How to Learn a Periodic Table in Just 3 Steps

How to learn a periodic table

All we know, what is the periodic table, and how the periodic table plays an important role in Chemistry and especially in Inorganic chemistry?

And you too know without learning a periodic table, nothing will happen in your chemistry. Neither your Chemistry will be too good nor you will score well on chemistry paper. And a good student will never want this.

But, it’s difficult to learn a Periodic Table.

So, If you’re are worrying, How to learn a Periodic Table then in this article I have 3 steps (including Tricks) for you, through which you can easily learn a Periodic Table (around 10 days). And in the end, I have a bonus tip for you.

So, stay with me till the end.

Fun FACT: Most of the students when don’t remember a periodic table then they just stick a picture of the periodic table in their study room or on their study table. And there is no doubt it’s a good way to learn. ( Tell me in the comment, Are you one of them?)

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So without further delay let’s dive into the steps…

How to Learn a Periodic Table?

Before look at the steps let me first tell you, learning a periodic table means if someone asks any question related to the periodic table then you can answer them instantly without taking any pause.  So let’s learn…    


The primary requirement of learning a complete Periodic Table is to learn all element names ( at least 90) with their Atomic numbers and Symbols.

element name and atomic no

You have to set a goal or target that I will learn 20 elements per day if you want to learn Periodic Table in less time (around 10 days).  

And here is a trick through which you can easily learn the Periodic Table’s first 20 elements.


Here is my trick to learn the periodic table and their elements, through which I had learned till 90 (Thorium) Atomic numbers. After that, I learned without any trick.

So, I will also recommend you, first start learning without any trick because this would be remembered for a long time but in case of trick first, you have to learn a trick for a long time.

Anyways, Let’s look at my trick.

(Read this as a name) 
Hahili  ➡️ H, He, Li
  ↓                  1    2    3
Bebac ➡️ Be, B, C 
                     4    5   6
Nofne ➡️  N, O, F, Ne
                     7    8   9  10
Namgal ➡️ Na, Mg, Al
                        11   12   13
Sips    ➡️  Si,  P, S
                    14  15  16
Clark  ➡️  Cl, Ar, K
                     17  18  19
Casctiv ➡️  Ca, Sc, Ti, V
                       20   21  22  23
Crmn  ➡️  Cr, Mn
                     24   25
Feconicu ➡️  Fe, Co, Ni, Cu
                          26   27   28   29
Zn    ➡️  Zn (30)

how to learn a periodic table easily

Once you learn 20 elements on the first day then on the next day,  first, revise what you remembered before. Similarly, do the same thing from the third day to the last day.
Similarly, you can also make this till 90 but I must suggest if you really need a trick to learn Periodic Tabel then first try to make your own trick, this will not only make you creative it will also increase your brainpower.


Our next step is to learn a periodic table group-wise. In this step, you will remember all groups with their periods. For example ፦
            IA       IIA _______________ till last group
            H        Be
            Li        Mg
            Na      Ca
            K         Sr
            Rb       B
            Cs       Ra
Once you learn all elements according to the first step then you will be able to remember easily all groups containing elements.
And when you will learn periodic table group-wise then it will help you to revision again Elements name with their Atomic numbers and Symbols.


Once you’d have learned by the above first and second step then next you have to learn the periodic table Block-wise. I mean s- block, p- block, d- block, and f- block containing groups and elements. For example, the s-block containing, IIA group and total elements of them. 
trick to learn a periodic table
Once you remember through this step then test yourself. Try to draw a Periodic Table on a blank page or in your mind by imagination. I am 100% sure if you’d have followed all steps sincerely then you can draw easily.

Now, It’s time for a Bonus tip, which is…

Learn a Periodic Table by Games:

Game is one of the best ways to learn and memorize something easily and we have fun too while playing games. So, If you like to play games then here I’m sharing some free games that you’d love to play while learning the Periodic Table.
Are you excited?
Hence, here are 2 games…

#1. Periodic Table Quiz:

periodic table game

As the name sounds the game is just like Quiz and you can learn elements name, Atomic no, and symbol very easily. 

#2. Periodic Table Battle:

periodic table game

This one is again the best game for your learning while entertaining. This game can confuse you, so mark your answers with confidence.

These 2 games are free and you can easily download them from Google Play Store.

Now It’s Your Turn:

So here, I have explained how to learn a periodic table easily in a very short time (around 10 days). Even I also learned with these steps and that Trick.
Now I want to hear from you:
How do you like these steps and my trick and Are you going to try them from now on?
And If you have any queries left with this article then let me know in the comment…

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