About Hotel Management Course in detail – Want to make Career?

Hotel management is the fastest growing field and in this field there is no shortage of jobs. After completing this industry you can also give service on other industries like – Airlines,  Railway catering and others.
Hotel management i.e. Manage of hotel by means of Hospitality, Event managing , Hotel booking, Customer service and others. 
There are various types of Courses and jobs in Hotel management. So if you are interested in this field and want to make Career in this field then stay with me till the end.
Because here, I’m going to tell all about Hotel management in detail and after reading this article you’ll be able to decide that you should do this course or not.

      — Our Agenda —

  1. Overview of career in Hotel management 
  2. Courses in this field
  3. Sectors or jobs in Hotel management 
  4. Entrance exam and College Selection
  5. College life – Frustration or Career
  6. Industrial training and types of jobs
This article could be long to provide you full information about Hotel management, So keep reading and be familiar with the truth.

1. Overview of Career in Hotel management 

When you decide to make Career in this field and when you ask about this course then, many people will suggest you to;  Don’t do this course, don’t waste your money, there is no future in this field, you’ll get peanuts or something else. Isn’t it?
But, Is it really true?
I’d say,  No. In any course you will have to struggle, you have to gain experience and have patience. Similarly in Hotel management you have to struggle more and give more time.
In all waiters only one would be a Manager next. So you have to work hard and make a bond with your seniors.
Yes it is true you, starting 1-2 years you’ll get little bit salary but after getting promotion your salary must be increasing. Even through this course you can get jobs in abroad. But in spite of this, many people leave this course without completing and move on other course.
So, if you’re taking this course seriously and want to manage a hotel then only you should do this course. 

2. Courses in this field :  

When it comes to Courses then there are two types of course after 12th in Hotel management. One is Diploma course(1 year) and another one is Degree course(3 years). Diploma is a certificate based course in which you’ll have read only one sector’s books
But in Degree course you’ll get Degree which is valid and accepted by all hotels. And in Degree courses you’ll have to read more than 3-4 sector’s books. If you want to make career in this field then you should do Degree course.

Diploma courses :   

Diploma in food production,  Diploma in bakery and confectionery,  Diploma in Food and beverage, Diploma in house keeping.

Degree (Under graduation courses ): 

Bachelor of  Hotel management, Bachelor in Hospitality management, Bachelor in food and beverage and  B.Sc in Hotel management.

3. Sectors and jobs in Hotel management :

A hotel includes many sectors and many types of jobs. Some major sectors are Front office, Housekeeping, Food and beverage services, Food production, Banquet and others.
Types of jobs :
Front office manager(Receptionist), Housekeeping manager, Floor supervisor,  Restaurant and food service manager,  Event manager, Wedding coordinator , banquet manager, and others.

4. Entrance exam and College selection

If you want to make a good career in Hotel Management then you should take admission in best and reputed College where you’ll placement too.
When it comes to Entrance exam of this course in India then NCHMCT ( National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology) is the best to conduct exam. After qualifying this exam you’ll get admission in top IHM (Institute of Hotel Management). 
These colleges fees would be around 30k-50k.
And one more exam that I’ll recommend, is Oberoi – Steps programme, in which you’ll get 100% scholarship after qualifying. And after college you’ll get a job in a Oberoi hotel too. If you want to more about Oberoi – Step programme then visit on its official website.

5. College life : Subject and Practical  

In college you’ll get to learn Theoretical  knowledge, Practical knowledge and besides of these you’ll learn communication skills and others skills too.
For example, In Housekeeping sector you’ll learn; How to wash a glass , how to set a bed. 
In Front office sector you’ll learn; How to talk with the guests and what are the duties of front office manager. 
In Food and beverage services you’ll learn; Name and types of beer and wine , how to make beer, how to serve food and others.
In Food production (kitchen) sector you’ll learn how to make food , kitchen equipment and others.

6. Industrial training : After College

After completing 3 years degree course or 1 year diploma course, you’ll have to do Industrial training for 4 – 6 months in best hotels.
In this training period you have to work in all sectors for 1-1 months. At least four sectors – Front office,  Housekeeping,  Food and beverage and Banquet or others and are compulsory.
Your shift would be 8 – 12hrs and you’ll get little bit stipend. But you’ll learn many things. And If you do industrial training from any resorts then you can not imagine how good your life can be.
After Industrial training, You’ll get a job in your own sector. After every year, according to your work you’ll get promotion too. 

My View and point :

So here, I have explained you all about Hotel Management Course. But if anything is missing then you can ask me in comment.
So Now you can decide, You should do this course or not.
Once again, I would say;  In any course you have to struggle a lot, without entering in any field you can’t familiar with truth. So if you enter in one field then don’t think my life could be better in other field.
So if you’re really interested in this course then only you should choose this career option.
I hope you find this article useful. If you have any query or having any doubt then you can ask me or contact me through contact us page.

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