Best 5 Games to improve your memory and build your brain

Are you crazy about games? I don’t know about you, but I’m very crazy about the games. Even in today’s generation, If any person has a smartphone it means any games must be present there. Pub-G, Free-fire, and some other games are even too popular today.

Generally, we play games for entertainment or when we feel bore and want to pass our time. Isn’t it? 

But what will happen when games will improve your memory and build your brain too. I think nothing would be better than it.

So in this article, I am going to tell you the best 5 games which will help you to boost your memory and improve your brain. So be with me till the end and at the end tell me in the comment section which games have you played before.

1: Chess

Everyone knows how effective this game is. Because this game plays on the world level. And I’d say everyone should know how to play this game. If you don’t know then you must try to learn it and play it once.

Chess is a game of the brain, through this game you can build your brain. This game learns you how far you can think and how long you stand up to your opponent.

You can play this game with your friend and on your smartphone when you feel lonely.

So, Play this Game and build your brain.

2: Sudoku

You might have seen this game in newspapers and, on some of the keypad phones. This is a very tough game that I have ever played. Through this, you can increase your brainpower. Because this game teaches you how fast you can think.

If you know sudoku then you must know this is a single-player game. In this game, you have to fill the box as early as you can and this is the only thing that will increase your brainpower.

In the first two games that I have discussed, You might know about the rules and how to play. But the next three games that I am going to tell you you might not hear about it before. 

These three games you can easily download from the Google play store by searching its name.

Wait, Are you enjoying this article?

3: Reverse free

This is another brain game that you can play on your phone. In this game, you have two types of pills – White and Black. Either one you can select and remain one pill will be your opponent. 

The rating of this game is 4.4 and 5M+ people have downloaded this game.

There is no need to explain the game rules. I know you’re very smart and you can learn easily how to play this game.

4: Skillz- Logic Brain games

As the name sounds, You can understand this is also a brain game. In the game, you will get multiple types of games and all types based on different logic. So these games not only build your brain, it will improve your memory too.

The rating of this game is 4.3 and 10M+ people have downloaded this game.

5: Memory Games: Brain Training

The is the last and most favorite game on my list. Even today, when I am free or feel bore then I start playing this game.

This game has also multiple games and all games will help you to improve your memory only. In this game, You have to remember what you have seen just a few seconds ago.

The rating of this game is 4.2 and 5M+ people have downloaded this game.

My views and points:

So here, I have taught you the best 5 Games to improve your memory and build your brain. I am not promoting any game here, these are the Game that I have been playing much time and I realized, these are the best and effective games to improve our brain.

So next time when you free then Play these games, Use your brain and improve your brain and memory.

So, I hope you found this article useful. If you have any query then you can ask in the comment section.

Share this article with your friends and tell me in the comment section which games you have played before.

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