What is Amazon Prime Student: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

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What is Amazon Prime Student: Prime Student review in 2022

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Amazon Prime Student is a student version of Amazon Prime that offers a variety of benefits for college students at half of the Prime cost. If you want to save your parent’s hard-earned money while getting Prime benefits, the best deals on your college essentials, a free trial of LinkedIn Premium, and other useful resources, you must try Prime Student.

You must have familiar with Amazon Prime but what is Amazon Prime Student?

In 2023, If you’re a college student and you don’t have Amazon Prime Student, you’re missing out on some of the best benefits for a very low price.

In this article, I will be talking about Amazon Prime Student from pricing to all the benefits a student could get by using it. Additionally, this review will outline the benefits of Amazon Prime Student membership, and assist you in deciding if it’s right for you.  

We have a lot of things to cover in this article so, let’s dive straight into it…

What is Amazon Prime Student?

What is Amazon Prime Student: Dashboard
Source: Amazon

Amazon Prime Student is a student version of Amazon Prime that offers a variety of benefits for college students.

Amazon introduces this amazing and cheaper subscription for all college students who want to save their money and enjoy shopping on Amazon.

A college student can try Prime Student for free for six months, after which it will cost $7.49 per month; $69 per year for four years or until graduation. Once the graduation completes, the membership will automatically switch to Amazon Prime.

Prime Student membership provides unlimited two-day or same-day free shipping on millions of products, including Amazon.com products and services such as Amazon Video, and Amazon Fresh delivery, as well as Prime Photos and Prime Reading.

You can also get access to Prime Student discounts on textbooks, school supplies, and other things your classmates are probably spending their money on.

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Who is Amazon Prime Student for?

As its name sounds, Amazon prime student is dedicated to college students. If you are a college freshman then you can take advantage of Prime Student for four years or till your Graduation.

Currently, Amazon offers Prime Student service in limited countries including 50 US states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, and the UK. Depending on the different states Amazon Prime Students’ features may vary.

If you live in any of the above states or cities and pursuing a graduation course then you’re eligible for Amazon Prime Student. Or else, If you’re an international student belonging to some other countries but pursuing your course in any of the above states, you may also qualify for Amazon Prime Student membership.

Note: It doesn’t matter whether you’re pursuing the graduation course online or on campus.

What Prime Student offers you?

If you’re eligible for Amazon Prime Student, Congratulations first! Now you must be wondering what Prime Student offers you and if Is it worth it for you, Right?

Hence here I’m going to break down all the benefits (Pros) of Amazon Prime for Students:

1. 6-month free trial

Yes! Amazon prime student offers a six-month free trial which is way more than Prime or any other membership program. With this free trial, you’ll gain access to all the benefits of Amazon Prime, except Prime Music.

Once, your six-month free trial overs then you can keep enjoying your Prime Student just at $7.49 per month or $69 per year. You may cancel anytime this membership during your trial.

2. Enjoy Prime at half the price

Well, if you’ve used Amazon Prime before then you better know what Prime includes and how much it costs. But what if I tell you that you can grab most of the Prime features at half of the price?

At a present time, Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month; $139 per year while Prime Student costs you only $7.49 per month; $69 per year while offering all the Prime benefits that include Prime Video, Prime Photo, Twitch Prime, Prime Reading and more but except Prime Music.

However, if you also want to take advantage of Prime Music then you have to just pay less than $1 per month to access any song you want to listen to.

3. Six-months Free LinkedIn Premium

Amazon Prime Student benefits- Free LinkedIn Premium for Six Months
Source: Amazon

This is my favorite one. With Amazon Prime Student membership you could also get 6 months free of LinkedIn Premium including InMail credits, more details on who’s viewed your profile, and access to over 17,900 expert-led LinkedIn Learning courses, and more.

If you don’t have any pricing idea for LinkedIn Premium then let me tell you for general users it starts at $24.95 per month, which you’re going to get for six months for free with Prime Student. At least during these six months, you can pursue many best LinkedIn Learning Courses.

(The LinkedIn Learning platform competes with platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, and Udemy.)

You just need to sign in or sign up with Prime Student then sign in or sign up with LinkedIn and you’ll end up redeeming the LinkedIn Premium subscription.

4. Free 2-day or same-day shipping

This is the cool thing that Amazon offers with its Prime Student membership i.e. Free 2-day shipping and in some locations, it could be the same day or just 2 hours.

If you’ve been a Prime member, you must have also taken the advantage of 2-day free shipping. And, for non-prime users, the average cost of shipping on Amazon is between $5 and $10 per cart.

However, if you own this Prime student membership, the shipping would be free and your ordered product can deliver to you ASAP.

Imagine, You were selected for the running competition at college but the day before the match, you realize your shoes tore up and there are no shoe stores around. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your shoes shipped on the same day for no extra charge?  

5. Free 2 months of Kindle Reading and 3 months of Audible

If you’re fond of reading books then you have an opportunity to access thousands of books on Kindle for free for 2 months.

If you ask about me, I love listening to Audiobooks and Podcasts. If you also enjoy listening to them, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this 3 months free Audible membership with Prime Student.

Generally, Audible costs you $14.95 per month but with Prime Student, you can access it free for 3 months.

Note: Recently I updated my article on ‘Books for College Students‘ where I listed down 19+ books that every college student should read.

6. 3 months Free of Calm

Amazon Prime Student membership benefits Calm free for 3 months
Source: Amazon

Seeking Calm in your life, You will love this calm resource.

If you want to improve your sleep quality, reduce stress or anxiety, improve focus, and self-improvement which is common in students’ life, with Amazon Prime Student, you can try this Calm resource for 3 months for free.

Generally, this Calm costs you $69.99 a year or $14.99 a month.

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7. 1-month Free Course Hero

Amazon Prime Student includes free CourseHero for 1 month
Source: Amazon

If you need textbook solutions, 24/7 expert tutoring, or homework help, Course Hero is one of the ways to go. Having a Prime student membership can help you to access a 1-month Free Course Hero.

Many students use this study resource platform by purchasing the annual subscription at $9.95 per month that you can access free for one month then you can take this subscription if you want.

8. Up to 10% Off travel with StudentUniverse

Prime Student includes 10% Off Travel with StudnetUniverse
Source: Amazon

Now being a student won’t cost you higher than flight tickets and hotels. Yes! Amazon Prime Student has tied up with StudentUniverse and offers you Up to 10% Off on hotels and flight tickets.

You will be also getting free premium customer support with every booking. This offer is different from other Amazon Prime Student benefits because like other it doesn’t have a limited time of 3 months or 6 months. It will be available till your subscription.

To get this offer you just need to sign in or sign up with Prime Student then activate your StudentUniverse and unlock exclusive travel discounts.

9. Free Grubhub+ membership for one year

We all love to order food from our favorite restaurants once in a while. It’s possible to pay for food, but adding the delivery price to the bill seems excessive. Right?

However, with Amazon Prime Student you also get 1-year free Grubhub+ membership. So, now you can order your special food from any restaurant in the college or hostel without worrying about the delivery charge.

10. Best Deals on College Essential

College students purchase lots of study products, dorm kitchen essentials, and other essentials from Amazon. Being a prime student member you can grab the best deals and save a lot of money on products and essentials that you shop from Amazon.

Whether you want to purchase products in Video games, Phone and Computer cases, Health and Personal Care, Snacks and Groceries, or Apparel you can grab all the things at the best deals.

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Moreover, you can grab a lot of other benefits from Amazon Prime Student. Look at the below image of what you could get by paying less than $1 per month.

Source: Amazon

11. Prime Student Referral Program

If you want to make money and get shopping credits with Amazon Prime Student, here I’m introducing the Prime Student referral program to you.

Amazon offers a referral bonus for Prime Students who refer friends. If you refer Prime Student to your friend, you could get a $10 shopping credit while your friend could get $5.

Wouldn’t Prime Student members love it?

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Amazon Prime Vs Prime Student:

With the benefits of Prime student membership, you have already gotten an idea of what is the difference between Amazon Prime and Prime Student.

To make you clear, Prime Student is dedicated to college students only, besides college students, no one can take advantage of it while Amazon Prime anyone can use it.

Here is the comparison table of Amazon Prime Vs Prime Student:

Amazon Prime

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Prime Video
  • Free 2-Day Shipping
  • Prime Photo
  • Twitch Prime
  • Prime Music
  • Shared Membership
  • Prime Reading

Prime Student

  • 6 Months Free Trial
  • Prime Video
  • Free 2-Day Shipping
  • Prime Photo
  • Twitch Prime
  • Prime Music at >$1/month
  • Single User Membership
  • Free 2 Months Kindle
  • Deals on College Essentials
  • Free 6 Months LinkedIn Premium

There are a few more benefits that you get with the Amazon Prime Student membership that I haven’t mentioned in the table however I’ve included them in the above 11 benefits of Prime Student.

So yeah! All in all, Prime Student includes more benefits compared to Amazon Prime. Being a college student, Prime Student would be a better option to choose. Not only do you get it at a cheaper price but you can also grab other benefits like free food and grocery delivery, six months of free LinkedIn premium, and more.

How to Sign Up for Prime Student and Start Free Trial?

If you’re a college student and want to sign up for Amazon Prime Student then you just need a .edu email address and this email you could easily get from your college.

If you have ever noticed your college’s website link, it always ends with the .edu domain (e.g. https://www.harvard.edu/) which makes it so easy for them to create unlimited .edu email addresses with students’ names.

Here are the 5 steps to sign up for Prime Student with an existing Amazon account:

  1. Log In to your Amazon account.
  2. Navigate to Start Your 6-Month Free Trail.
  3. Fill out the information like your .edu email address, expected graduation date, and Credit Card information.
  4. Next, verify the email (you’ll receive the mail in your .edu email inbox or spam folder).
  5. Congratulations! You have successfully created your Amazon Prime and started your free trial.

If you’re not an existing user of Amazon, first create an account by any email address that you have then repeat the same process that I’ve listed in the above bullet points.

What if you don’t have a .edu email address?

In any case, if you’re unable to get a .edu email address still you can sign up for a 6-month free trial and membership. Amazon has also alternative ways to access the Prime Student membership for students.

Allow me to tell you how you can do this…

If you don’t have a .edu email address then you need to email any of the following documents to the amazon-student-verification@amazon.com email address.

  • Student Id with written a valid expiry date
  • Your Transcript or Class List (must have college name on it)
  • Tuition Bill that you got from your college
  • Official Acceptance Letter with the matriculation date

If you have any of the above documents then just email them to the email address I mentioned above. As soon as Amazon verifies your documents you can access Prime Student.

Amazon Prime Student Cons 🙁

Besides lots of benefits of Prime Student, it has also some cons that you must consider before purchasing the membership.

  • Single user membership: Prime Student membership can’t be shared by others. So, if you are planning to share it and split the cost with your friend then it’s not possible with Prime Student.
  • No access to Prime Music: Prime Student membership can get you lots of advantages like LinkedIn premium, deals on college essentials, and more but it is disappointing that you can’t access free Prime music with it.
  • Limited time offers: With having all the Prime Student benefits, you should not forget most of the free benefits like Calm, Kindle Reading, Audible, Course Hero e.t.c. will be available for a few months only. After that, you have to take the subscription for them separately.

What’s the catch with Prime Student membership?

Prime Student is a great option for college students, but there is a catch and marketing strategy bundled with it.   

Let me tell you what it is…

You see, Amazon Prime Student has collaborated with many brands and resources to offer you free but limited-time offers.

After taking the membership and using the free resources like Course Hero, Calm, LinkedIn Premium, and Audible, you may get accustomed to them and want to continue them once the free period ends. And, there you have to purchase their subscriptions separately.

However, it’s completely on you whether you want to take any subscription or not. Also, you may cancel at any time these offers.

Our Final Thoughts:

All in all, Amazon Prime Student is beneficial for college students and a student must take its free trial and membership. Not only you can enjoy Prime at half of the price but you can also experience some platforms like LinkedIn Premium, Course Hero, and Audible for free.

You may also get the best deals on college essentials with 2-day or same-day free shipping. Isn’t it something great about Prime Student?

So yeah! If you’re a college student, don’t miss out on this opportunity and take the free trial of 6 months today.

Now It’s Your Turn:

I hope you enjoyed this Amazon Prime Student review and found it useful.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Are you going to try this Prime Student membership? And, If you’ve got any thoughts or questions about the Prime Student or this article, let me know in the comment 🙂

Amazon Prime Student FAQs

Is Amazon Prime Student worth using?

The short answer is YES. If you’re a college student then you can grab a lot of benefits with Prime Student like six months of free LinkedIn premium, same-day free shipping, and the best deals on college essentials. Moreover, you can grab all the Prime benefits at half of the price.

Do students get free Amazon Prime?

If you’re a student then you can take a 6 months free trial of Amazon Prime Student and then it will cost you $7.49 per month; $69 per year for four years or till your graduation. You may cancel any time this membership.

What happens to Prime Student when you graduate?

Prime Student membership is applicable for four years or till your graduation. When you graduate, your Prime Student membership will automatically convert to a normal Prime membership which will cost you $119 per month. You may cancel this membership anytime if you don’t want.

How does a student get Amazon Prime Student?

If you’re a college student and want to sign up for Amazon Prime Student, you just need a .edu email address that you can easily get from your college.

In any case, if you’re unable to have a .edu email address then you need to email your Student Id, Transcript, Class List, Tuition Bill, or Official Acceptance Letter to amazon-student-verification@amazon.com email address. As soon as Amazon verifies your document, you can access your Prime Student membership.

How does Prime know if you’re a student?

To verify your status as a student, Prime Student needs your .edu email address.  If you don’t have a .edu email address, you have to email your Student Id, Transcript, Class List, Tuition Bill, or Official Acceptance Letter to amazon-student-verification@amazon.com email address to verify that you’re a college student.

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