How to Avoid Phone While Studying: 5 Simple ways that work

One of my friends told me, “When I want to love my books then phone proposes to me”.

And I’m sure if you want to avoid your phone while studying then this thing must have happened to you. Isn’t it?
how to avoid phone while studying

Do Phones really distract students?

According to, Students themselves realize that cell phone usage does not promote learning; in one survey, 80% of students agreed that using a mobile phone in class decreases their ability to pay attention.
So in this article, I am going to tell you 6 ways through which you can avoid your phone while studying. So stay with me till the end to find the best and effective way for yourself.
Back in the days, I had also addicted to my phone and when I used to study then couldn’t be able to concentrate on my books, only my phone used to grab my all attention. 
But today, I have gotten rid of this addiction. And if you apply any one of the ways from my list then you can do it too.
So, without further ado let’s dive into ways…

#1. Don’t go with your phone in the study room:

This is the first and the best way that I have applied to avoid my phone while studying. If you won’t have your phone then you can’t be able to look at the messages or notifications while studying. And you’ll be able to focus on your studies. 
Yeah! you can switch off your phone or else put that in silent too, but these will not work properly, time to time your phone can still grab your attention.
So, I must suggest you, If you study at home and in a study room then don’t go with your phone. Neither you will have your phone nor you will use it.  
But, If you want to keep your phone while studying then you can try other ways.

#2. Use it on breaks:

This is another and very effective way that you can do. 
Yes! Use your phone on breaks. 
But, Do you take breaks after studying?
If you don’t then you should take breaks and study in small chunks, just like the Pomodoro technique
But how this studying way can be effective in your case?
Well the trick is, you have to study for only half to one hour without noticing at the phone then take 15-30 minutes breaks and use your phone. After studying successfully for half-hour again challenge yourself to study for the next hours.
When you study by this way, chances are you still can be distracted. So, You have to motivate yourself and say to yourself after half-hour I can use my phone. 
Remember, Don’t lose your focus while studying for half-hour.

#3. Use phone avoiding apps:

If I say honestly, I never tried this way but after researching deep I realized this way could be effective to avoid your phone and make better time management for yourself.
And you can easily follow this way while enjoying it. If you google “Phone avoiding apps”  then you’ll found many apps, which can help you. Some of them could be paid and some of them could be free.
I am not going to talk about which one could be best because I know you’re very smart and after checking reviews of many apps you can select one best. 
But before trial, any application first checks the remaining ways. 


#4. Group study:

If you like to study in a group or group discussion then this way could be helpful for you. And if you really like, then you have known studying in a group how much can be effective and helpful. 
Not only it can avoid your sleepy feeling while studying, but it can also help you to avoid phones while studying. But there is one condition, You have to be active in group study. 
Isn’t look like an interesting way to avoid your phone?
So, if you have a bunch of friends and if they listen to you then try this way.


#5. Block other apps:

Now all ways that I have discussed above can help you when you don’t study with your phone but what about when your phone could be a part of your study?
Well, In this case, either you can motivate yourself to focus on study or else block or uninstall any application that can distract you. So, find the way that you can do and follow.


Now I’d like to hear from you:
Which ways from today’s post you are going to try first? 
Or Did I miss anything that you were thinking to add to that list ways?
Either way, let me know in the comment…

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