7 Practical Tips to Make a boring Topic Interesting

how to make a boring subject interesting

Does any subject or topic make you bored or else you hate any topic?

Well, in any case, If you’re looking for how to make a boring subject interesting and enjoyable, then you are in the right place. 

Because in this article, I’m going to give you 7 Practical Tips through which you can make any of your boring topic interesting and if you follow all tips sincerely then one day you’d love to study that. 

I am saying confidently because I also had been a boring topic, but after applying those tips I make that interesting, I will tell you later about my story.

So before we get going for the tips first tell me in the comment section, which subject or topic you didn’t like to study? 

Is it Mathematics, As Mathematics is the most hated subject in the world? 

Well, whatever subject or topic that would be tips are useful for any topic or subject.

Hence here are 7 tips…

1: Find the reason

It’s a first and essential point. Ask yourself why I get bored while studying this topic? Once you get the answer, then you’ll be able to develop an interest in that topic.

According to the book, "How to Make A Boring Subject Interesting," the authors believe No subject is boring to everyone. Likewise, No subject is inherently interesting to everyone. Instead, it’s about the relationship between the communicator and the listener.

And I believe in too. A subject or topic can make you bored only when you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it or else it didn’t teach you in the right way and effective ways or some cases you didn’t study that for a long time. 

So what’s your opinion about it, Am I right? If not then first find your reason behind it.

Follow the next tips, which will develop your interest.   

2: Start with basics

Now you know the reason, So now you need to study and understand that topic with basics. Without having basics fundamentals, you won’t be able to study at an advanced level.   

And remember until your basic would be not good then you can’t able to develop any kind of interest in your boring subject.

For example, In class 9th a student who didn’t focus on Gravity laws, and somehow got passed, and when he meets that topic ‘Gravity’ again at an advanced level in 11th. He must feel bored while studying it.

So in any case, if you have to study your back classes notes for basic fundamentals then don’t hesitate to study.

So according to your level improve your basics knowledge with deep understanding in that topic. If you get any doubt then clear your doubt first move to next.

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3: Don’t Escape- Give more Time

This is the thing that you do so often with your boring topics. Isn’t it?

But if I say honestly, you shouldn’t escape from it, even you should give extra time or weekends to that topic.

Because by studying, again and again, you would have good command in that topic, and you must be interested in studying that.

Let me tell you my story that will make you understand how should you go.

When I was in 10th standard, I used to hate Trigonometry. Whenever I had to study I used to feel bored, and somewhere because of this, I used to bunk my Maths classes.

The reason behind hate is I don’t have proper knowledge I known all formulas, but when it came to solving questions, I couldn’t.

So somehow, I got first, but I got surprised when I got known that in 11th I have to face Trigonometry again even at an advanced level. 

So instead of Escaping, I decided to jump into it. I studied with the basics of 10th and learned with many solved questions. After giving too much time to learning, I had a good command of it and I loved to study Trigonometry.

4: Make readable and valuable Notes

Study Notes are straightforward to understand any topic, and you should make it too for that boring topic.

I guess you haven’t yet written good and readable notes for that topic.

So this time you will make notes quite unique, you have to differentiate the topic into two parts first that you understand clearly, and second that you need to understand.

In the other portion of the note, write all formulas and fundamentals. Make sure, You don’t have to just copy the notes from books or other sources. While writing notes, you should be confident that you understand every paragraph.

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5: Take help from Friends

You must be bored with that topic, but some of your friends can be interested or expert in studying that topic. Isn’t it? 

So what you need to do, ask your friend how they are interested in studying that and, learn those topics from them. They must have a different perspective to understand that topic.

You can also take help from your teachers, but I believe a friend can explain better than your teacher because they will teach you in your language.

So don’t hesitate to take help and ask your friends.

6: Find the purpose of the Study

Do you ever think about why we study any topic, what is the purpose of learning that? Don’t say, I can get good marks in the exam after studying this.

By means of purpose, you should know the real use of studying any topic and trust me if once you get it, you can study with having fun, even you will be interested to study a boring subject. 

For example, If you don’t like to study ‘Geometry’ then find how Geometry is useful in our daily life. Try to Google, How Geometry is used in real life?

So be curious to know about the purpose, and if you don’t know how to explore it, you can ask your teachers or Google.

7: Motivate Yourself

This is the last but not the least point. If you are good at all topics, you can also be good at your weak topic, it totally depends on how much you spend time on it.

As I said, Nothing is boring, and nothing is too interesting, So you can take an interest in everything. So apart from the first 6 tips, you also have to accept it and make focus on your boring topics.

So keep motivated yourself and always think if your friends can be good in that topic, then you can too. Nothing can be hard for you, once you decided to give your best.

Do it, while studying that [Boring] Topic:

1: Make the Focus

If you love to study any subject, it means whenever you study that you can give your 100% or even you can concentrate for a long time while people are disturbing you or not, doesn’t matter. Isn’t it? 

But when it comes to your weak or boring topic then you might even concentrate for half-hour properly. So, start with basics and learn while maintaining focus on that just like your best subject.

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2: Keep resources on your Study Table

While studying that topic, make sure you should have all the important or helpful things for that topic.

For example, you don’t like to study Geometry, but when you give time for it, then all instrument box tools should be present on your study table. 

These things will not let you distract from studying and you will have a better concentration.

3: Less to more

Well as I said, you might feel not interested in 2 hours of studying that, but you can give half to one hour of a day, it will not feel like a burden, and you have a better concentration and better result in half to one hour.

This thing, you can relate with GYM, when we enter for the first time, then we must start with 2 kg of dumbbell, and as our ability increases, we can work out with 20kg of the dumbbell.

So as your understanding and interest will increase in that topic, you can improve your studying hour.

4: Make a planning note

This is my key point, whenever I used to study first, I write a short note about what I have to read on that topic and how much I will read.

This thing gives me a target that I have to complete, and when I did it, then I make a cross on the note which develops an interest to study more.

You can try this idea with your boring topic, I am sure it will also help you to make your study enjoyable.


Once again I will repeat nothing is boring or nothing cab be bored you, it just your mindset or there is a specific reason behind it.

If you didn’t study any topic well by your teacher or you’re weak at any subject, then it’s time to give your best in that subject. 

Follow all tips which I have used and experienced to make by boring topic interesting. Here is a quick revision:-

  1. Find the reason
  2. Start with basics
  3. Don’t Escape- Give more time
  4. Make readable and valuable Notes
  5. Take help from Friends
  6. Find the purpose of the Study
  7. Motivate Yourself 

If you found this article useful, then share it and if you have any queries, then ask freely in the comment section. 

So, Make your boring or hated topic interesting. And next time, Never say I have a boring subject, or I hate that topic.

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