60+ Best and Useful Gifts for College Students in 2022

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If you’re looking for gifts for college students then read completely this article, you must find the best gift that every college student love, in the end.

Giving a gift to a college student is a wonderful idea that shows how much you love and care for them. Not only your gift would be so special for them but also they may have some fun with your gift while studying the whole day.

However, you should gift something to a college student that they really need and find it useful also.

Therefore, in this article, I’m going to list 60+ useful gifts that you should give to a college student in 2022 that he/she will surely appreciate.

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The list is quite long and contains all price range gifts so without any delay let’s dive into it…

Best & Useful Gifts for College Students:

1. Study desk for bed

Source: Amazon

A study desk can be one of the best gifts for college students. I’ve seen many students who study in bed while lying down which may cause back and neck pain. In a lying-down position, they feel sleepy and can’t study at all. So, gift this study desk they can study in bed while sitting upright and can stay focused while studying.

You may also gift this bathroom stand at INR 1069.

(Showing prices may not be accurate for all products. Amazon's product prices can fluctuate. The prices of these items in United States' currency, however, you may purchase from any country. )

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2. Reading Pillow

Source: Amazon

Using a reading pillow helps one to keep away from back pain and shoulder pain while sitting in the right position. So to keep college students fit and to give them the right sitting position while studying, you should definitely gift them a reading pillow. If a student has already a study desk for bed then you must gift them a reading pillow.

3. Clock Watch Timer

Source: Amazon

A student must be good at two things- Time management and discipline. And, to manage all work and study with time, a timer clock can be very helpful. A college student wants a reliable timer to know when to start or stop clearly, whether it is for test-taking at home or solving problems in time.

4. Clip on light

Source: Amazon

Some college students share a room with others and therefore they can’t put their dorm light on all time for studying especially when their roommate would be sleeping. So, to not disturb others and stay focused on your study anytime, they can use clip-on light. This small and focused lamp can be clipped easily on their study table.

5. The Brew Straw for Coffee and Tea

one of the useful gifts for college students- coffee brewing straw
Source: JoGoStraw

If the college student enjoys tea or coffee, this can be an ideal gift. Despite its portability, flavorful, teeth-friendly, multipurpose, and sustainable nature, it remains one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to brew and enjoy your coffee and loose-leaf tea. Just simply drop in a scoop of your favorite ground coffee, add hot water, pop in your JoGo, and enjoy! No more machines, waste, or hassle. Isn’t it a useful gift for a college student?

6. Extra Long Cable Cord

Source: Amazon

In college life, students face problems with charging their phones or any other charging gadget. Not only is our phone charging cable makes too short but also in college dorm it’s difficult to find any charing socket near bed or study table. So, gifting this inexpensive long cable cord must be useful for them in college.

7. Extension

Source: Amazon

Students face problems in a college dorm with having fewer charging points and they may have to charge their many electronic gadgets like a laptop, Tab, Phone, Chargeable lamp, or others. Sometimes, they may have to share the charging points with others. So, gifting an extension to a college student can fulfill their need.

8. Phone docking station

Source: Amazon

You might have understood how useful can be a phone docking station. Students often forget where they kept their wallets, keys, watches, and others. So, Gifting students a docking station can be a wonderful idea, they must appreciate it.

9. Laptop

Source: Amazon

It doesn’t need to tell you how a laptop can be useful for a college student. Even when I was a college student my parents made my life by gifting me a laptop. So, if a college student doesn’t have a laptop then you can give them. Now it’s on you which laptop you want to purchase, however, you can browse more by clicking the below.

10. Rubik’s Cube

Source: Amazon

Have fun with studying or want to time pass while improving brain function, Rubik’s cube can be very useful. It’s a very common gift that is mostly gifted to a student. I guessed your college student already played with this 3*3 cube that’s why here I’m showing you a 5*5 cube, quite harder.

11. Globe Squeeze Stress ball

Source: Amazon

With having fun, college life can also be stressful. A study by the American College Health Association found that 48 percent of college students reported moderate or severe psychological stress, 53 percent reported being lonely, and one in four had considered suicide. Gift this globe squeeze stress ball to a college student, while learning with it, they can kick back their stress also.

12. Buddha Statue

Source: Amazon

You might have seen meditating Buddha statues in many places, even I have more than four at my home and workplace. It believes that the Buddha statue fills your place with peace however it is also used for decorating purposes. So, gifting this to a college student can make their life peaceful and then can also decorate their college dorm.

13. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Source: Amazon

While studying students may distract many times due to the noisy world. Gift these noise-canceling headphones to college students, not only it will help to block unwanted noise while studying but also listening to music will improve their concentration while studying.

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14. Small desk fan

Source: Amazon

In the summer season if you’re reading this blog then you must need a fan. Here is one of the best cooling fans that a student can keep on their study table while studying, keep in bed while sleeping, and also they can carry along with them.

15. College Cookbook

Source: Amazon

College students don’t typically have a ton of time, money, or kitchen space to get fancy with their meals, which means good and cheap is the name of the game. Equip students with a college cookbook that makes it fun and accessible to cook fresh, healthy, and tasty food for themselves in college and for life.

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16. Clever fox planner

Source: Amazon

Many students find difficulties in managing their time and learning other necessary skills. A clever fox planner is a weekly or monthly planner to increase students’ productivity, hit their goals, and make good time management. So, gifts this to a college student he/she must appreciate it.

17. Laptop Stand

Source: Amazon

If the college student already has a laptop then you should definitely gift them this laptop stand. Using a laptop in bed while keeping it on their lap can be harmful to them. Try this cooling better and keep the desktop organized aluminum stand gift to a college student. Not only does its design looks cool but also it helps them to operate the laptop comfortably.

18. Room freshener

Source: Amazon

It might be a quite wried gift for a college student but interesting too. I have been also a college student and I know very well what their college dorm looks like. So, gifting a room fresher to a college can’t be a bad idea. It’s a honeysuckle scent that will keep their dorm fresh.

19. Fitness Tracker Watch

Source: Amazon

Some research has shown college students never take care of their health and it’s absolutely true. So, gifting a fitness tracker watch could be very beneficial for college students. This water-resistant watch tracks your real-time heart rate, all your workout routes, distances, and physical status during exercise, providing a comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality, and many more.

20. Cute Pen Stand:

Source: Amazon

Students often forget where they keep their pen, pencil, eraser, and other study materials, when they need them they struggle to find them. So gift this cute pen stand with a phone holding stand, they must find it very very useful. Even I have this one at my workplace.

21. Cell Phone Armband Holder

Source: Amazon

With study, college students also do many activities like jogging, running, cycling, mountain climbing, cross-training, mountain biking, and gym, to keep themselves healthy and fit. This phone armband holder is perfect for doing these activities. This amazing holder also provides enough space for holding earphones.

22. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Source: Amazon

A tab is one of the best study materials as compared to a phone and laptop. It is because it’s more portable than a laptop and you can study with it better than your phone, whether you have to read an article, take notes, or anything. Now, there is no bound you should buy only Samsung Tab, you can also buy an iPad if you can afford it. However, Samsung S7 is cheap and the best.

23. Screen Magnifier

Source: Amazon

If you can’t manage to give a tab to a college student then this screen magnifier can be the best gift for a college student. I myself used to work with it when I didn’t have a Laptop and Tab. With the screen magnifier, they can read or watch video lectures better by making the screen big.

24. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Source: Amazon

Students have to face many gadgets like laptops, tab, phones, and television and we all know how blue light with these gadgets can affect our eyes and they may have headaches so gift them a blue light blocking glass that will keep their eyes safe and they will be thankful to you.

25. Neck Reading Light

Source: Amazon

This is amazing light for studying at night or in a dark room. This light helps you concentrate better while reading textbooks or notes. However, you can use it for repairing, knitting, camping, and many more. If you want to know the features of this light, then you can check on Amazon.

26. Wallet to Hold Cards, Student ID, and Cash

Source: Amazon

After looking at this image, you might have understood how useful a wallet is. Students may have to carry cash, cards, student ID, mess ID, or any other papers, and keeping all these kinds of stuff in a bag won’t be easily accessible, so gift them this inexpensive but useful unique wallet.

27. Flash Drive

Source: Amazon

Our study is going to be digital. Now students get soft copies of assignments, notes, PPTs, and more from college. Storing all these soft materials in their laptop or phone can exceed their storage level. Try to gift them a flash drive, it will be also useful for sharing soft documents from one system to another system.

28. First Aid Kit

Source: Amazon

In college life, students have to take care of themselves. They might face some small disease like a small fever, cold, or they may need bandages anytime. So, it’s important they should keep a first aid kit in their dorm. If they don’t have then you can gift them this first aid kit, which contains all they need.

29. Pain Relief Gadget

Source: Amazon

Parents can’t be always with college students like I said above college students have to take care of themselves. While studying, running, or doing exercise students might suffer from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or any other body pain. Gift this pain massager to college students so they can relieve their pain easily.

30. Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw

Source: Amazon

Students should stay hydrated. It is not just because they will be fit and healthy but also because their brain works faster and improves concentration by drinking water. This water bottle with quotes will motivate students to drink a good amount of water regularly.

31. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Source: Amazon

An alarm is a very useful thing that helps you to wake up early. A student should be a morning riser but if a college student is not then you must gift him/her this sunrise alarm clock. This alarm has 7 color features, natural sounds, FM-Radio, and special feature is the sunrise simulation and sunset simulation.

32. Exercise Set

Source: Amazon

Research has shown that college students never take care of their health and fitness. Doing exercise regularly can improve anyone’s physical and mental health. This exercise set contains most of the things through which students can do a small workout in their dorm.

33. White Noise Sound Machine

Source: Amazon

Any background noise can distract students in the dorm while studying or sleeping. Even, back in my college days I also faced this problem. This white noise sound machine absorbs all the background noise while proving you with natural sounds like thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, white noise, and more.

34. Portable Blender

Source: Amazon

A portable blender can be one of the best gifts for college students. With a portable blender, they can easily make beverages, protein shakes, mixed drinks, and creamy frozen lattes, plus milkshakes, slushies, dips, dressings, sauces, juice, yogurt, and so much more when they want or need.

35. Popcorn Maker

Source: Amazon

Sparing time with friends or while studying eating popcorn would be interesting. Gift this popcorn maker to college students so they can make popcorn easily. Even I have this one at my home too.

36. Electronic Cable Organizer

Source: Amazon

Phone charger, laptop charger, power bank, flash drive, and more, organizing these electronic cables is not easy. You can’t put all these things in your college bag. So here is a portable cable organizer bag that you can gift to a college student.

37. Bicycle

Source: Amazon

A college student must have a bicycle so they can easily go to the market for any work, however, they can also do cycling in the morning for fitness. If they don’t have a cycle then this can be the best gift for a college student. It’s on you which cycle you want to buy and gift them.

38. Sports Shoes

Source: Amazon

Shoes are one of the most common gifts for college students. They may have many formal shoes but for running, playing sports, traveling and for many other works they must have sports shoes. Here I have listed one of the best sports shoes that you can gift to him/her.

39. Weighted Blanket

Source: Amazon

During the winter season when I was in college I bought this blanket and I also recommend you to gift this weighted blanket to a college student. This blanket is very helpful in cold and having a good sleep at night.

40. Laptop Bag

Source: Amazon

This recommended bag is not only for carrying a laptop bag but you can also use it for traveling somewhere. Along with this, this bag is water-resistant has a lot of space and pockets, and also has a USB charging port. Gift this to a college student they must appreciate you.

41. Flash Cards

Source: Amazon

Flashcards are very useful for students in order to memorize some science concepts and objective questions. Flashcards basically work on the Leitner system. It’s an inexpensive but the best gift for college students.

42. Sticky Notes

Source: Amazon

Just like flashcards, sticky notes are also great for memorization practice. Students can use these sticky notes to make better notes, exam preparation, and reminding any date or anything.

43. The Naked Roommate and Deep Work

Source: Amazon

If you want to gift to a college student who just joined college or going to join college then these two books you must recommend to them to read. The Naked Roommate is based on college life and Deep Works improves their focus in this distracting world.

44. Bluetooth Speaker

Source: Amazon

With having study pressure and stress in college, they must have some fun time also. A speaker can make their mood for fun and they can get rid of stress and anxiety.

45. A Funny and Mug

Source: Amazon

These text-printed mugs are great to gift to someone, especially to college students when he/she can relate the text with the future. If your college student is going to be a doctor then you must gift this mug or if not then you can browse more mugs like this one by clicking the below button.

46. All-in-One Trimmer

Source: Amazon

Trimmer is used in our day-to-day life. College students have to be formal and without beards. With this trimmer, they don’t need to go to the salon every week, and they can also save time.

47. Bean Bag

Source: Amazon

Bean bags are great to sit comfortably while studying or taking a small nap. How about when you gift this to a college student and they can keep it in their dorm? They must admire you for this gift.

48. Wireless Earbuds

best gifts for college student
Source: Amazon

Earbuds are awesome to spare time alone or listen to music while studying. Even, recently I bought this earbud and its works really well that’s why I’m recommending you to gift it to a college student and see his or her happiness.

49. Hands-Free Book Stand

useful gifts for college students
Source: Amazon

Again, this item is going to be one of the useful gifts for college students. Reading a book while bowing down your head can give you neck pain, so students must use this handless book stand. With this gift, they can comfortably read their books.

50. Canon DSLR Camera

Source: Amazon

College life is the most precious life for a student. Remember your college days how fun you had at that time. And, the best things that save our fun and memories are photos. So, why don’t you gift this Camera to your college student? This camera will also give them an opportunity to explore themselves.

51. Motivation Wall Art

motivational gifts for college students
Source: Amazon

Most of the time students feel a lack of motivation and confidence. During exams times, after getting bad grades they need someone who inspires them. And, gifting this motivational art would be the best gift for a college student that will keep him/her motivated.

52. Mini Fridge

Source: Amazon

A fridge is a need of every house. Even, it is also useful for a college student to keep some fruits, vegetables, and cold drinks safe. If a college student doesn’t have one then I must recommend you to gift this mini-fridge to him/her. This would be a really useful gift for a college student.

53. Study Table

useful gifts for college students
Source: Amazon

A study table is a compulsory thing that every student must have. I’ve seen students who study in bed, couch, and on the floor that I never recommend. Studying in bed while lying not only gives them back pain and neck pain but also they feel sleepy and tired while studying. So, you can gift them this study table, it must be useful for their study.

54. Small Plants for Desk

Source: Amazon

A calm and eco-friendly place really helps you to focus on work. Isn’t it? And, small plants make your place eco-friendly that you can put on your office desk. How about when you gift these plants to a college student? I’m sure he/she will love it.

55. Blazer Jacket

Source: Amazon

If are looking for a gift for a college boy then this blazer jacket would be the best gift for him. This blazer, he can wear at college events, functions, and parties. If you want more colors in this then you can browse more by clicking the below price button.

56. Flip flop

Source: Amazon

In college dorms or when going to market, college students can’t wear shoes all the time. So, gifting a pair of flip-flops to a college student wouldn’t be a bad idea. This flip-flop is very comfortable to wear and walk with. It is a soft and water-friendly synthetic nubuck upper strap. More features you can check by hitting the below button.

57. Turvis with Periodic Table

gift for students
Source: Amazon

If a college student has to study with the periodic table then this gift must be very useful for him/her. Tervis tumblers feature double-wall insulated construction that keeps drinks hot or cold longer. And, printing a periodic table on it will really help in students’ study.

58. Kissan Jam

Source: Amazon

Getting mouth-watering? This Kissan-Jam is really amazing that makes your meal much tasty. In India, most child’s parents often add it with the lunch box. Even, one time my mom send me this in college, along with my roommates I enjoyed it. You can also gift it to a college student.

59. Colorful Pens

Source: Amazon

These colorful pens are not only used in painting or designing but also students use multi-color pens in note-taking and making fair notes. This stationery item can be useful for college students that you can gift them.

60. Sound Absorbing curtains

Source: Amazon

In college, students often get distracted because of noise, they can’t focus on their studying just because of unwanted noise that comes from the outside side of their dorm. In this case, these sound-absorbing curtains can be a very useful gift for a college student.

61. Udacity’s Nanodegree Subscription:

Source: Amazon

Udacity (35% Off now!) is a great online learning platform that helps you to learn and upgrade leading tech skills. During holidays and in their free time, college students don’t much care about learning. So, you can gift any Udacity’s Nanodegree program to a college student that will not only improve their tech learning but also add an extra credential in his/her career. Besides Udacity, you can also try Coursera professional certificate which will be less expensive than Udacity.

(Make sure you read our Udacity review and Coursera review to make a better decision before purchasing a course. You may also check out our Udemy Vs Coursera Vs Udacity– a detailed comparison to find the best.)

62. Anything, they’re passionate about

Apart from college studies, is there anything like singing or sketching that your college student is passionate about whom you want to gift something?

To keep his/her passion alive you should gift something related to it that will also promote their passion.

If he or she is passionate about painting then you can gift painting brushes or board, if they are passionate about singing then you can gift him/her a guitar. With your gift not only do they have fun with studies but also they can work on their passion.

Now it’s your turn:

So, in this article, I have shown you the 62 best and most useful gifts for college students that you can give them. And, I hope you have satisfied with our list.

Now, I’d like to hear from you:

Which gifts did you like most from our list? Or, did you like the dorm room gifts for college students like the Buddha statue, Docking station, Room freshener, and others?

Let me know in the comment.

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