7 Interesting End-of-Year Gifts Ideas For Students

end-of-year gifts for students

I remember the end of the year of my college when I got surprised by getting a laptop from my parents and a nice watch from my childhood friend who was pursuing another course than me.

I know the feeling when someone gifts to a student at his or her end of the year in college. And, I must say that gift not only would be useful for the student but also memorable for him or her.

So, if you’re looking for end-of-year gifts then you should read this article till the end. To give you an idea about the gifts in this article I am going to break down 7 end-of-year gifts ideas for students that you can them. I believe your gift must be useful for an end-of-year student. Although there are many useful things that a college student should buy.

7 End-of-year Gifts for Students:

1: Books

Books are the best friend of a student and gifting a book at end of the year can be a good idea. By books, I’m not talking about textbooks, they may have already. Besides textbooks, there are many inspirational books, novels that a student should read at the end of the year.

Rich Dad and Poor Dad, How to win friends and influence people, To kill a mocking bird, Deep Work, and many more books and novels like these you can give them. These books might not help them in their final exams but these will help at every edge of their life. These books teach you the necessary soft skills that a student should have. After getting bored with their textbooks any of these books can be a wonderful gift for them.

In one of my earlier articles, I have listed 11 Books that a college should read, If you’re interested then you can check it here.

2: A Nice and Funny Mug

Not much expensive but very adorable mug that can gift to end-of-year students. Recently, I gifted this mug to one of my friends on his birthday. There are more mugs like this one with written different text that you can get on Amazon. The highest quality printing possible is used in this mug, so it will never fade no matter how many times you wash it. So, gift this mug and it would be a memorable end-of-year gift for them.

3: Smart Fitness Tracker Watch

Some research has shown college students never take care of their health and it’s absolutely true. So, gifting a fitness tracker watch could be very beneficial for end-of-year students.

With many phone features, this fitness tracker watch helps you to monitor…

  • Real-time heart rate
  • Provide comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality
  • Can track all your workout routes, distances, and physical status during exercise
  • And, more

4: Clever Fox Planner

At end of the year, it can be difficult for some students to manage their time, increase productivity and learn other skills. A Clever fox planner is a weekly or monthly planner to increase students’ productivity, hit their goals, and make good time management.

Here are some cool features of this planner…

  • Help to get organized and stay focused
  • Free quick start guide and stickers
  • Undated and unique layouts

So, gift this planner to the end-of-year, I’m sure he or she must be looking for it.

5: Inspirational Wall Art

Motivation plays a vital role in a student’s life to stay focused on their goal and career. So, why don’t you give them something that will keep motivating them at their end-of-year?

Here I’m presenting you Inspirational Wall Art that you can gift them. If you want to spread positivity to your loved one’s room whom you want to gift then I’m sure Inspirational Wall Art would be a wonderful gift for him or her.

6: Laptop

As I said in the beginning, my parents gifted me a laptop at my end-of-year and at that time laptop was crucial for me. So, if you are a parent or elder sibling then you can also gift a laptop to an end-of-year student if they don’t have one.

A laptop will not only help in their college studies but also they can complete some online certificate courses through it and upgrade their skills with additional knowledge. Even my blogging journey started with my first and gifted laptop.

However, if the end-of-year student already has a laptop or you will hardly afford it then you can skip this idea.

7: Anything, they’re passionate about:

Apart from college studies, is there anything like photography or others your end-of-year student passionate about? With performing college studies every day students forget to enjoy their passion. So, to keep their passion alive you should give something that will promote their passion.

If an end-of-year student is passionate about painting then you can gift them painting brushes or board, if they are passionate about music then you can gift them a guitar. With your gift not only do they have fun with studies but also they can work on their passion.


So, here I have shared with you 7 end-of-year gift ideas for students and I hope you found this article useful.

Now, I’d like to hear from you, Which gift ideas you’re going to take for an end-of-year student? Do you have any other end-of-year gifts ideas for students that you think, can be listed here?

Let me know in the comment, I’m curious…

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