7 Proven tips and the ultimate guide to increase Concentration

Are you looking for how to improve concentration?

how to improve concentration

If Yes! then you are in the right place. Because here I am going to share with you 7 proven tips which will be helpful to increase your concentration.

If you are a student and want to improve concentration and memory for your studies then you must try all tips.

But before going to start let me first tell you, 

What does concentration mean?

What do you think? 

Let’s understand this by the story of “Mahabharata”.

( Mahabharata is a Sanskrit epic of ancient India )

In Mahabharata, One day ‘Guru dronacharya‘ was teaching their students with a bow and arrow. He hangs a bird on a branch of a tree and says to all students, Your aim is the left eye of that bird and you all have to target your bow on the left eye of that bird.

Improve concentration

Then the student says, I can see a bird, tree, leaf, branch and many other things. After listening to all things Guru dronacharya says,  Do not let the go off your arrow and go back.
He calls a student and says, focus on your aim with this bow and arrow and tell me what you can see over there? 

Similarly, he asked all students what they can see over there and all students reply the same. But one student ‘Arjun‘ comes and when Guru dronacharya asked him the same question then Arjun says, I can see only the left eye of that bird. After saying this, Guru dronacharya says, Go ahead! 

And as expected Arjun hits only the left eyes of that bird with his arrow.

So in this story, Why Arjun could see only the left eyes of that bird instead of all things?

Because he had only concentrated on his aim and that’s why he was not able to see anything else.

Did you understand the actual means of concentration?

When you only focus on your aim and don’t notice anything else then it means you have 100% concentration.

So now let’s concentrate on this article and all tips which will improve your concentration for sure.

The first three tips will help to make a concentrate on your work while working.


1: Take interest in that 

If you want to improve your concentration and memory then, first of all, you should have an interest in that in which you want to concentrate because without taking an interest you can’t concentrate on something.

So if you don’t have an interest then make that interesting with your creativity.

improve your concentration

2: Remove all distracting objects

One of my roommates always used to keep the mirror and comb on his study table and whenever he studied, many times he would see himself in the mirror and decorate his hair during studies. And because of this, he had distracted and couldn’t concentrate on his studies. 

Similarly in your case, It could be your phone, Social media, or something else which always distract you and because of this, you have less concentration.

So, Remove all the objects from your workplace which can distract you.


3: Work in the early morning

Many times you might have been heard, “The person who wakes up early and works in the early morning can concentrate better, than other times”. 

Yes! It is true because in the early morning no one going to be annoying you and you just feel away from the noisy world and also the fresh nature winds of the morning will motivate you to concentrate on your work.

Let’s look at rest proven tips through which will be helpful to improve your concentration and memory day by day.


4: Complete your sleep at night

Can I ask you something?

How long you sleep daily at night? Is it 7-8 hrs? 

improve your concentration

Well, how long you sleep is not important, Have you been always completing your sleep, is important. So sleep as much as you need.

Haven’t you feel anytime, when we have completed our sleep once then we have 100% concentration and we can learn and memorize something very easily. 


5: Listen to music which can give you peace 

Hey! Do you like listening to music? 

If Yes! then it would be a good point for you. Everyone likes music but few of them might have an idea that this hobby will be helpful for concentration. 

Try to listen to music without headphones and sing with music or song. And the music should be your genre, which will give you peace.

Another way: At a high level of concentration, You should listen to two songs at a time with the help of two different phones and try to focus on one song. This will surely increase your concentration.

6: Play concentrating games


As everyone likes music, similarly most of the people like to play games. Isn’t it?  

So here are 4 games which will improve your concentration and even your memory.

1. Chess: 

Everyone knows how effective this game is. Because this game plays on the world level.

Chess is a game of brain and concentration and I am sure if you have been played before then you must have known how much it grabs your attention and focus.

You can play this game with your friend and on your smartphone when you feel lonely.

2. Memory Games: Brain Training

memory improving games

This is one of the most powerful games I have ever played even today whenever I free feel and bore then I start playing this game.


This game has multiple types of games and all games will help you to improve your memory and concentration. Because in this game, You have to remember what you have seen just a few seconds ago.

This game available on Google play store and Apple app store.

3. Two Cars:

This is again a wonderful android game. Well, this is a simple and very tough game that can’t be learned easily. In this game, You have to move your fingers as fast as you can for handling two cars at a time by using both hands.

This game can bore you first, but once you find it interesting, you will have a better concentration. 

This game available on Google play store and Apple app store.

4. Skillz- Logic Brain games :

As the name sounds, You can understand this is also a brain game. In this game, you will also get multiple types of games and all types based on a different logic. 

So all these games not only build your brain, it will improve your memory and concentration too. 

Install all now and play it once.


7: Meditation and other exercises


If you ask any person about how can I improve my concentration and focus then the most person will suggest you – Give time for Meditation but the only person know the right way of Meditation.

Have you ever tried? 

When you meditate yourself, If means you have to focus only on one thing. For example, You can close your eyes and feel your heartbeats and breathes instead of focusing on other noises. 

Note: At beginner levels, It doesn’t matter, in which position and time you meditate and how much you meditate. 

Warning: When you close your eyes then don’t see the middle portion of your inner head (You know what I mean), it can give a headache instead of concentration. 

Other Exercises for concentration : 

1. Take a pen and grab it by your fingers in a way that the writing point of the pen should be upward. And now you have to move your hands slowly in left to right and right to left direction and in this movement, you have to focus on writing point without too moving your head. 

Try this exercise for only 2 minutes daily.

2. Get a book and on the first page or any page count any repeated word ( For example – to or sometimes) but mind it- don’t stick and move your fingers while finding those words.

This is a wonderful exercise and in our childhood, we would have done it.



So here, I have explained what actual means of concentration and 7 proven tips to increase your concentration. 

Here is a quick revision –

  1. Take interest in that 
  2. Remove all distracting objects
  3. Work in the early morning
  4. Complete your night’s sleep 
  5. Listen to music which can give you peace 
  6. Play concentrating games
  7. Meditation and other exercises

I hope you find this article useful and don’t forget to share this with your friends. Try all tips from today for at least 21 days.

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