9 best tips to Study effectively at home:

Hey, Have you decided you will study at home because of the lockdown, exams, or any other reasons?

Good Decision!

But I’m sure you must have been distracted and not studying regularly. Isn’t it?

So if want to make your home as a class and want to perform the good and effective study at home even for long hours then be with me till the end.

Because here you’re going to get 9 tips which will definitely help you to study at home with focus and without getting distracted. And through these tips, you will also get motivated to study more and more at home.

1. Find a place or library:

Can I ask something, Where do you study at home? 

Have you any personal room for study or do you like to read in the library

Well, both are a good place to study. Depend on you, in which place you’re comfortable.

To study effectively, you should have any of one.

Now, Why I am saying this?

Sometimes you can not read because of the noise of others or someone starts talking around you or else some of their activity annoyed you and do not let you read. 

So, If you want to study alone without any disturbance then you should first find such a place in your home and if you wanna study with other students then you should find a library.

2. Manage your time for study: Make a study Routine

Does the routine really work?

Many times you have made your routine but I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to follow any. Isn’t it?

This happens because you always make a difficult routine which can be followed for only a few days. 

Here, I am not saying you should make one more routine but at least you should manage your study time at home.

So for studying at home, Make a routine which should be only about your study time at home, regarding when to study and what to study.

3. Make a list of what you need to study:

Well before start studying, First of all, I make a list of what I want to read and how much I need to read any subjects or topics. And when I have been read that then I made a cross on the list.

This thing has really worked for me when I used to study at home.

So if you want to study regularly and for long hours at home then try this method once, It will also be helpful for you.

How this will help, you will only get to know when you try it. 

4. Complete your night sleep:

For studying all day at home, you must have to complete your sleep first.

If once you complete your sleep in the night then you will feel fresh, energetic and enthusiastic for the whole day and your mind will also get active for study and you won’t feel sleepy while studying too.

Sleep for a long time (8-10 hrs) can be accepted when you have to study at home.

5. Take a small break in every two hours of study:

Are you one of them who can study 6-8 hrs continuously?

If Yes! then it could be the reason for being less effective in the study.

Continuously study is not good if you don’t take any breaks. 

So if you want to study for long hours then you should take a break or a small nap in every two hours of study. In the break, you can talk with friends or can listen to music or something.

This will not let you become bored with your studies. 

6. Avoid your phone and entertaining things:

When you’re studying at home then avoid your phone or television or any other things which can grab your attention. Because these are the main things which distract you during the study.

For me, it’s better to switch off the phone and social media for two hours of study, because in a small break we can use it.

But if you use a phone or laptop for study purposes then make sure you have to avoid social media notifications or any other useless message.

7. Don’t study on the bed: Use a Study table

Where do you like to study in the room? 

On a bed or else on a study table. 

In our school, college, and library we study on a table or bench – desk but when it comes to home study then we generally like to study on the bed while taking rest. Isn’t it?

If you truly study on the bed then avoid it because when you study on the bed then you can not be able to focus and even sometimes you can feel sleepy too.

Therefore it would be better for you to use the study table and put all your important notes and books on that.

8. Make your study interesting: Focus on your study

If you want to study effectively at home then you have to make your study interesting and have to study with focus. 

For example, If you’re trying to learn something then try to make a trick for easily learning. This will not just help you to learn fast, it will also increase your memory power. 

So when you focus on your study then active your mind for it.

9. Group study or Discussion:

Have you ever involved in Group study?

If No! then try to involve once, you will surely find something interesting in it.

Group study will help you to study more and more and stay focused for a long time. And in this study, you will also grab other’s knowledge.

So at home, try to study with your friends but remember not to discuss anything other than your studies.



So if you want to study at home then you should study effectively and for this, I have given you 9 tips which will help to study at home. 

So here are a quick revision of all tips.

  1. Find a place or library
  2. Manage your time for study: Make a study Routine
  3. Make a list of what you need to study 
  4. Complete your night sleep 
  5. Take a small break in every two hours of study 
  6. Avoid your phone and entertaining things 
  7. Don’t study on the bed: Use a Study table
  8. Make your study interesting: Focus on your study
  9. Group study or Discussion 

I hope you find this article useful. Share this article with your friend who also wants to study effectively at home.

Write a comment below about this article and tell me which tips will be the most useful for you.

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