7 Practical tips to Wake up in the morning for Study

How many times have you tried to wake up in the morning for studying? But I’m sure you might have succeeded to do it.

wake up in the morning for study
So if you’re looking for How to wake up early in the morning for study, and want to become an Early riser, then you’re at the right place. Because in this article, I’m going to give you 7 tips through which you’ll be able to do it.
At the end, I’ll scratch some benefits and some queries on wake up in the early morning that you should know If you’re a student. So stay with me till the end.
But before we get going, first, you need to understand the reasons behind not waking up in the morning. Because without knowing it, It won’t be easy to get up for you. So, through my 7 tips, you will also get to know all reasons and solutions for them.
And after reading this article, tell me in the comment section which reasons match with you and which early morning study tips you find most useful.

Hence, here are the tips:

#1. Take enough sleep at Night:

If you want to wake up early for study, you should first take enough sleep at night, and for this, you have to sleep early.
It means, If you want to wake up at 4 AM, you should sleep at 10 PM because 6 hrs sleep is enough for a student. But if you complete your sleep in more than 6 hrs, then sleep before 10 PM. And trust me, when you sleep early and complete your sleep, then you will feel fresh and also you’ll enjoy your study and won’t feel sleepy and tired.
So, if you’re a night owl and want to become a morning person, then make a habit to sleep early. But in any case (Exam time), If you have to sleep late and need to wake up early and study more, try other tips.

#2.  Avoid your phone while sleeping: 

Many youngsters or students have this problem when they about to sleep then; first, they use their phones for 1-2 hours and then they sleep. Isn’t it? 
wake up early for study
But if I say honestly, then you should leave your phone half-hour before when going to sleep. Because when you use your phone for long hours while sleeping, then it will not only affect your eyes also you won’t be able to sleep early and wake up early.
According to Healthline.com, It has clearly explained, How blue lights from our phone may permanently damage our eyes? And I must recommend you should read it. So it’s better for you, Stop using your phone half an hour before you sleep.

#3. Repeat in your mind, I have to wake up early:

If you’re dreaming of waking up without an alarm, then this point could be helpful for you. 
As this point says, You might have understood what I’m trying to say. And you must be thinking about why I am saying this and how it could be helpful to wake up?
Well, this works mainly on the subconscious mind. As you may know, when we say something with our subconscious mind, then we can do it, but If we commit something with the conscious mind, we can’t make it.

And if you have an idea, then the Subconscious mind gets active with the Hammering process, which says when you say something again and again from our mind then It happens.

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So, when you will sleep then think about your goal and study and then say to your mind, I have to wake up early for my study and I’ll make it. And trust me, If you do as I say, you can wake up by yourself before the Alarm goes off.
But it doesn’t mean you should not set the alarm, even you should use, as my next point says.

#4.  Use an irritating Alarm tone: 

Most people use Alarm for waking up, and I am sure you too.
wake up early
But many times, when it comes to waking up, either you sleep with the alarm or else you snooze it. And this happens because you might use an interesting tone on your alarm, and also you keep your phone or alarm on your bed, where you sleep.
But if I say literally, you should use such an Alarm tone which can irritate your sleep and force you to wake up for study. And you should place your alarm or phone away from your bed, from where you have to leave your bed for switching it off.
Remember, Don’t set more than one alarm and more than one time for waking up. You know what I mean. And If possible, then try to ask any family member or friends to wake you up forcefully. I believe they can better wake you up.

#5. Think about your goal and Study when you wake up:

Now, After applying all tips, you can wake up, but it’s difficult to say you will leave your bed and getting up. Isn’t it?
So for this problem, I have a special tip for you: when you wake up, drink cold water instead of tea, coffee, or something else, because a glass of cold water can easily break your sleep, and you’ll feel fresher as compared to coffee.
And when you wake up and still want to sleep more, then think about your goal, your performance in class and your study level. I’m sure, if you’re serious about your goal and study, then you won’t make any reasons for not getting up.

#6. Punish yourself, when you can not wake up:

If I say honestly, this point should be in last because I don’t think after applying all tips you won’t be able to get up. But any student could be, who still can’t wake up. And this tip is for that person and for those also who can’t wake up consistently every day.

As the point says, when you don’t get up, then punish yourself, about which you’ll feel regret next. For example; In any case, if you can’t get up tomorrow morning, don’t eat something from outside  or else tear up one valuable page of your notebook.

Similarly, you can punish yourself by losing something, which can give you regret and reasons for getting up the next day. But make sure, don’t lose or spoil anything which you really need.
Isn’t it looks something weird point of getting up?
I know, it is but trusts me next day it will surely motivate you to don’t make any loos today and get up now.

#7. Familiar with the benefits of waking up in the early morning:

Most of the people who get success today have one common point in all. They all wake up in the early morning.  And you must have heard it; Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise, which is true. Because we have been seen many early birds who have taste the success.

Let’s talk about some benefits of waking up early for a student…

1. You will feel fresh and Energetic: 

Do you ever notice when we get up early and do our work, then we feel fresh and energetic? This often happens when we complete our sleep at night and then wake up.
And when we wake up late then, our mood seems off and also we feel very low. If you’re a Nightowl, maybe you haven’t felt like this, But try to ask any early riser what they feel after waking up early.

2. You have a better time study: 

If you will ask your parents which time I should study, they must say, Get up early and study in the morning. Studying in the morning is really the best time.
According to Texas University’s research, students who were early risers scored better grades than those students who were late to rise.
Because in morning studies like 4 A.M, No one can disturb you, and you feel free from the noising world while studying, even your brain gets refreshed after a night’s sleep, and you can easily remember whatever you study. Apart from this, there are many benefits of studying in the early morning.

3.  You can make time for Exercise & Meditation :

If you want to wake up in the early morning for study, it doesn’t mean that after getting up, you just have to study only; apart from this, You can save half-hour for Exercise and Meditation, which will make you healthier and will give other superpowers.
And as you know these things will give you the best result in the morning only.

Your queries could be on wake in the morning and study:

#1. How can I motivate myself to wake up early and study?

You can watch many motivational videos or read any such articles which can motivate you to wake up the next day but when it comes to waking up then you might forget all the motivation that you got before sleeping. 
Am I right?
So instead of this motivation, you should motivate yourself that can wake you up for sure. This will come when you wake up in the early morning and still want to sleep then think about your dream and ask yourself, Is my sleep more worthy than my study and goals? 
If you are serious about your study and goal then you will never want to sleep more.

#2. What is the best time to wake up and How long after waking up should study?

Well, in my opinion, the best time to wake up for study between 3 to 5 a.m. I often study and work on this time, so I can understand how beneficial this could for your work. But make sure you should follow a circadian rhythm for sleep and wake up.
And when It comes to how long you should study then I must suggest, As a beginner, you should study for half to one hour in the early morning and when you will be good at morning studies then you should increase your study time.

#3. What is the morning routine that a student should follow?

⇒  I have seen so many early risers routine and they make their morning routine like this:
And a student routine should like this:
  • First, Drink a glass of cold water instead of coffee
  • Jogging for 10 minutes at your home, which will break your sleep
  • Follow your study plan, which you will make at night for the morning studies.
  • Studying for 2-3 hours in the Morning: Don’t use your phone
  • Save half-hour after studying for Exercise and Meditation
  • Plan your Day- Make targets for today
  • Take a cold shower and then have breakfast
These are the things that a student should follow after getting up. But if you have your routine, you can go with it, but your routine should be beneficial.


So here I have explained 7 tips that could be helpful to wake you up and study in the early morning. And if you follow them then I must say you’ll surely get up tomorrow.
Here is a quick view of all tips:
  1. Take enough sleep at Night
  2. Avoid your phone before a half-hour, when you sleep
  3. Repeat in your mind, I have to wake up early and study
  4. Set an irritating Alarm tone
  5. Think about your goal and study, when you wake up- Motivate yourself
  6. Punish yourself when you don’t wake up
  7. Familiar with the benefits of waking up in the early morning
The last line I want to say, Sleep never could be better than your dream and study, So follow all tips for at least 21 days, you must become a morning person.

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