space and also have planned your day for study but this is the main thing that you should do to focus on your studies. And you must be agreed, because of your phone, you might get distracted.
So, If you have addicted to looking at the notifications or messages on your phone while studying then it’s better for you, don’t go with your phone in the study room until you complete your study. 
But in any case, if your phone is a part of your studies then must block or avoid unnecessary apps and messages. 
Like your phone, If you find anything else because of that you could be distracted then shift it to other places. If the distracting things will not exist near you then your mind will no get distracted and you will be able to focus on your studies.

#4. Understand a topic sincerely:

After following the above tips, Now you are able to study effectively.
But Wait!
Do you just read your book or understanding it too?
I have seen so many students and even some of my classmates, they just read the book with their eyes only, not with the mind.
So, Don’t be like them!
When you read your books or notes then grab their knowledge with full attention. Don’t let your mind go somewhere else. Even you should study a topic in such a way that you can teach that another person too. 
Remember: How long you study it doesn’t matter, how effectively and productively you study that’s matter.

#5. Review your studies:

Yes! You hear right. 
how to study for the exam

After completing your study for a day, it’s time to review and test yourself about how sincerely you studied and how much knowledge you have successfully grabbed while studying.

Isn’t it sound interesting? 
But how actually you should do you this?
Well for this, either you can take a pen and blank paper and write all the topics names with a brief summary about what you studied today or else think in your mind directly and explain yourself what you studied.
The second option, I often used to do at night after studying this thing helped me to remember it for a long time. So, try this and see the effect.
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For Exam preparation:

So, We have looked at the tips that you should follow for an effective study. Now, let’s talk about how you should study for the exam and give your best. 
And for this, here I’m listing the rest 4 tips that you have to follow too: 

#1. Clear all your concepts and theory:

Do you have a deep level of understanding of your book’s concepts and theories?
If you think that I don’t have much knowledge about subjects and theories then first, clear all your concepts and theories according to your syllabus. Even if your basic is not good then strong your basics knowledge too. 
Remember, until your basics knowledge will not clear, you can’t understand a topic at a higher level. 
So, if you want to clear your basics of any subject or topic then you should take help with your classmates or teachers. But I believe your classmates can better teach you than your teacher. What do you think?
In another case, If you are average and have basics strong then STUDY smart and for long hours while following previous tips.
To find out such topics in which you are not confident and not, that brings my next tip.

#2. Make a Syllabus:

It’s a crucial and very interesting thing that you should do.
how to study effectively for the exam
If you’re preparing for your exam then it’s expected that you should know about your syllabus or which chapters are important for your exam. Isn’t it?
If you have your syllabus then it’s good but if you don’t have then make it and list all chapter’s names on a blank page that seems important. 
Now, You have your exam syllabus (stick it on your study table). So, It’s time to cross-verify. Make a cross on that chapter’s name in which you’re confident and have prepared well and draw a circle, that you haven’t prepared yet.
After doing this, start studying according to your syllabus. And as you complete any chapter from your syllabus then make a cross(❌) on that chapter name, which can motivate you to study the rest chapters.
REMEMBER, If you have less time(2-3 months) for your exam then study hard and boring topics first then move to the easy and your favorite chapters, which you can easily prepare before 10 days of your exam.

#3. Previous year’s papers and practice tests:

You might have understood my intention with the above sub-heading? 
But do you understand, why it is so necessary to solve the previous year question’s papers for your exam? 
Let me tell you…
Previous year questions help you give an idea about upcoming questions; because of this, you can easily understand the question format and practice well. Even sometimes, some questions can be repeated in your exam. Apart from this, there are so many benefits to solving previous year’s papers.
Now you might have understood why you should solve. 
Wait! One more thing, I considered in this tip’s heading. 
Almost forget! That is Practice tests, which are also important as previous year papers.
Practice tests build your confidence and make your practice to solve exam papers. And if you have exams fear then it must take you out. So, either join a practice test class or else give it on your phone or laptop.
Caution: Do not attempt the previous year’s paper and test paper without any preparation or less preparation, because you can solve only a few questions and it can demotivate you too. Solve them, when you have prepared well and have time.

#4. Don’t study on the last day:

I have seen many students who don’t prepare for the exam and on the last day before the exam they study a lot. But in my language, it’s not called study or exam preparation, it’s called cramming. 
Are you one of them? Let me know in the comment.
Well, I believe cramming is not the right way to study and student who is serious about the exam will never cram. So, Instead of studying on the last day and worried about what you left or didn’t study, you should chill out and watch movies and others. And most TOPPERS will also suggest this.
( Preparing on the last day can make you feel that you’re forgetting what you studied. I have experienced it and I know rather than more preparation it can give you stress.) 


If you want to score high in your exam then you must know there are no shortcuts, You have to study effectively. And for this, I have shared with you 9 tips that will be helpful to study effectively for your exam.
Here is a quick look at all tips: 

For study effectively:

  • Find a proper place to study
  • Set a daily goal for your study
  • Don’t go with your phone in the study room
  • Understand a topic sincerely
  • Review your studies

For preparing for the exam:

  • Clear all your concepts and theories
  • Make a syllabus
  • Previous years papers & Practice tests
  • Don’t study on the last day
I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any queries related to the article and tips then please let me know in the comment section. We would happy to reply to you back.

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