Why Kids Dislike Studying: 11 Reasons & How to Deal with them!

why kids dislike studying

If your kids don’t like to study or hate studying then you’re not alone. However, by the end of this article, you will get to know exactly how to deal with your kids who are not interested in studies.

The annual survey, Indiana University’s High School Survey of Student Engagement (HSSSE) found that students and kids around

  • 73 percent said, “I didn’t like the school.”
  • 61 percent said, “I didn’t like the teachers.”
  • 60 percent said, “I didn’t see the value in the work I was being asked to do.”
  • About 25 percent said, “No adults in the school cared about me.”

(You can check out the complete research and report here, after reading this article.)

Now, come to the big question- Why do children dislike studying? And, what you can do for them as a parent or teacher?

So, here I’m going to break down 11 reasons and how to deal with a child or a teenager who is not interested in studying.

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Why Do Children Dislike Studying?

1. They don’t find their study interesting:

The first and one of the big reasons why kids don’t like studying is they don’t find their study interesting as compared to other works.

And, it’s obvious if you don’t find any of your work interesting then you must want to leave that work ASAP.

Sometimes, the materials that they study might be boring for them. They may have to do some exercises, and revisions again and again, especially during exam times. Even, some children also don’t understand the material and start cramming just to pass the exams.

However, the purpose of study is not to get good grades or pass the exams, they should study to gain knowledge and education.

2. Not having a good mentor

why kids hate studying

A teacher plays the most important role in students’ life. A teacher not only helps children to understand the material but how he/she teaches the materials also matters to a child’s study.

Not having a good mentor or teacher can be also a big reason why your kids dislike studying. Every teacher has proficiency in a particular material but if your kids don’t understand the material by a teacher then somewhere the teacher doesn’t have the right way of teaching the subject.

Similarly, you would’ve watched many movies where students don’t study and always have fun in classes but after getting a great mentor students start focusing on their studies while having fun.

So, find a teacher for your kids whose teaching style you like much.

3. Find their learning style

There are 4 types of learning styles– Visual, Auditory, Reading & Writing, and Kinesthetic. Every student has a different and favorable learning style. With a suitable learning style, a student can learn and adopt something easily without finding it boring.

Now, you have to figure out which learning methods your children prefer most.

For example, if your child likes to watch visuals then studying with Infographics, and animated videos would be the best learning style for them as compared to reading books. Because, in this case, they will enjoy their study.

And, if your child loves to do practical work instead of writing things in notebooks then he/she is a kinesthetic learner. In this case, you can create learning games, and do hands-on practicals with him/her.

Similarly, you can check out other learning styles with examples and find out your kids’ learning styles. Once your kids start studying with a suitable learning style they will never dislike studying.

4. They can’t relate their study to the real world

Whatever subjects, and topics we study, are always associated with the real world. When we study Geometry, then we understand that making a bridge is possible because of Geometry only.

The ball that you throw in the sky comes back to you because of Gravity, even we can calculate the speed of the ball. You can also teach how ordering fractions is useful for them to learn.

You see, every single thing has a purpose to study, and your kids dislike studying because they can’t relate their studies to the real world. That’s why most children only study for exams and just for good grades.

So, you should help them to explore their studies and teach them what they study, and how it relates to the real world.

5. Allow them to use study tools & toys

Many study tools make studying easier and more fun. Here I’m going to list some study tools and toys that your kids must enjoy while studying with them:

  • Number Match Card Games: This game consists of, sets of two-piece self-correcting matchups. This means if one piece has an image of six cats, there will be another piece having the number 6 written over it. This tool improves your child’s memory, observation, number recognition, counting, and visual discrimination skills.
  • Abacus: Abacus is a great wooden game for kids to learn numbers with orders. You can use this educational game to make your kids aware of maths skills, patterning, and color recognition.
  • Educational Rechargeable Solar Energy Kit: If you want technology in your child’s hands, this is your tool. This tool helps your growing children while they learn & shine. These kits aim to assist your child to gain a deeper understanding of basic principles of art and science creatively.
  • Multifunctional Digital Learning Computing Box: This tool is the best example of a learning box. Your kids can learn mathematical skills like addition and subtraction with this tool. Additionally, they can practice numbers, timekeeping, alphabet, and punctuation through this box.

6. They have to compromise their passion for study

Again, one of the big reasons why children dislike studying is because they have to compromise their passion, hobbies, and other work while studying. They want to play soccer or watch television when they have to study.

That means they give priority to other things more compared to studying. So in this case, you have to separate their timing from other things with studies and they shouldn’t feel like they are not giving enough time to their hobbies.

For example, If your children like to watch television more, then you can give them an offer and ask them to study for 25 minutes, and then you can watch television for 50 minutes (i.e. 2 times more). This will surely work if your children dislike studying.

7. Getting bad grades

The kids who often fail a test or often get bad grades never like studying. Getting bad grades consistently can break your kid’s interest in the study and they feel nothing gonna happen if they study.

So, you have to make them believe they can also get good grades like other students. If they get bad grades then don’t scold or punish them. Have a friendly talk with them and ask them what mistakes they have made and try to solve the problems that stop them from achieving higher grades.

Boost their confidence when they get bad grades or feel regretful, and motivate them to give their best next time.

8. They don’t get any reward for study

When kids play games they find so much satisfaction and when they win they feel like getting a big reward.

But, children feel so much unrewarding in their studies. Yeah, It is certainly true that studying can be frustrating sometimes but it can be rewarding also. And, this reward you could give them when they solve a math question, finish their homework, or get good grades in exams.

Now, a reward doesn’t mean you give them an expensive car gift instead you can give them extra time for fun, candies, or anything that brings a small smile to their faces. Giving a reward wouldn’t be a big deal but it will promote their learning.

9. You don’t give enough time to them

In this rush life, parents often forget to give time to their children and this could be a reason also why children dislike studying.

If you only expect your kids to study and pass the exams then just to show you they will only pretend to study. So, you have given enough time to them, learn together with them, and help them with their projects and homework if they find it hard.

Appointing a tuition teacher won’t be too helpful for your kids unless you also take care of their studies. And, if you give enough time to them then I don’t think appointing a tuition teacher would be necessary for them.

10. They don’t get real-world projects

how top deal with kids who dislike studying

If your kids don’t have fun with studies then they must not like to study. And having fun in the study will only be possible when they get real-world projects also.

Studying and writing only theories can be boring unless they do practical work. So, if you really want them to like studying then you should ask them to do real-world projects.

For example, if your kids learn that saltwater is a great conductor of electricity then you can ask them to prove it and in their project or work, you can also help them to make it easier. This will also improve their creativity while learning.

11. Make them realize the importance of the study

We all know how study and education are important for us. Studying is not just important for educational development, but also builds personal skills. Having good study skills can improve your confidence, competence, and self-esteem. 

As you gain your education, you’ll be gaining a deeper understanding of what’s right, wrong, fair, and unfair.

I know these are the things you know already but what about your kids who dislike studying?

If you want to deal with them then you must teach them the value and importance of studying in their life.


As I told you already you shouldn’t be too much worried about why your kids dislike studying instead you should focus on how to make them fall in love with studying.

Therefore in this article, we showed you 11 reasons and how should you deal with your children who don’t like studying.

Now, do let me know in the comments your opinions about this article and the reasons that I talked about above.

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