Conscious and Subconscious mind – Power of the Subconscious mind

You might have heard about how powerful human mind is and what it can do. But I am sure you will not know all about parts and facts of Our mind – Conscious and Subconscious mind.

So if you are curious to know all about Conscious and Subconscious mind then hold your seat and be with the end , So you could get valuable information about it.

Table of contents :

  1. What is Conscious and Subconscious mind ?
  2. Difference b/w Conscious and Subconscious mind 
  3. How does these mind works ?
  4. Power of the Subconscious mind ?
  5. How to activate our Subconscious mind ?

But before going to start let me first tell you , Brain and Mind are two different things.

What you think about it ?

Brain is part of our body which can be touched and watched but Our mind is not a part of our body and we can not touch this and watch this, we just can feel this.

In simple ways, we can say Brain is a source in which our mind exists.

What is Conscious and Subconscious mind ? 

Conscious mind is 90% of our mind which being always active. Like, Now you are reading this article it means your conscious mind is active now and you are reading with conscious mind.

So If anything we do anything intentionally or when we know what we’re doing it means our conscious mind being activate at that time.

Subconscious mind  is the 10% of our mind which activate, when we think or when the thing happens unknowingly and automatically

For example : If I ask you, When did you get up today ? then you will just think, It means you Subconscious mind is active now. 

And after getting up, you must have washed your face and If this happed unknowingly then it means your Subconscious mind was active at that time.

Even, Our heart is beating because of the Subconscious mind.

Difference between Conscious and Subconscious mind :

So till now, you have understood the basic of Conscious and Subconscious mind

Let’s understand the Difference between them by giving a small example

Now you are reading this article, so your eyelid is closing and opening so many times but Did you do this intensely?

Off course, Not 

This happens automatically because of Subconscious mind.

And if I say close your eyelid now and open again then this will happen Consciously.

Now I hope you have understood the Difference between the Conscious and Subconscious mind.

How does these mind works ?

Let’s talk about How does these mind works or When does these mind gets active.

Conscious mind works on present time. It activates when we do something without having interest.

For example : If you read and learn something without having interest then you forget that easily and this happens due to Conscious mind.

This is enough for Conscious mind.

Our Subconscious mind works on Visualization and Imagination and it activate when we do anything with having interest or when we dislike something or repeatedly doing something even when we get too emotional. 

So , In above example, If we read something through Subconscious mind then we won’t forget easily.

Similarly If you are interested in movies, songs then definitely you have been learnt all movies dialogues and songs, even without remembering it. 

Let me tell you an interesting story that has happened to me.

When I used to go to college with my best friend, he used to play the same song for 5-6 days on the way and that song annoyed me a lot but still I used to listen to that song and you know that, After 5-6 days I had been remembered that song without remembering that.

Are you enjoying ? 

Now this happened due to the Subconscious mind because I disliked the song and my friend was repeatedly playing the song.

So after creating these situations which I have said before, we can easily activate our Subconscious mind. We will more talk later about How to activate.

Power of the Subconscious mind :

Subconscious mind is very powerful mind and 90% of Conscious mind can be controlled by this mind. As I said, Now you are breathing and your heart is beating only because of the Subconscious mind.

If Subconscious mind gives you permission to do something then you will definitely do that and if don’t give then you will not do that.

For example : If someone has addiction to alcohol and he want to quit alcohol but next day he will drink again because consciously he says I won’t drink but its Subconscious mind says; drink again , nothing will happen.

You see, How does the Subconscious mind controlled the conscious mind. )

But if once doctor says to him that you lever is going to fail if you drink more then he will definitively leave the drink. Because his Subconscious mind gets active about reality. 

So its totally depend on you that what you want to Subconscious mind. You can do anything with this mind.

As I said , Subconscious mind works on Visualization and imagination. It means, You become the same you think.

So you should always say I can and I will about your goal and stay positive. And always morning visualise your goal and what you want to be. If you work on your target then your Subconscious mind will definitely help you to convert your visualization into reality. 

So after Activation of Subconscious mind we can do what we want.

How to activate our Subconscious mind ?

When it comes to Activation of Subconscious mind then there are many ways to activate, But out of them three are best techniques….

  1. Take interest and make focus
  2. Hammering  
  3. Visualization and Imagination

Let’s dicuss one by one in brief…

1. Take interest and make focus :

As you saw , we do not forget movies dialogues and songs even without remembering it but we forget easily what we read.

This happens because our Subconscious mind is interested in movies instead of reading books. 

So if you want to activate your Subconscious mind then you should take interest and make focus on whatever you want to do.

2. Hammering :  

As the name sounds, Hammering doesn’t mean that beat something with hammer.

Hammering means to do something again and again or repeatedly doing and convert your work in habits.

 For example : If you trying to remember something then read that again and again. 

Through this way you can easily activate your Subconscious mind.

3. Visualization and Imagination :  

This is the last and most effective method and I have been talk about this before. 

When we visualise or imagine something or our dreams then the Subconscious mind really help to achieve that thing.

So try to visualise your goal and dreams and work for it , If you do this then I assure you that your dream will definitely come true. 

Conclusion :

So here I have explained all important facts and concepts of Conscious and Subconscious mind. Now you are able to explain about it to anyone. 

As you saw, How powerful human mind ( Subconscious mind ) is and what it can do. In my view and point we can easily control our mind and give a specific direction to it.

So utilise your Subconscious mind and then get what you want.

I hope you find this article useful and If you have any query or doubt then you can ask in comment or through Contact us page.

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