AME CET is Real or Fake – Familiar with the truth (My experience)

If you want to know the truth of AME CET it means you want to join the Aviation field or else want to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME).

review of amecet

Well, If you don’t know what is AME CET then let me introduce it first…

AME CET is the national level common entrance exam to offer admission in various aviation courses in Pan India. AME CET motivates and guides students having an interest in the aviation sector to choose the best career option for them. 

AME CET offers admission in license, graduation, diploma & certification courses of aviation sectors like the pilot, engineering, maintenance, hospitality and management. AME CET offers up to 100% scholarship to all qualified students. ( Presenting by AME CET)

Now it’s time to REVIEW(according to 2019) it and tell you about its positive and negative side but first, let me tell you WHO I AM and why you should trust me and on my words?

Well, If you’d have read my ‘About us’ then you must be known that I had been also an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering’s student and you’ll be surprised if I’ll say, I took admission to my college through AME CET.

Wait!! I have gone through it, it doesn’t mean I am supporting it or I’m opposing it.

During my college’s studies, I got all information about AME CET and its business model. So I can commit, I can explain to you in better ways.  

Hence, I am going to review the AME CET and reveal the truth about it is fake or not?

(If you don’t know what is AME and want to know about this course in detail then click here)
(This review is according to the 2019 AME CET, chances are something have changed now.) 

Pros or Benefits of taking admission through it: Positive sides

To understand the AME CET clearly, you have to look at both sides. And for this, I differentiate it into 2 parts – Positives and Negatives (also included the misunderstanding things that students believe)
So, first, we talk about its ‘Positive sides’ that I found:

#1. You can take admissions in DGCA (CAR-147) approved colleges: 

As you know, the Aviation field is a private body, so along with approved colleges, there are many fraud colleges are also available here.
Now approved college doesn’t mean only they should be approved by DGCA and Government only, you should also check that they should be approved according to CAR-147 of DGCA.

The CAR 147 (Basic) provides the common technical standards and guidelines to conduct recognized aircraft maintenance training courses, to conduct examinations if permitted and to issue training certificates.

Few colleges are not yet approved according to CAR-145 (Not valid now) and that’s not allowed by DGCA. DGCA never support those colleges.
And it might be difficult for you to understand which college is CAR-147 approved or not and you might be trapped while taking admission. But you can google- CAR 147 approved AME colleges.
But if you take admission through AME CET then you could get a CAR-147 approved college. So, this is the mandatory point and you should be aware of it but remember you have to still check about the approval of the college while taking admission through it.


#2. You can get some scholarship for your 1st semester 

If you are good at study and you are the topper of your board exam then AME CET provides a scholarship for your first semester only, which depends on your rank that you’ll get after taking AME CET. (Check it on his site)

So, If you’re not in touch with anybody who belongs to such colleges where you want to take admission and get some discount then your great marks and rank in AME CET can do this.

AME CET scholarship
Image Source:

But you should not completely believe on his scholarship chart, it could be beyond your thinking. Even first time, I also get attracted by scholarship chart. I will tell you later, what could be the misunderstanding in this scholarship chart.

But it’s true,  you will surely get a scholarship with a certificate of qualifying AME CET. 

These are the two main benefits that I have realized and experienced to take admission through it. 

Are you attracted by its positive sides?

NOW, Let’s talk about its Negative points and some misunderstanding that you can create only on your mind…

Negative and Misunderstanding: Don’t believe 


1. You could miss a good college:

As you may know, after qualifying in AME CET you will able to choose a college by their counselling programme and in this counselling, you’ll get colleges and streams according to your marks, rank and hopefully luck. 
And if you get fewer marks and rank but still qualify then chances are you won’t get college and stream as you want. 
The counselling pattern could be the same as JEE Mains and Advance but AME CET is not JEE Mains and Advance. So, while your fewer rank, you can take admission in any college and streams as you want. Don’t think AME CET is the only way to take admission in any colleges. Those colleges would have also their pattern to take admissions. 


2. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Aeronautical Engineer are two different things: 

This is the first and very important thing that you should know. Most of the students understand that AME is the same as Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering and due to this assumption they take admission in AME colleges. Even, the first time I also assumed the same. 
And this confusion mostly creates by AME College’s names like; Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics or Bharat Institute of Aeronautics. So, Don’t go with the name.
AME CET clearly states that AME, Aeronautical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering are 3 different courses. You can check its sitemap and understand all about them by clicking here.
So, first, decide what you want to be.

2. Scholarships, Exam ranks and Results: 

As I said, AME CET provides scholarships according to your rank but don’t think that you’ll get a scholarship for all semesters.
Look, most of the student think that If they’ll come in the top 10 then they will get 100% scholarships that means they don’t need to pay any money in college. Even I and my friends thought the same but that was not true.
They have clearly said that this Scholarship will be applicable on tuition fees for 1st-semester fees only. ( Tuition fee means not including hostel, admission fees and other fees)
Let’s talk about…

What is really FAKE and why most students say AME CET is Fake?

Is AME CET fake or real?


The fake point that I realised in 2019, they never reveal the cut off list and never open up the top 200 students that’s why they never give more than 10-20% scholarship to any student. And I am saying this confidently with my experience.
They provided a 10% scholarship at 250 to 500 rank (in 2019), which means if your college tuition fee is 90000 INR then you’ll get only 9000 INR. And as far as I know, no one got more than it. That’s why most students say, AME CET is FAKE.
So don’t believe their site’s scholarship board.

3. AME CET and Government:

Most of the student gets confused and they believe that this is government exam.
As I said, the Aviation field is a private sector and most of the institutes or colleges are also private for this course. So, never expect AME CET is a government. It’s just approved by the government of India and DGCA.

Conclusion: My views and points

So here I explained in detail its positive and negative sides and I have also explained what could be some confusion or misunderstanding that you might be created on your mind only.
I am not saying and accepting that it’s completely FAKE but you should aware of its reality. I think now you’re able to decide.
So what’s your opinion about AME CET, Will you go through it?  Let me known in the comment…
And If you ask me, what’s your views, Saurabh then I must say…
You should try this once and if you get a scholarship, college and stream as you want then absolutely go with it but If you don’t get then It’s up to you.  
Once again, I will repeat if you don’t have proper knowledge about the AME course then click here and read my experience.

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