8 Important factors to live a simple and happy life: Don’t miss any point

In this beautiful world, someone is poor and someone is rich and maximum people belong to the middle class. 

In these three categories, most people want to live a simple and happy life. Isn’t it?

So, which category do you belong and Are you one of those who want to live a simple and happy life?

Well, If yes! then stay with me till the end because here I am going to tell you my secrets and some habits which will make your life simple, happy and beautiful.

Do you ever think, what exactly a happy life means and what qualities do we need to have such a life?

Let’s look at all qualities and habits which you need to stay simple, happy, and calm.

1: Always have a smiling face

If you want to live a happy life then first you need to stay happy. And this will when you have a smiling face. A smile shows you’re a confident and happy person and you’re ready for any situation.

Your smile is not the only reason to make you happy, it will make everyone happy who sees you happy. 

So be happy and make everyone happy.

2: Love with your job

Most of the people have 9-5 job but few of them love with his job, because they have a job, as they want.

But 90% of people do their job only to make money without taking an interest. And because of this, they don’t find a happy life.

So, Are you belong to 90%?

If yes! then for living happily you must love your job and take interest whether it is not interesting or not.

3: Give time to your family and friends

Are you one of those who always busy and don’t have time for your family and friends?

If yes! Then first you should spend some time with them. At least, you can dine with them and on weekends you can go for a picnic or shopping with them.

Caring for your family is not enough if you’re not spending time with them. So don’t be too busy.

But If you do then I appreciate you.

4: Don’t be stubborn and rude

For living happily it is very important that how your nature is? 
Everyone likes the man who is not stubborn, frustrated, angry, and rude but if you’re this type of man then everyone wants to away from you, not too close with you.
So if you have such type of nature then change it and once you change then I must say, this will bring happiness in your life.

5: Don’t kill your inner child

Do you have any hobbies and do you still give time to them?

I don’t know about you but I always give time to them whenever I feel alone, bored and unhappy.
Even in many movies or books, you would have noticed- ‘Don’t kill your inner child.

So if you want to live happily then enjoy and entertain yourself with your hobbies for some time.

6: Always focus on learning something

Are you one of them who believes in always learning? 

We should like a river that always flows. I don’t mean, you should quit your job. But whenever you will have a chance to learn something then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity and you should keep updated.

7: Generate your side income

If you’re belonging from the middle class or poor class then you might have depended on one income source and it could not be enough for you.

You can eat and wear whatever you want. But maybe sometimes you would have thought you’re spending more than your income and you are not saving money for the future. And this thinking gives you sadness.

So instead of more saving and skimping you should generate your side Income through which you can spend as much as you want.

8: Celebrate your accomplishments

This is the last but not the least point on my list. 

When you achieve something in life then you should celebrate it with your family and friends and make that day special and I am sure if you do this then it will bring happiness to your life.

My view and points :

So here, I have explained all the important and proven factors to live simply and happily in life. In all 8 points, a few points you might have followed but if you want to stay happy in life then you shouldn’t ignore any point.

These are the small things but it works in my life and if you follow then it will also helpful for you.

If you find this article useful then share this article with your friends who want to live also a happy life.

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