9 Proven ways to deal with an Insult: Must read

How many times have you insulted and think about how to deal with an Insult?

How to deal with an Insult

Well, It will not run now, because after reading this article you would have learned the skills that you can perform when anyone tries to insult you in public or else at work.

Before starting my 9 ways which will help you to deal with it, Can I ask you something?

What does an Insult mean and What could be the reasons when someone insults you or else taunts you?

These two questions are very meaningful if you want to react. So first understand this.

A Philosopher said, ” It’s not important what happens with you but how you react with it that’s matter”.

Well,  if you have been insulted before then you would have known what does an insult means and how weak you feel after being insulted.

But you can’t guess these 5 reasons behind the insults.

1. When anyone hates you: 

Yes! If anyone hates you then either they will not talk to you or else they will hurt you by insulting or with something. Isn’t it?

2. When someone is jealous of you :

If any person having around is jealous of you then he must want to irritate you or being rude to you and for this, they want to insult you.

3. Want to tease you : 

These type of person neither hate you nor jealous of you but they want to tease you by insulting.

4.  Want to change your habits : 

If someone gets annoyed by your habits then they must want to change your habits and therefore sometimes they want to insult you.

For example, If you always being late by reaching the office then sometimes your colleagues can taunt you or insult you and because of this, you will surely change your habits.

5. Want to know your reaction: 

In some interviews, sometimes any of your superiors want to know what could be your reaction if anyone tries to insult you.

So till now, you would have known the possible reasons for an insult. But for different reasons, you have to respond in different ways. And for this here I am going to tell you the 9 ways…

how to deal with an Insult

How to deal with an Insult:

1: First Stay calm

Being stay calm can solve many of your problems and this will help you too when someone insults you. 

Sometimes you should just stay calm down instead of shouting or getting angry. But It doesn’t mean, you should stay silent. 

So, in reasons 1& 2 you should stay calm.

2: Don’t be nervous

Many peoples get nervous when someone insults them and even they get confused about what to do and how to defend me. 

These are those peoples who don’t have confidence and because of this, they get nervous at that time. In an Acid test, they can be nervous.

We should be confident and should respond according to situations but never should be nervous.

3: Be shameless but Confident:

Yes! You should be shameless when you want to learn something. Many times you get insulted when you don’t know something and want to try. Isn’t it?

For example: If you are trying to learn French or English and during practicing, if anyone insults you then you should be shameless at that time because it’s okay when you make mistakes while learning. So, Be confident and be shameless if someone laughs at your mistakes.

4: Smiling face with a positive attitude 

Let’s understand this way by an interesting story based on Insult.

Once upon a time, there was a saint who lived in a small village. Every person in the village likes him and respects him because of his behavior and character. He always motivates people and cares for everyone.

However, one person in the village did not like him and did not believe in his views. 

So one day he went to the saint where the saint was talking to villagers. The person insults and abuses the Saint in front of all people but the Saint didn’t reply to anything, he just smiled at him with a positive attitude. 

The person who has insulted him left from there. After going him, one villager asked the Saint – Instead of smiling, Why didn’t you say anything, he insulted you a lot.

Then the Saint says when you give some food to a beggar and what if he doesn’t accept the food, the food must be yours. 

Similarly, when he insulted me I didn’t accept the insult, so the insult has must be him. And when I smiled at him then he was irritating more so he decided to go.

So you saw here, how effective this could be.

5:  Find whose mistake

Sometimes behind an insult, there could be a mistake. Even you have noticed before. 

Because of the other’s mistake sometimes you get insulted. Isn’t it?

So when anyone insults you then try to find who has done this mistake. If once you’ll do then everyone will claps for you rather than trying to insult you again.

6: Prove, he was wrong 

Sometimes an insult has been done when people don’t know what you can do and what could be your limitations and therefore he insults you while saying you can’t do this. 

So instead of arguing with him or saying anything to him to prove to him that he was wrong. I can do whatever I want. Show him by your work that your limitations are beyond their thinking.

7: Attack with your anger Face

It can be effective for you when you are frustrated with something or your mood is not good and at that time when anyone insults you. 

So without too much saying,  just shows your anger face and say to him My mood is very upset or I’m very frustrated now, so don’t try to argue with me. 

Note:  You can respond this way in only reasons 3 and 4, don’t react this way in the rest other reasons or in front of your seniors.

8: Back at them by using humor

Sometimes using your humor could be the best way to defend yourself from an insult and respond to them. You just have to back at them their insults in a polite manner.

For example: If your boss or teacher punishes you and some of your colleague’s trolls you or insults you then you can reply- yeah! This is the first and last time I get punished, not like you many times. 

After saying this he must want to say anything to you. So next time try to use your humor and back at them their words.

9: Report a complaint against that guy

Do you know it’s a law in our government if any person insults you a lot and you have irritated with him then you can report a complaint against him? 

So if you want to punish anybody who always insults you then report a complaint but make sure you shouldn’t feel bad for him next.

Now its Your Turn:

So here I have explained all possible reasons for an insult and all possible ways through which you can deal when someone insults you. 

Now I want to hear from you in which ways do like like most to react to an Insult. Tell me in the Comment.

So here is a quick revision of all ways –

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Don’t Be Nervous
  3. Be Shameless
  4. Smiling face with a Positive Attitude
  5. Find whose mistake
  6. Prove, that person was wrong 
  7. Attack with your anger Face 
  8. Back at them by using humor
  9. Report a complaint against that guy

If you have any queries left then let me know in the comment…

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