Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

All about Aircraft maintenance course

There are many types of engineering branches, and you may already be familiar with most of them. However, this course is completely different from other engineering branches.

Everybody knows about pilots, their jobs, and their profession, but few people may know about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). In this article, I am going to provide you with all the details about the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course.

So, if you are already searching for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course details or AME Course details, then you have come to the right place.

What is the AME course?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a license-based course consisting of 2 years of academic training (according to DGCA CAR-147) and 2 or more years of practical training on working aircraft.

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course focuses on the maintenance of aircraft, including repairs, modifications, pre-flight checks, and other maintenance work. The individuals who hold the license are called Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME), and they alone have the authority to certify aircraft.

If you are considering a career as an AME and wish to pursue admission to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) colleges after completing your 12th grade, it is important to have a thorough understanding of this course and career option.

By reading this article, I am confident that you will be able to determine whether this is the profession you are looking for and if this course will lead to a bright future for you.

Before we proceed, allow me to introduce myself and explain how I can provide you with in-depth information about this course. As you may find on our ‘About Us page, I have also been a student of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course.

Therefore, I can confidently assure you that I can offer you a comprehensive explanation and provide you with much more information about this course and career options.

So, stay with me until the end.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course

Above, we have provided you with a basic definition of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). As mentioned earlier, this course focuses on the maintenance of aircraft, encompassing tasks such as repairs, modifications, pre-flight checks, and other related maintenance work.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to perform these tasks effectively. Upon completion and obtaining the AME license, you will assume significant responsibility for flight and aircraft safety, similar to that of a pilot.

It is important to note that the term "Aircraft" encompasses more than just airplanes. It refers to any flying machine capable of achieving balance and support in the air. Therefore, examples of aircraft include airplanes, helicopters, gliders, and other similar vehicles.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME):

The student who successfully completes this course and obtains a license can become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME). The AME license grants individuals the authority to certify aircraft for flight and assume responsibility for their maintenance.

Before flying any aircraft, an inspection takes place by an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) who checks whether all instruments, systems, and other components are in good working condition. If there are any doubts, they have the authority to halt the aircraft until the doubts are resolved. Once they confirm that the aircraft and its parts are in satisfactory condition, they certify the aircraft.

The salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) in India can range from 1 to 4 lakhs per month. This figure depends on factors such as the type of license, specialization, and level of experience of the AME. Additionally, some airline companies also provide AME with 20 free flight tickets per year, allowing them to travel to various destinations.

Given the size and complexity of aircraft, it is common for there to be more than three AMEs assigned to an airplane. Each AME holds its own license and specializes in specific areas of maintenance and repair.

AME Course: Streams and license types

There are mainly two types of streams in this course – Mechanical and Avionics. Let’s talk about it one by one…

  • Mechanical Stream: This stream deals with Aircraft Engines, Propellers, Structures, Workshops, and Others.
  • Avionics Stream: This stream deals with Instrument systems, Radio Navigation, Radar – communication, Electricity in Aircraft, and Others.

License categories :

The AME license is not provided by the college; instead, it is issued by the DGCA in India once you qualify for all your module papers (we’ll discuss module papers later). An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) belonging to the Mechanical stream holds a B1 category license.

  • B1.1 category license for Airlines field’s AME
  • B1.4 category license for Helicopter field’s AME

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) belonging to the Avionics stream holds a B2 category license and is qualified to work on all types of aircraft.

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Apart from these,  A1, A2, and C category license holders are also Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who may also work for an Aircraft.

Eligibility and College selection (Including Fees):


  • Student who have PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) stream only can pursue this course
  • Students should pass 12th (intermediate) with at least 45% marks.

College selection:

When it comes to the entrance exam for this course in India, there is no mandatory exam or counseling. However, some colleges do admit students based on their performance in an entrance exam.

Furthermore, certain airlines, such as Indigo, have their own colleges. If you pursue this course from one of these colleges, you will have the opportunity to secure a job with Indigo Airlines.

Please make sure to take admission to the best AME colleges in India. It is important that the college you choose is approved by the DGCA (CAR – 147) and EASA. Additionally, the college should have a minimum of two aircraft available for practical purposes. The ideal fee range for the best college would be approximately 4 to 9 lakhs for a two-year course.

Remember, you might come across many fraudulent colleges that could make promises of placements and jobs. However, it is crucial not to blindly trust their claims based solely on word of mouth.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India:

We do not sponsor any colleges, nor can we predict the best AME colleges in India. However, based on some research, I have found some good AME colleges in India…

  • JRN Institute of Aviation Technology
  • School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (SAME)
  • Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, Patna

I haven’t studied at all colleges, so I can’t guarantee which college is the best for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course.

However, I must advise you to thoroughly research any college before enrolling. Check their reviews on platforms like Google and YouTube, and make sure to read the comments as well. Additionally, seek honest opinions from current students studying there.

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College life and Module papers:

When it comes to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges, some students drop out soon without completing the course. Even some seniors can demotivate you in college.

These students are the ones who believe that their salary will be 2-4 lakhs after two years of the course and one year of training. However, when they discover the reality, the responsibilities of an AME, and the struggles behind this course, they decide to drop out of college.

While it is true that salary expectations can be a factor, it is important to note that to earn that salary, you need to clear all module papers, obtain a license, and gain experience.

So, what are module papers?

In the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course in India, semester exams are not as important. Module papers (subjects) are the most critical exams conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) every three months for obtaining an AME license in India. Similarly, EASA and other authorities also conduct module paper exams to acquire a license and work in other countries.

During your time in college, you will study according to module papers. This means you will spend half of your day attending theory classes and the other half in practical classes.

In the Mechanical stream, there are 13 modules, and in the Avionics stream, there are 11 modules. All of these modules are mandatory to become an AME and hold an AME license.

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Career: Training and Jobs

After completing the two-year course, you will be required to undergo an apprenticeship or practical training.

You have the option to pursue your training at an airline or a Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO). During this training period, you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced senior engineers and acquire valuable knowledge and skills.

Jobs and Categorization:

Not everyone can become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) and certify an aircraft immediately after clearing all module papers. It requires a gradual process of growth and experience. Allow me to explain.

After completing your training period, you will initially become a Junior Engineer. After one year in this role, you will be promoted to Technician. Another year of experience will lead to a promotion as a Senior Technician. Finally, you will reach the position of an AME. It’s important to note that the salary for each job title may vary. While I cannot commit to the exact duration of each step, I hope you understand the general progression.

The journey to becoming an AME who can certify an aircraft typically takes around five years after completing the course.


What should a student think before pursuing the AME course:

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is not easy to pursue. In my opinion, students should carefully consider the following factors before embarking on this course:

  • Think about which stream and license category you are interested in and can excel in.
  • You should have good communication skills.
  • You should be confident and committed to your work.
  • You should be skilled in leadership and have the ability to manage a team.
  • You must be capable of assuming responsibility for an aircraft.

How do I become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

If you want to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), after completing 12th grade (check above for eligibility), you need to seek admission in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges and complete a 2-year training course. Once you successfully finish this course and clear all module papers, you will be granted an AME license, officially making you an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

What is the salary of AME?

In India, during the training of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), individuals receive a monthly salary ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 rupees. However, once they obtain a license and are able to certify an aircraft, their salary could increase from 1 lakh to 4 lakhs per month.
The salary of an AME is dependent on several factors, including their specialization, license type, and most importantly, their level of experience.

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a degree or diploma?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a two-year license-based course. It is neither a degree nor a diploma course; it is solely a training program. However, in the past, when the course duration was three years according to CAR-145, it was considered a diploma course.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Fees?

The course fee depends on the college you choose, but the average college fees to complete this course in India range from 4 to 9 lakhs.

How long is the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course?

According to CAR-147, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a 2-year duration course for academic training in an AME college. Prior to CAR-147, this AME course had a duration of 3 years for academic training in colleges. However, there is no specific duration for practical training on a working aircraft. It varies depending on the organization and individual preferences.

My view and points :

I hope you have understood everything about this course. As I mentioned, I was also an AME student, so when I first heard about this course, I didn’t have much information about it, and I wasn’t familiar with DGCA either. However, within one month of starting college, I learned all about this course.

Therefore, I believe this is the best professional course for students who aspire to have a career in the airline industry. If you have read this article and are interested in this field, I highly recommend pursuing this course.

However, always remember one thing: it doesn’t matter how your college is. Focus on completing your course, passing your module papers, and dedicating yourself to your studies and practice.

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