Are Udacity Nanodegrees Worth It: 5 Big Reasons & Proofs

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Are Udacity Nanodegress worth it and help you to get a job?

A couple of months ago, I published a Udacity review guide where I answered this question but not in detail. To be honest, I missed many crucial points that I should have spoken about. I could update that article but I thought a separate article would be more compelling.

So, in this article, we will figure it out together with the 5 big reasons why a Nanodegree is worth it today and how you can land your dream job with it.

Note: I’m writing this article from my experience and a little research to serve you better.

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Let’s start with it a fundamental question…You can skip this if you already know about it.

What are Udacity and Nanodegree?

Udacity dashboard

Udacity is an online learning platform that provides online courses anyone can pursue. Udacity doesn’t have a wide range of subjects like Coursera and Udemy but it’s well-known for tech field courses.

Udacity offers a total of 500 courses in 8 programs only. These programs are Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous System, Business, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Product Management, and Programming & Development.

To offer courses in different categories, Udacity offers 60+ Nanodegree Programs. A Nanodegree program is comprised of 3 or 4 courses and takes a longer duration to complete.

For example, If you look for a Digital Marketing course on Udacity, you may not find it directly in the programs. However, in the Business program, Udacity offers a Digital Marketing Nanodegree program.

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After successfully finishing any Nanodegree Program, you grab a Nanodegree Certificate.

To make you clear, I must tell you the recognition of Udacity’s Nanodegrees comes from tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. However, Nanodegrees are not recognized or accredited by educational institutions, it is issued by Udacity itself.

I know, now you must be wondering If Nanodegree is not recognized by educational institutes how it could be worth it and get you a job?

Well, therefore you need to read these 5 surprising reasons…  

Why Udacity Nanodegree Is Worth Considering in 2022?

There was a time when companies just seek degrees to offer a job. However, nowadays I could see many giant companies also looking for skillful candidates and we all know how Udacity is good at making you skillful in a field.

Not sure? Let’s jump into the reasons why Udacity Nanodegree is worth it for your career and job…

1. Courses in High Demanding Fields:

As I told you already, Udacity offers all its Nanodegree programs in tech fields only which makes it exceptional from other e-learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy which have courses in all fields.

It may surprise you to know that most Nanodegree programs focus on fields that are highly in demand right now. Let me show you the data…

According to Business Insider, Artificial intelligence specialists, Data Scientists, Robotics Engineers, Full Stack Engineers, Cloud Engineers, and Cybersecurity Specialists are the most demanding jobs in 2022. 
According to ABM College, Cloud Computing, AI & Business Intelligence, Software/mobile app development, Cybersecurity, and Networking and wireless technologies are the 5 Most In-Demand Tech Skills for 2022.

Now, if you take a look at Udacity Programs, you’ll find it offers almost all Nanodegree Programs in these fields. Its Front End Web Developer, Data Analyst, Robotics Software Engineer, and Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree programs are among the most popular and enrolled courses.

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2. Nanodegress are Built in Collaboration with Top Companies:

The next best thing about Nanodegree is that they are built in collaboration with the top industry experts.

For example, Its Self-Driving Car Nanodegree is built in collaboration with Waymo and Mercedes-Benz. Similarly, Its Business Analytics Nanodegree Program is built in partnership with Mode, which is widely known as the Collaborative Data Science platform.

These collaborations with industry experts help in many ways. It not only enhances the content quality of Nanodegree programs but also builds trust for those students who want to pursue Nanodegree.   

In addition to that, these collaborated brands frequently seek Nanodegree Graduates. As a result, it creates a fantastic opportunity to get a job in top companies and brands.

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3. High Content Quality:

Unlike other online learning platforms, Udacity Nanodegree programs aren’t easy to afford, but when it comes to content quality and features included in the courses, nothing beats Udacity.

Let me tell you why.

As you probably know already from my blog, I don’t just share study guides, study gadgets, and other gifts for college students, but I also review online learning platforms. And, to review any kind of online learning platform and its content quality I set four content quality factors. These are:

  • Content Clarity
  • Content Depth
  • Content Usefulness
  • Presentation of the content

I set these factors for Nanodegrees’ content quality and you will be surprised to know I gave a 4.6/5 rating for its content quality. Content Clarity, Depth, and Usefulness were fair enough but I mostly liked the Presentation of the content because the mentors are experienced enough and have a great way to teach.

Furthermore, Nanodegree programs include Real-world projects from industry experts, Flexible learning programs, Technical mentor support, and Student Community.

4. Instructors have already achieved the career you want:

This is something great about Udacity. Udacity all instructors are highly qualified and you’ll find almost all instructors have already achieved the career that you want.

Let’s take again the example of the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program. If you look at the bio of all the instructors, you’ll find the majority of them belong to the Automobile field, AI, and related fields. Some of them have been still working in the Self Driving Car industry.

Unlike Udemy, Udacity has a relatively strong procedure for hiring instructors, and it also ensures the instructors are also part of the same industry.

Udemy generally allows anyone to create and list their courses, and it doesn’t assess the course creator’s knowledge, making it difficult to trust the content. However, with Udacity you definitely have the trust.

5. Top tech companies look for Udacity Nanodegree graduates

This is going to be our last and most important reason why Udacity Nanodegree could be worth it for you.

I started by explaining how big companies started demanding skills rather than just degrees. However, I’m not neglecting the value of a college or university degree because it has a lot of importance.

Additionally, with a Nanodegree and no college degree, it’s challenging to find a job in big companies. Through Udacity’s Nanodegrees, you can gain real-world technical skills that will prepare you for success in a field you’re passionate about.

On the other side, It makes it easy for big companies to find skillful candidates with Nanodegree graduates. Also, you would have already understood, based on our third reason, how collaborated companies prioritize hiring Nanodegree graduates.

By all of this, don’t you think Udacity Nanodegrees is worth it for getting a job also?

Let me tell you one more surprising thing…

Udacity also adds some career services with its all Nanodegree programs. These career services include Resume support, Github review, and LinkedIn profile optimization that will be beneficial for you to find a job.

Udacity Nanodegree Programs includes career services

Still remember, Udacity doesn’t claim that you’ll surely get a job by just showing a Nanodgeree certificate, and neither do I. In the absence of a college degree, a Nanodegree won’t suffice to land a job.

Social Proofs: Are Udacity Nanodegrees worth it?

You don’t need to just believe in my word of mouth. To see what others have to say about Nanodegrees, I’ve picked up some social proofs and reviews from forum sites.

Note: Each person has their own opinion about the Nanodegree, so listen to the majority.

Here we go…

Source: Quora
Source: Quora
Udacity review on quora
Source: Quora

You may also search for these reviews on Quora or any other discussion sites by yourself, just search ‘Are Udacity Nanodegree worth it’ or any question that you have.

My Final Thoughts:

Now I’m willing to give you my final thoughts on this, and at the end, you have to tell me your opinions about it.

All in all, Udacity Nanodegrees are worth it if you want to gain real-world technical skills. Having a Nanodegree adds an extra qualification to your resume and at the same time, it helps brands to find skillful candidates easily. However, finding a job with just a Nanodegree is difficult if you do not have a college degree. 

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Now I’d like to hear your from:

Are you going to enroll in any Nanodegree Programs? If you’ve got any thoughts or questions about Udacity, let me know in the comment.

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