Advertise With Us

If you are an educational platform looking to provide value to students’ lives, we would be thrilled to collaborate with you and advertise your platform on our site.

Before I delve into the details of advertising on our site, let me provide you with some basic information about our platform.

  • Our site receives average monthly traffic of 20,000 visitors, despite having only 50 blog posts published (please refer to Google Analytics below for verification).
  • The majority of our traffic (60%) is organic, coming from Google and Pinterest.
  • We have a steadily growing base of 3,500+ email subscribers and active users, with a monthly increase of 10%.
  • Many of our articles have received positive reviews and are ranked on the first page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You can check out our recent StationX review as an example. (Check out the below snapshots)
  • We offer various advertising opportunities, including platform review posts, sponsored posts, banner ads, and pop-up ads on our site.

Here are a few screenshots of our results:

Please find below a snapshot of our traffic for the first month of the current year:

If you believe that our platform is the right fit for your advertising needs, please feel free to contact us at As we are still growing our traffic, we offer significantly lower advertising fees while delivering a lot of value compared to other platforms.

Advertising plans and prices:

  • For sponsored or promotional posts, our advertising fee is $105 (or INR 8000) per post, which includes the option to add 2 follow links and 5 no-follow links. Additionally, we will share the article on our social media accounts and with our email subscribers as part of the package.
  • We offer banner ads that can be placed on both the sidebar of our posts, as well as CTA snippets within relevant and highly-ranked articles, which have a proven high conversion rate. The cost for this advertising option is $120 for one month, during which your advertisement will be live on our blog. Rest assured, we will not advertise on any other platforms during this period, ensuring maximum visibility for your advertisement.
  • If you’re looking for a comprehensive promotional package that includes a guest post, a promotional post (review article), banner ads, pop-up ads on our entire site (except the home page), CTA snippets within relevant and ranked articles, and 5 follow-up emails to our email subscribers to encourage action, our price is $200. It’s important to note that the banner and pop-up ads will be available for only one month, while the blog posts will be permanent on our site. Furthermore, during this one-month period, we will not advertise on any other platforms.

If you find any advertisement way helpful to your site and want to collaborate with us you may contact us at