8 Secret tips to Attract anyone or people by talking

how to attract anyone by talking

If you have this question in mind and you are looking for this then it means you can’t speak attractively and therefore most of the people don’t take interest in what you are saying. Isn’t it? 

When you keep talking to anyone then you should talk in such a way that not only that person gets attracted towards you even you can grab other people’s attention.

Now grabbing other’s attention doesn’t mean you should talk loudly and look towards them, It simply means your way of talking and your look.

So here, I am gonna teach you how to attract anyone or everyone by your talking and for this I have 8 secret tips that often used by a legend or a leader.

But first of all, You need to know:


What makes people attractive? 

Well if you want to talk attractively then your primarily need to look attractive and for this, you should follow the first 3 tips.

#1. Use perfume and have a clean dress up: 

In today’s world, most people like to use perfume, because this is the first thing that attracts people towards you and has a clean dress up gives you an attractive look and even it shows, you have a great sense to wearing clothes. In shorts, it’s all about your personality.

So in the first meeting or even in the catch-up with someone, you should have these two things, but make sure your perfume does not annoy anyone.

If this point you already have been following then look at upcoming tips.

#2. Make Eye contact and have a Smiling face:

Making eye contact when you’re talking shows that you are interested in other person’s talks and want to listen to more.

If you have attended any speech or any meeting then you must have known that only that person can influence and impress people who make eye contact and talk with having a smiling face.

So make eye contact and have a natural smile on your face whenever you talk with anyone or else in front of many people.

More guide is here- What makes people more attractive?

#3. Use hand expression: 

As making eye contact is so important during a conversation similarly using hand expression is also important. This is the main thing that often teaching in public speaking but you can learn this art when you will watch a leader or any person who has good communication skills.

Once you learn this art then not only your voice explains them even at that time your hand can express them what are you saying and this thing attracts people to you and even other’s attention.

#4. Talk confidently and politely: 

If you are a confident person then you must have been talking confidently but if you are not talking confidently and politely then you are not gonna attract anyone. Everyone likes the man who flows confidence in his words.

Talking confidently doesn’t mean speak loudly or impolitely. So give only your opinion on that in which you are confident.

Suggestion: In your first meeting with someone don’t discuss anything about politics and religions because these are two things in which people have their own views and points but in another case, If you have similar thoughts on this then it will create a great bond with that person.

#5. Wait for the other person response:

Everyone wants to say and share their own opinions and thought but few of them wants to listen to your ideas and thoughts and that person can be very close to you and you must be impressed with him. 

Am I right?

So instead of much talking about yourself and what you think you should wait for another person’s response and listen to his thoughts too. If he or she doesn’t reply and seems bored then just say to him- Do I bored you? If Not! then you should also say something about your feelings and thought. 

Once you will say this to them I am sure he or they must be attracted towards you.

#6. Take interest in other’s thoughts: 

If you want to be a good speaker and speak attractively then you have to be a good listener too and for this, you have to take interest in others opinion. Even you should play the role of the second person in the previous point. 

(Read the first sentence of the 5th point again)


My Conversation rule: 

According to me, If you are saying something in the conversation with your friends or anyone it means you are sharing the information that you have but If you are listening to them it means, you are acquiring the knowledge that you don’t have and on another side, it will attract the other person too as I have said before.


So listen to another person’s thoughts and do not let your mind go anywhere else.

#7. Say something by using names: 

This is a very impactful point that I have experienced, If you have to say or ask anything to anyone then try to say anything by using his name. 

For example, Aditya! Would you like to grab a coffee with me? 

Isn’t it something special point?

One of my psychological teachers said, When you talk to anyone or even for the first time then you should talk with him or her by using his name, it will attract the other person.

Now you might be thinking about how using the name can attract someone? 

Well, the answer is many people know us but only a couple of person says something to us by using our names even in some cases. But if any person uses our names whenever he or she talks then we must notice that person.

#8. Add attractive sentences in your conversation:

All tips that I have discussed above are very useful and besides these during the conversation, you should use such a sentence or quotes that would attract people to you. This thing you must have watched in any movies. 
For example, If any person gets demotivated then you can say- Don’t worry dear, Sometimes success needs time but Never lose your hope, I’m always with you.
So use such kind of sentences as per the situation, It makes you special from others.


So here, I have explained 8 tips on how to attract anyone by talking, and through these tips, you would have known too what makes people attractive and how can we grab other’s attention. 

Here are a quick revision of all tips:

  1. Use perfume and have a clean dress up: 
  2. Make Eye contact and have a Smiling face:
  3. Use hand expression: 
  4. Talk confidently and politely: 
  5. Wait for the other person response:
  6. Take interest in other’s thoughts: 
  7. Say something by using names: 
  8. Add attractive sentences in your conversation:
These tips are based on my experiences and research. I hope you find this article useful. Tell me in the comment section which points or tips you like most.

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