9 Effective ways to Avoid sleep while Studying

If you are a student then you must have faced this problem – whenever you try to study, You get sleepy or you always feel sleepy. Isn’t it? 

So If you have really this problem and you want to Avoid sleep while studying then hold your seat and be with me till the end. 

Because here I am going to tell you 9 powerful and proven ways, through which You will be able to avoid your sleep and along with you will also get to know why this happened with you.

So, Are you ready ? 

Then Let’s start….. 

1. Complete your sleep first : 

Do you know, Minimum 6 hrs sleep in Night is Enough and Compulsory for students. So How long you sleep daily ?

If you sleep less than 6 hrs then increase your sleep time and If you can not complete your sleep in 6 hrs than sleep more than that, until you wake up without Alarm.

Now why I am saying this?

Well Once you have completed your sleep in Night then whole day you feel Energetic and Enthusiastic. Even you won’t need further sleep and you won’t feel sleepy while studying. 

But what do you do, If you want to wake up early and study or else you have completed your sleep and still you feel sleepy.

So In this case see the upcoming points.

2. Make your study interesting and study with focus :

This is also a big reason of your problem. When you feel sleepy at the time of studying then Have you ever noticed in this situation you can not make focus on your study because you don’t take your study interesting

So I think, Now you have understood what you have to do.

First Make your study interesting and then  focus on your study. Once you started enjoying your study then I assure you, You will never feel sleepy while studying. 

3. Group Study or Discussion :

Do you ever involve in Group study or Group Discussion?

If Yes ! then you must have known how effective Group study is? 

According to me, It is the best way to learn and grab something. What you think about it ?

And this study is also Effective when you want to Avoid your sleep. But in Group studies you should be Active, Not to be Normal.

So If you have a bunch of friends then try to this method once and study with them.

4. Don’t take a strong meal before study : 

You might have noticed this before, Sometimes when you take strong meal in day time then within half an hour You feel sleepy and want to take a small nap. Isn’t it? 

So this can be also a reason of your sleepy feeling. So never take a heavy meal when you are going to study next. 

I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t eat before study, Eat but in limit not too much.

So till now, I have discussed the main reasons and tips to stop sleepy feeling.

Now we will discuss, How to avoid sleep instantly during study ?

So Are you still with me? 

5. Wash your eyes 3 times :

You might have done this always whenever you feel sleepy. 

But If you don’t do this then you should must do this when you study and feel sleepy. Wash your eyes 3 times and If possible then Brush your teeth too.

Even you can keep water with you on your study table.

6. Write something instead of reading :

Do you ever feel sleepy while writing something, such as notes. 

I’d say No ! 

During study, We only feel sleepy on that time when we read books or notes.

Did you noticed ?

So next time when you read something and feel sleepy then start writing notes or something. This will really help you to Avoid your sleep.

7. Take Coffee/Tea or Eat something Spicy :

If you really want to Avoid your sleep then you should must try this method once during study.

You might heard or saw, when someone feel sleepy and want to Avoid sleep then He often take coffee or tea. Even due to this reason Many Offices provide coffee for their employees.

Now If you don’t like coffee or tea then you can eat something spicy such as chilly or else.

8. Don’t study on bed :

You might not believe about this fact but this is actually true. Sometimes when we study on bed and give relax to our body then we want to sleep. 

I don’t know about you but I always feel sleepy when I study on bed, That’s why I often study on table and chair.

So If you do this then change your place and use study table.

9. Don’t Study at that time :

This is last but not the least way in my list. 

Yes !  If it can be possible then You should stop your study when you feel too sleepy and can take a small nap or do something else. Like you can listen to play video games and can listen to rock music or whatever you want. And after that give time to your study.

So If above 8 ways doesn’t work and you feel too sleepy yet then it is better to leave your study at that time.


During study if you feel sleepy then it would be very boring. So here, I have discussed all the best and effective ways to Avoid sleep while studying. 

The points that I discussed works on any time. So if you want to avoid sleep in early morning or night or else anytime during study then must try them.

I hope you find this article useful. So next time when you feel sleepy then first find why you feel sleepy and after that use the best way to Avoid your sleep.

Write a comment below about this article and tell me which point will be the most useful for you. 

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