Find your passion by doing just 3 things only – Can I bet?

Finding your passion is a very tough and challenging thing in our life. Isn’t it? 

If someone is a singer or dancer then he knows what he is passionate about. If someone is interested in sports even he will also know what he should follow. 

But, What about those guys who are not belonging to the above. Only 1% of people can find their passion and follow their passion.

Are you one in remain 90%?

If Yes and if you’re looking for How to find my passion then I assure you after reading this article you will be able to find what are you passionate about. 

Because here, I am going to tell you 3 main and effective things through which you can easily find your passion. So hold your sit and be with me till the end.

But before going to start, let me first tell you passion and profession are two different things. 

Passion is, what you love to do but the profession is, what you do for your income.

Your passion could be your profession but your profession may be or may not be your passion.

Let’s dive into steps :

1. Make a list of your hobbies and your Interesting fields :

A passion can be one of your hobbies or any of your interesting fields. So, What you need to do now – Make a list. But you should write only, what you love to do and you can earn money too.


Every person should have three facts in their passion. First, his passion entertains him and when he feels bored then his passion can take him out. Second, his passion makes him creative and third and last, he can make money with his passion.

So don’t write such a hobby or field through which you can’t make money. 

2. Find a field in which you’re the best and you can invest your time :

Now, this can be quite tough for you. But once you get it, It means you can easily find your passion.
So you have made your list, Now you need to find your interesting field with earnings.
But make sure, you should have a skill. If you have a skill then you can give your best in that field. But if you don’t have then you should learn first with deep knowledge.
So find where you can give your best and become no. 1 and also you can give your valuable time while making money with your comfort.
But in any case, If you don’t think that your choosing field can not make money then first find the possible ways through which you can money from that field.
For example, If you are a person who is interested in movies or cricket news. So in this case, you can earn money by writing articles about it or making a youtube channel on these topics.
But in this case, you should have deep knowledge of your topic and you can research as more as can, for your topic.

3. Try everything when you find interesting something :

This is the last and best way to find your passion even today’s I got my passion because of this.

Well, If you have read my ‘About uspage then you would have known that I am a student of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. So I chose this field because first I understood this can be my passion and profession.

At that time, I didn’t have proper knowledge of this course. I was just attracted to Aircraft. But later on, when I tried and started writing articles then I realized this is my real passion. Because when I invest my time in this field then I more enjoy, rather than the AME course. 

So AME is for my profession and blogging is my passion and now I am trying to convert my passion into a profession. You know what I mean.

So did you notice when I tried to write articles and willing to learn this then I got my true passion? If I didn’t try then today I can’t find my dream job.

So by doing the first two things, If you are still not able to find your passion then you should try everything and willing to learn everything when you find something interesting.


Conclusion :

So here I have discussed 3 important and effective things through which you can easily find your passion. And If you have read the complete article then I think, Now you have understood how can you find your passion.

So follow these points and get your passion and convert your passion into a profession.

And tell me in the comment section what your passion is and how much this article helpful for you. 

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