How To Get Good Grades: 7 Best Tips You Just Need

How to get good grades: 7 best tips that will help you to get better grades

Are you wondering how to get good grades? Read this article till the end you’ll love this guide.

Regardless of your last exam grades, I can bet that if you follow our tips, you’ll get remarkable grades.

Now, As with other articles and mentors, I won’t give you any repetitive advice or general study tips like Making a routine, Attending classes every day, or Doing your homework. Moreover, I won’t suggest you take care of your health or sleep well as these tips won’t help you directly for good grades.

So Instead of all these things, I’ll share only smart tips that will not only improve your grades but will make studying enjoyable as well.

I believe you already know the importance of good grades, so let’s jump straight into our 7 best tips that work like wonder:

1. Analyze your weak areas

This is the first and most important tip for obtaining great marks. You must be proficient at some subjects and topics, but there must also be areas where you are not good enough.

Now you just need to find those subjects or topics that you find difficult to deal with and make mistakes always. It could be a math topic like Geometry or any other subject, for example.

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Finding your weak subjects or topics helps you study and prepare for your exam in the right direction. You get to know exactly where you need to work on. So take a pen and paper and jot down all such topics and subjects. One of the best ways to analyze them is by reviewing your last exam or test result card.

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It leads me to the next tip…

2. Make your own syllabus

Your college or school may provide you with a syllabus regarding exams and semester plans, but I would like for you to make your own. Let me tell you more:

Make a list of all the subjects and topics that you find important for your exam. (You may also use your given syllabus if your college or school allows you.)

Once you have a list, make a circle on all those topics’ names that you’ve jotted down according to the first tip, and make a cross on all topics that you find easy and do not require much preparation.

Now you can stick this list on your study table and begin to study those topics first you circled.

3. Study 4-6hrs every day besides school hours

There is no short way of getting good grades without studying. After school hours, you must study for 4-6 hrs or more every day. However, It’s not necessary to study for long hours or 6hrs at a stretch. You can divide this study time with subjects to study.

For example, You may study a subject for two hours in the morning, a different subject for two hours in the evening, and any other topic for 1-2 hours after dinner. Be sure to plan what you need to study the next day before going to bed.

If you like to study in chunks, you may try the Pomodoro technique also.

Now it’s completely on you how you set your study timings with different subjects. But, don’t study for less than 4 hours a day.

Isn’t it look like a study routine? Well, following a routine might seem tough to you but this strategy works great like a to-do list that you will be making every day.

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4. Improve subjects’ understanding

It’s great if you have committed to studying for 6hrs every day. Now you need to improve your subjects’ understanding and brush up on your knowledge.

Let me make you clear first…you are not studying for good grades, the sole purpose of your studying should be learning and gaining knowledge. If you focus on learning, you will surely get good grades. Moreover, learning always helps you in your career.

So, focus on learning and improving all your subjects’ understanding. Even if you did not study the topic previously, there are some methods to improve your concept clarity and understanding of any topic you want to learn:

  1. Read notes and books
  2. Take help from your professor and friends
  3. Watch some online lectures on that topic on YouTube
  4. Use proven study techniques while studying (our next tip)

If you find no motivation to study you may read our article on study motivation quotes.

5. Study with Study Techniques

Study techniques are great to improve your subject’s clarity, productivity, and focus ability. Here are some proven study techniques that you must use while studying for better grades:

SQ3R Technique:

SQ3R is 5 steps reading comprehension technique that combines Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. This study technique helps you to read a topic or chapter in the right way and get the most out of it.

According to this technique, First, you take a survey of the chapter that you want to read, Next, you circulate questions about the topic like…what is this subject all about, what’re the benefits of studying it, and how it’s related to the real world.

Once you’ve questions then the 3rd step is to read section by section and try to find the answer to your questions. If you get the answer it’s good but if not then take 4th step and recall what you studied.

Last, review the chapter to understand it more deeply, take a quiz yourself on the questions you created, and re-read any portions if you find any requirements.

Feynman Technique:

This technique helps you to learn a concept quickly and effectively. It is a four steps process:

  1. Pick a topic and understand it properly.
  2. Give someone a clear explanation of the topic.
  3. Identify your knowledge gap that you can’t explain clearly.
  4. Organize + Simplify the concept.

Spaced Practice:

This technique helps you to preserve information that you learn for a longer time. According to this technique, you review and revisit the material in spaced intervals over time:

  • Day 1: Learn the material in class
  • Day 2: Revisit and review
  • Day 3: Revisit and review
  • After one week: Revisit and review
  • After two weeks: Revisit and review

If you want to explore more proven study techniques you may check out our ‘15 Study Techniques‘ article.

6. Take Practice tests and Solve the previous year’s questions

If you have fear of exams, this tip won’t only help you to overcome your fear but also get good grades. Taking practice tests and solving previous year’s question papers before exams both work great to get awesome grades.

But make sure you take an attempt at these things only when you’re prepared enough for your exams otherwise you won’t be able to solve all questions which may lead to test anxiety later.

I must recommend you join a practice test class and also solve the previous year’s papers 10-15 days before your exam date. If you’re unable to join a practice test class, you can set up your own pre-test. Let me tell you more…

You just need a timer and a set of questions to create an exam environment in your study room. Many online applications offer you free mock tests for different exams and subjects. You must be able to find it for your exams too. Lastly, set the time duration and start taking your pre-test.

Check the score, analyze your mistakes, and work on those topics and subjects that you messed up completely. Doing these practices will surely help you to get good grades.

7. Avoid Multitasking

This is one of the bad study habits that you must avoid. Multitasking simply means doing more than one activity at a time.

If you use your phone while studying, or watch television while studying then you’re multitasking. And, You should never multitask since it makes it impossible to concentrate on one thing at a time. Performing other activities while studying can make it difficult to focus on your studies.

No matter how much you study, you can’t obtain better grades if you multitask.

You may, however, listen to classical or non-lyric music while studying as it improves your concentration and makes studying more enjoyable.

Now It’s Your Turn:

So as I promised in this article, I’ve given you the 7 best tips that can surely help you to get good grades. I hope you enjoyed the article and found those tips useful.

Now I would like to hear from you:

Which tips did you find most helpful for your studies? Are you going to follow these tips from now on?

If you have any queries or need any suggestions, let me know in the comment. I would love to reply to you.

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